How could this happen


How could this happenHow could this have happened, over the past year I have become what most people would call a slut. Let me explain, I am a 50ish Hispanic female with 36d breasts and am 5 foot 6inches weighing in at about 145. I have always enjoyed sex, and have been happily married since I was 25. Before getting married I was a bit wild, having tried many of the basic sex things, 2 guys, a girl, and many different positions. But this past year I do not know what has gotten into me. My husband knows about everything, and it really excites him. Let me explain: I started out doing a little flashing to some of the workers that come over and work on my house, this progressed to blow jobs, than fucking, one guy, than many guys. Now I need to be satisfied, however it takes. It has really changed my life… Let me tell you about last weekend. I needed to go out of town on business to a city canlı bahis about 3 hours away by car. I was not too excited about going because the meetings were long and the drive even longer, but I like my job and it was required. I packed everything into an overnight case, and dressed casually – in a light t-shirt, no bra, shorts and sandals. Usually around the house I go naked, so not wearing a bra felt good. It was a hot day, but having the windows up and air conditioner on full blast made the inside of the car nice and cold. The colder the inside of the car got, the harder my nipples got. It felt so good to occasionally rub my arm across my hard nipples as I cruised down the highway. After about an hour I needed to pee, and saw a rest stop. I pulled in and made my way to the women’s rest room, it had only one toilet, and it was in use, so I had to wait in line. The lady in front bahis siteleri of me started to make some small talk, and I noticed her glancing down at my breasts – my nipples were still hard as rocks. As the door to the toilet opened and it was time for the lady in front of me to go in, she made a point of licking her lips very suggestively. I was surprised, but intrigued, and didn’t make a move. She reached out with her hand and pulled me into the stall with her and closed the door. We were like two high school girls, pulling, licking, sucking on each others breasts, and than taking our shorts and panties down we were able to finger each other. As I was about to cum from being fingered I had the feeling that someone was watching us. I looked over by the wall that backed up to the men’s bathroom and I could see an eye watching us through a hole in the wall. I bent over and looked back güvenilir bahis through the wall and told the guy looking through that it was ok. As I watched him he had out his cock and was jerking himself off. I whispered to him to bring his cock closer so that I could see it, and of course he did. He than got bold and slid the head and about 2 inches of his cock through the hole for me to see. Not really thinking, and super excited from being fingered and groped by my lady friend I put his cock into my mouth and sucked it in as far as I could get it. This must have been more than the guy could take, or he had been jacking off for some time, because he came in my mouth. He than pulled back and was gone. I turned around and kissed my lady friend on the lips and we shared the cum that was in my mouth. As we were doing this, another cock came through the hole and was moving back and forth. This time my friend took it into her mouth and gave it a good blow until she had a mouthful. We than got cleaned up and headed on our way. I will let you know about the rest of the trip when I get a chance to write…

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