Hotel Visit


It’s the piano I first notice after exiting the elevator and strolling toward the hotel bar. It was Miles Davis, It Never Entered My Mind and it immediately set the tone…soft, smooth and sultry. It perfectly matched the sexy woman I saw sitting all alone at the bar. She was clad in a short black dress and some strappy heels which both did well to accentuate her attractive body. She didn’t notice me yet as I approached slowly behind her as she sipped her wine. Something about the quiet, dimly lit and relaxed bar atmosphere made me feel as though I was in a movie…one that starts innocent enough, but quickly turns erotic with every passing moment.

“Do you come here often?” I ask while taking the seat next to you and gesturing to the bartender who is filling his time polishing glasses at the other end of the bar.

You smile and respond without looking at me yet, “Only when I know the company will be good.”

Your smile is contagious and I order a rusty nail, neat, as the bartender gives me a knowing and somewhat jealous look before preparing my drink. You finally turn toward me as I take my first sip of the smooth Scotch and Drambuie and I’m immediately fixated on your beautiful face. Your tantalizing eyes pull me into you. We both continue to gaze at the other while enjoying our drinks, both lost in our thoughts of anticipation about how the night will unfold. The booze is helping the butterflies and I can tell that you’re becoming more relaxed, as I am too.

My warm hand finds its way to your stocking covered thigh under the bar as we idly converse about the day’s events. The bar is empty and the bartender is busy, so emboldened by the booze my hand ever so slowly slides up your inner thigh and as I feel the stocking end and get to your soft thigh flesh. You slightly part your legs and I can already feel the heat from your crotch, but I don’t make any contact yet. You make a valiant effort at keeping the conversation going as my index finger is making slow circles up your thigh while getting incrementally closer to the goal. When I finally do make it to your crotch, we both gasp quietly and I can tell you’re as ready as I am by how wet you are.

I slowly extract my hand before asking, “Would you like to see my room?”

No reply is needed and we both stand and head out after I drop some cash on the bar. The elevator takes forever to arrive and my will power is tested…while we quietly stand there waiting, all I want to do is grab you and pull you into me so our lips can touch. “Ding!” Finally, it arrives and we scurry inside. The moment the doors touch I turn to you, my left hand brushes against your right cheek and into your hair where I grasp it tightly and my right hand slides from your waist to the small of your back…my hands work in unison to pull you into me as our lips finally touch. The passion is palpable as we kiss, and suck at each other, eyes shut, enjoying the moment. I savor the hint of wine in your mouth and you enjoy the taste of Scotch in mine. “Ding!” We’ve reached our floor and must disengage our embrace. You exit first and I pat your sexy butt as you saunter past me. Damn, your ass looks good in that dress!

Moments later, we’re in the room which I had left dimly lit, bed turned down and the curtains fully open. The view of the City is almost as breathtaking as you. I set the key card on the table and remove my jacket while you’re taking in the view which I knew you would. I hit play on the music I had previously prepared to continue the mood and sit down in the chair I’ve already positioned to face you and the window before telling you to turn around, which you do.

“Slowly remove your clothes, but stay facing me,” I instruct.

You smile and quiver with anticipation. Ours eyes meet as your hands reach for the zipper of your dress. I can’t help but smile as your fingers slowly pull the zipper and the dress falls from your sexy body. I’m delighted to see a sexy black lacy bra that is securely supporting some beautiful breasts. Your nipples are already hard and I love seeing them press against the unlined fabric. You see me looking and smile back eryaman escort bayan at me as your hands reach back and unclasp the bra which causes it to fall forward without the tension revealing yourself to me. I feel my cock harden and twitch in my pants as I look you up and down.

You love the feel of my eyes on you and the uncovered window behind you. I motion for you to walk towards me with my index finger and tell you to get on your knees in front on me. I grasp your face on both sides and we passionately kiss…exploring each other’s lips, tongues twisting together, sucking each other’s lips and tongues. I move to your right side kissing your cheek and making my way to your neck which I suck and lick all the way up to your ear. I do the same on the other side, but my hands move to your back and pull your panties down so I can squeeze your bare ass. You feel, smell and taste so good. I finally break free and lean back in the chair.

“Undo my belt and button and pull down my zipper…slowly,” I command. You smile and proceed with my instructions all while maintaining eye contact.

