How an impulse can change a situation


How an impulse can change a situationNeed to get this out first. Just in case one might think otherwise this is a work of fiction. No one mentioned in this exists, except within my mind. Could this ever happen, well don’t know actually. It may have but like I said within this post everything is fiction, just made up.Chapter 1:The word Impulse is interesting because what it describes happens a lot in human nature, spur of the moment decisions. We’ve all met people that were impulsive and sometimes that worked in their favor while other times it did not.Wonder how the result of the word “impulse” will work in this situation.Introductions first; I’m Dean and married to Linda. We met in high school, dated and before we were 20 got married and now, at age 33 have two k**s.Years ago we met another couple that shared many of our interests. They are Morgan and Nancy and like us have two k**s.As for women, I like mine on the tall side so Linda is about 5’8”, has C cup breasts, as well rounded ass, even after two k**s, and wonderfully long legs. Every time we have sex I love it when she wraps those around meOh and I’m about seven and a half inches long for my dick size and my height is an inch shorter than Linda. So in heels I’m always the short one.All four us of are swingers so Morgan checks in at 5’6” while his wife Nancy is 5’2”. She has B cup breasts, as well as a nicely rounded ass and strong legs.Oh and he has about the same size cock as I doAll four of us got into swinging to liven up our sex lives and at time we do swap wives. We have to be careful however because both women have had problems taking birth control and neither of them want to use an IUD.Yep condoms for us unless its only a few days after their periods. Of course one way to get around this is to use anal sex. The women aren’t always comfortable but it beats getting pregnant when you don’t want to have a baby and have to say there is no squeeze like that squeeze.Usually our parents take the k**s when we have our monthly outing to the swing club. Other wise we’ll have parties at either home along with the k**s.Lately Morgan and I have gotten interested in interracial sex as a fantasy. That got us wondering if we could watch our wives have sex with black guys, especially well hung ones.Not that our respective sex lives was boring but after a long spell, well things become ordinary no matter how you love the other person.Swinging offers a solution, especially if you have any voyeur tendencies. I really get off watching some guys ass rising and falling between my wife’s legs knowing that he’s giving her the best railing he can.After that I just want to rip her clothes off when we get home and screw her brains out. Usually that’s exactly what happens as we’re both turned on.Our challenge was getting the girls interested although they are used to having sex with people. Up to that time all their partners, including us had been white.So every now and then we’d just kind of mention it and when possible get an Interracial CD to watch with bahis firmaları them. I have noticed that when we’re watching one Linda starts to squirm, a sure sign her pussy is getting wet and she’s becoming hot and bothered.Our next objective is to find a way to introduce the girls to either two or four candidates to make this a reality.We began to suggest that maybe we might try another swinger’s club. One that everyone is tested on a regular basis but has both black and white guys.I thought going to an all black swingers club might be a bit too much for our wives,Unknown to us the wheels were already turning.Chapter 2:“Hi Nancy good to see you,” Linda said as they sat down for a cup of coffee at the shop they liked.Nancy then looked at her and said, “Is your husband like mine and always talking about how his fantasy to see me getting fucked by a black man.”Linda rolled her eyes and replies, “Oh yea, I feel Dean is becoming obsessed with the idea. But it just might be interesting as we get the sex and enjoyment while our two voyeur husbands get to watch.”“Yea then we get home and we’re all but ****d,” Nancy said laughing. “Considering how wound they get after what we usually do I can only imagine Morgan bouncing off the walls after seeing that.”Then Linda said, “Well Dean has found another club that has black guys so I guess we had better humor the boys and let them know we’re game if they are. And we can finally see if that thing about black guys being better hung is a myth or not.”Nancy just laughed at that and almost spilled her coffee. “You know,” Nancy said. “When we were in high school we had to fight to keep the boys out of our pants and our legs together. So here we are years later planning to spread our legs and let strange black men fuck us. Boy how time changes things.”Both women had a laugh over this and their plan was hatched. However they were still in their periods, which ran within a day of each other.That night while cuddling Linda whispered to me that she was okay if I really wanted to make my interracial fantasy come true. Heck I almost came in my pants after hearing that.The next day Morgan called and told me that Nancy was also game. Now we needed to get things rolling although, due to them being in their periods we’d have to wait a bit.Finally I contacted the club I found, checked on their requirements, which meant all four of us had to be tested, and made a date about two weeks from that day. Then both wives would be finished with their periods but they’d be at the risky time of the month.Nothing like risk to add spice when going into uncharted territory.Once we got tested and had the paper work it was time for the big adventure. The k**s got another weekend with their grand parents.Chapter 3:Since the club was two towns away Morgan and I rented a bungalow so we’d have a place as well as two beds to say in. Then on the given day we all packed everything in my van and headed out.Once there the women changed into some sexy, form fitting dresses the kind that would kaçak iddaa come off easily. I also noticed there were no lines under the dresses