When the zipper reaches the bottom, you fold each flap of my slacks to the sides and finally look down at the large bulge that is attempting to escape out the top of my tight black boxer briefs. You look back up at me with a smile knowing that you’ve caused this bulge to appear. I’m captivated by your beauty and the feel of you slowing tracing the outline of my growing manhood over the thin fabric of my boxer briefs. You begin to slowly rub directly on him which feels amazing, but between the sexy look you’re giving me and the reflection of your naked ass in the window, I simply must taste you before you taste me.

I lean forward and grasp your face with both hands and kiss your soft lips while slowing pulling you forward toward me until your naked body is laying on me between my spread legs as we continue to kiss deeply…tongues twisting and exploring, slowly and passionately as my hands move through your beautiful hair.

I break from your lips, but keep my face inches from yours, “go look on the bed” I instruct.

You reluctantly peel yourself off of me and stand up before slowly turning while still directly in front of my chair so I can thoroughly enjoy the view of you sauntering over to the bed clad only in your stockings, garter belt and heels. Laid out on the bed is a sexy lilac babydoll negligee with black lace fringe, but no panties. You pick it up and hold it against your sexy body as you turn and smile at me. “Put it on,” I say, which you happily do. My hand moves to my cock which I slowly rub over the dark fabric as I admire you and my mind continues to fill with lust. “Lay down on the bed,” I command. You lay on your side and prop your head up with one hand and look over at me expectantly. I proceed to remove my shoes and socks before also standing and do the same with my slacks and blue button-down shirt. As I walk toward the bed clad only in my black boxer briefs you can finally appreciate my near naked form.

I lay down behind you the same way, with my head propped up with my hand. This allows my other hand to lightly glide just my fingertips over your soft skin, starting at your thigh and slowing making its way over the cheeks of your firm ass and to the small of your back, around to your tight stomach and finally circling your tit closest to me before grasping her the same moment my lips kiss your neck. You quickly inhale as I devour your neck with kisses and licks sending shivers down your spine. My fingers gently squeeze your nipples as my licks continue and I move even closer to you so that you’re now on your back allowing my mouth and tongue to assault the other side of your neck.

Much to your pleasure, and relief, I finally begin to travel down…making my way to your chest. My hand slides down to your ass as my tongue begins to make slow circles around your left breast first while I hold the sheer fabric out of my way. The circles continue to get smaller until I reach your nipple which I suck into my warm mouth and flick my tongue back and forth across her. I squeeze ankara escort your ass before repeating on your right breast and then continue to slowly kiss my way down your sexy stomach over the thin fabric until I find myself at the top of your hot exposed mound.

I’m now laying in between your sexy legs and I proceed to kiss and lick my way up your inner thigh where my finger had traced earlier at the bar. I do this to both thighs before our eyes meet as I finally reach your red-hot crotch. I grasp behind your knees from the outside of your legs and help you bend them slightly so your feet are flat on the bed. This helps to fully expose your pussy and ass to me and I finally get to lick from the opening of your hot hole to the top where I pause and slurp your folds into my mouth and flick my tongue over your hard clit as I had done to your nipples moments ago. You gasp and then moan in pleasure as your hands find their way to my head and grasp my hair.

I slide my hands under your firm ass and proceed to lick, suck and probe every millimeter of your delicious pussy with my hot, wet tongue. You are dripping as I turn my tongue into a point and stick it into you and back out again, over and over again. Slurp, lick, suck…the noises of me eating your pussy fill the room and join your gasps, moans and soft sighs. After one particularly wet slurp, I spit our combined fluids back onto your pussy and slide just one finger, then two, then three into you as I really go to work on your clit while finger fucking you…super soft, but steady and relentless licks to your sensitive clit are paired with my fingers rubbing the top wall inside of you…your moaning and writhing only excite me further as you near an intense orgasm…but then I slow down and say, “oh no, you’re not allowed to cum just yet.” I see your frustration, but also a smirk as you know that I know that you like when I’m in complete control of you and your sexy body.

I take this opportunity to sit up and quickly remove my black briefs. My cock is rock hard and I position myself on my knees with my dick directly in front of your sopping wet pussy. I proceed to rub the folds of your pussy to get him lubricated and you smile as you look up at me and say, “fuck me baby, fuck me good…make me your little cock slut.” No encouragement was needed, but it is certainly appreciated and prompted me to insert my stiff member slowly into your waiting hole as we both moan at the sensation in unison. I leave myself buried fully inside of you as I bend down to kiss you. We again passionately explore each other lips, tongues and mouths all while my cock is buried to the hilt inside of you.

You look simply amazing and feel even better as I raise back up and slowly pull myself out until only the tip is inside before sliding him in again…each time a little quicker and a little harder until finally, our bodies are slamming hard together and you finally grab my ass to keep me deep inside as you and I can tell that you’re again so close to cumming. I quickly extract my cock and again deprive you of what was building into a big orgasm. I grab your hands and pull them off of my ass and put them at your sides. I then crawl up and straddle your chest which pins your arms at your sides where I put them. I tell you to open your slutty mouth and proceed to insert my hard cock, wet with your juices, and begin to fuck your hot little mouth. It feels so good and you look so hot with your sexy mouth full of my hard cock. When I’ve had enough and you’ve sucked all of your sweet juice off of him, I take him out and sit on the edge of the bed facing the window.

You smile as I give you the “come here” motion with my finger. You slowly glide over to me and bend down in front of me to give my cock a kiss followed by one more long suck.

“Mmmmm, my pussy taste so good on your hard cock, baby,” you say before wrapping your legs around me and allowing my hands to hold your ass as I slowly lower you back onto me and my cock is once again buried in your steaming pussy.

“Just wait until you’ve got a mouthful of my hot cum,” I whisper in your ear.

We sincan escort bayan sit like that for a minute while kissing again…I just can’t seem to get enough of your soft lips. Every bit of you smells and tastes so good. We finally break our kiss and you begin to set your own pace riding my cock. It feels so good as my dick is again sliding in and out of your wet hole with your clit grinding against my hard torso. The view matches the incredible feeling and I tell you to grab your tits which you do followed by sucking your finger to tease me. I pull you down to me so that I can again suck your tits while you ride my cock causing you to moan even louder as the stimulation in your erogenous zones are almost too much to bare.

I let you rise back up as I can tell you’re getting close again so I grab your hands and pin them behind your back and watch for clues in your breathing…there it is, the orgasm is upon you and I wrap my arms around your lower back in a tight hug which includes your arms so you’re helpless and then I stand up…you barely notice as you’re cumming all over my rock hard cock buried deep inside of you….my left hand remains wrapped around your body while my right slides down to your ass and helps your thrusts become even harder while also occasionally slapping each cheek as you’re going wild on my cock in front of the uncovered window.

We finally calm down…slightly…at least enough for me to walk back to the bed while your head is resting on my shoulder and gently place you down and slowly extract my cock. I really want to have you from behind before cumming so I command that you get on your hands and knees. You happily comply and I position myself behind you. I know I won’t last long in this position so I take my time rubbing my cock all over your folds before slowly gliding my way back inside of you. I moan as my torso meets your fine ass and I’m fully inside of you once again. It’s a feeling that I’ll never tire of, and with you, will never forget. I reach for the plug that I had hidden under the pillow and bring it to your mouth. You smile after realizing what it is and proceed to wetly suck it for me. Once it’s good and wet, I slowly insert it into your sexy asshole and shutter at the naughty view before me. My hands then go to your waist on either side and slowly set the pace…in, out…in, out…it feels so good. My body bends down and my hands reach under your body for your swaying tits…I grasp them in my hands and squeeze as the pace quickens.

“Do you want me to cum baby?” I ask.

A raspy “yes, feed me your hot load” is all I get in return and exactly what I wanted to hear as it turns me on so much.

I wrap my hands around your throat and squeeze as I pound a few more delicious strokes and I know I’m past the point of no return. I pull out and you quickly flip over so I’m straddling your chest again just as an intense, body shaking orgasm crashes over me…my eyes lock shut as I tilt my head back and feel waves of pleasure wash over my entire body as jet after jet of hot cum is shot out of my hard cock into your hungry mouth.

Your eyes are locked on my cock erupting in front of your face and you feel every hot jet splash into your slutty mouth and it also pushes you over the cliff of pleasure again as you join me and we cum together…enjoying this blissful passion together…giving the other what they crave, what they need…sweet release from everything…only this moment of extreme ecstasy exists. I can finally open my eyes and I smile so wide at seeing your red lips and pink tongue lined with my white cum. You simply smile and lick your lips before closing your mouth and swallow every drop.

I groan in pleasure at watching you ingest part of me and then I bring my softening cock to your lips and say, “a good cum slut gets it all,” as you use your hand to milk out every drop from my shaft and rub my dripping tip across your flat tongue. “Good girl,” I say in return.

Totally spent, I lay down on my back and you come cuddle up next to me. No covers needed as we’re currently radiating heat. I stroke your beautiful hair and kiss you passionately as we both enjoy the quiet moment, completely satisfied.

After a while I remember and say, “oh, the champagne!” I had completely forgotten about the bottle of Chandon I had chilling in the bathroom. “Care for a bath next?” I inquire.

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