indicating they didn’t have on thongs or bras.Guess they were ready for a hot time.Once we got there and checked in Morgan found us a table by the dance floor. Soon our women were being asked to dance and we certainly encouraged that.After one slow number a couple of black guys asked if they could join us. Of course we said yes before the wives could answer.By now, after several drinks and slow dancing where they were rubbing against their partners the girls were really buzzing. Turns out the black guys had two friends that also joined us. After a while it was time to get going so I suggested we head over to the bungalow, which was close to the club where we had more to drink. All the guys were eager and the girls, looking a bit dazed and aroused at that time, went along with it.Once there the girls each chose a bed to sit on while the guys buzzed around them. Finally one sat beside Linda and began to first rub her arms then back before getting his first kiss.Over on the other bed Nancy was a bit further along as one guy was kissing her while another had unzipped the back of her dress and was reaching around to fondle her breasts.Taking their cue one of the guys unzipped Linda’s dress while another was rubbing one leg and working his way up to her pussy. By now Nancy’s dress was around her waist an soon they lifted if off so after taking off her heels she was naked.Linda soon followed as the guys took off her dress and shoes then laid her down on the bed. One guy that had his clothes off got in beside her and began to kiss her lips, neck and breasts while the other got out of his clothes and started working on her pussy.Soon all the guys were undressed and the women could see they were all pretty well hung. By then it was two on one with a dick in each woman’s mouth so she could suck them.Morgan and I were sitting to the side and watching the show. Soon it was time for the condoms to go on and the first guys did so the women could see them.Linda was first spreading her legs and helping guide the guys dick into her pussy with Nancy being next. Due to their size both kind of pulled back, or tried to but the guy’s partners held them in place.There were a series of grunts, groans as well as an occasional ‘ouch,” or “Oh God.” Soon both guys were all the way in and started moving in and out.By now our women were in the throes of passion not to mention dazed from the drinks and orgasms they already had. Then the guys rolled them over and started doggy fucking them so they could get full penetration.About that time Morgan looked at me and at that moment we shared an impulse to change things just a bit for a better show.I got up, walked over to the guy fucking Linda and had him pull out for a second. That’s all I needed to pull the condom off his dick and whispered for him to continue.Looking over to the other bed I saw Morgan do the same thing with Nancy’s guy. kaçak bahis After that both guys resumed fucking our wives while the other guys realized it was to be a bareback session.A couple of times during the first guy fucking her Linda gave me that “is this what you want look,” and I nodded yes. So she resumed enjoying the railing.Chapter 4:When the first guy pushed all the way into her Linda let out a hiss and big groan as he flooded her pussy with his baby batter. Over on the other bed Nancy had already gotten her first load.We had already told the second guys to quickly jump in after the first guy was done and start French kissing our wives. Well as soon as the first pulled out the second rolled Linda over and started doing just that as he guided his dick into her now very wet pussy.Her expression changed as she felt something different but when she started to protest you could only hear “mfffmmfff,” from her. She may have tried to move out of the way but was too drunk to do so especially with the guy right on top of her.On it went watching two black asses rise and fall between our wives legs as their pussies were being pumped then filled with more cum.Once the second shift was done the first wave took over and the show continued. This time they got on their backs and moved each woman on top of them so the gals were riding their dicks.Not only did they have a tight hold on them but were still kissing them so neither could protest where anyone would understand them.Show continued until they were done and the second shift had their second shot. Now both women were lying on large wet spots caused by the cum that had leaked out of their pussies.As the guys were leaving the women staggered off to the bathroom to clean what they could. Then Morgan and I exchanged high fives and agreed it was a great show.Eventually the women came back out and we all went to bed for a good night’s sleep. Well both women were still leaking cum the next morning and giving us the evil eye about the chance we had them take.Of course Morgan and I loved the show as well as the combination of fear and thrill over what had transpired.Needless to say the ride home was done in silence as both women were still a bit sore, hung over and upset as well as fearful of the possible consequences.Well both gals had a bad case of calendar worries until, thankfully it appeared they weren’t caught and had periods. Just to double check we had them take EPTs after that and the relief on Linda’s face when it came out negative was hard to describe.Nancy’s also was negative much to her delight.Afterwards we guys were given orders to never, ever try that again. Since married men always get the last word we answered, ‘yes dear.’Well we’ve going back to swinging a bit but now it’s more wife swapping when we’re in the mood. The good part is we get plenty of anal sex in the mid point of their cycles.Still I’m wondering if an impulse will ever strike again. Until then Morgan and I will have to do with the pictures and short video he took of that big adventure.Oh that’s something we’ve never shown to the girls. And yes we’re wondering if there might be a way we could get them to do an encore. Boy would that be exciting. Stay tuned to see what’s next.

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