How I Earned My A


It wasn’t all that difficult. I did my homework. Well, no. I did not read the text and take notes and all that crap. That is for squares. The homework I did was getting info about the prof who taught the course. Any fool can read and take notes and study. It takes real skill to find a man’s weakness and to exploit it.

Professor Robert Littlejohn was middle aged and looked OK on the TV monitor in class. Yeah. A fucking TV monitor. That’s what we watched, all 2500 of us slobs in Intro to Social Science. He had student assistants in each classroom that handed out tests and made sure we did not do our nails or read a newspaper in class.

I was bored, bored, bored and on the way to failing this idiot class when I decided to do something about it, like get off my ass and find out this guy’s weaknesses and use them to my advantage.

I did some snooping and found out he was married, had three kids, all girls, lived in a house he probably paid too much for, and was on the short list to make tenure this year.

I got his phone number from the faculty directory and made my first call to his house a few weeks before finals, which I knew I was going to fail. My goal was to find out how he and his wife got along. If they were lovey dovey I was going to have to alter that and if they were not, well, so much for the better; less work for me and a faster path to my goal, an A in this stupid class.

“Hi. Is Professor Littlejohn there?” I asked sweetly when a woman answered the phone. I got my first clue about their relationship when the receiver was banged down so hard it hurt my ear.

“It’s for you, lover. One of your sweet young things wants to talk with you.”

My confidence went up 100 percent when I heard this. When Littlejohn came on the phone I asked him something stupid just to get him to talk. I kept asking him questions about the class, making sure we stayed on the line a good fifteen minutes.

I called again a couple of nights later and went through the same routine. I wish I had been a fly on the wall that night after we hung up.

I called again the next night and told him I was sorry if I was causing him any problems with his wife but that I was really concerned about my grade in his class. I made an appointment to see him the next afternoon.

I dressed carefully for my appointment; shortest skirt I owned, peasant blouse-you know the kind that are off the shoulder and scooped out in front. When I leaned forward to check myself in the morror my tits almost fell out. Of course I did not wear a bra.

My pussy was juicing when I knocked on his office door. I slid inside his office and closed the door behind me, pushing in the little knob that locked the door. I swiveled my way to the chair by his desk when he told me to sit down.

I crossed my legs slowly when I sat down, giving him a good look up my thighs to my panties; a pair of black bikinis that barely covered my puss. I felt I had him when his eyes followed my legs as if they were on a string. Tits and ass will get to a man every time had been my motto ever since I found out that men liked what I had.

I leaned forward, letting my blouse gap open, my tongue sliding along my red lips making them shine. “I’m worried about my grade,” I told him, a soulful look on my face and a catch in my voice.

Littlejohn didn’t know whether to stare at my tits, exposed almost to my nipples, or my thighs, open wide enough to keep my bikini panties in view or my mouth, all soft and round and moist.

He hrumpted a couple of times and looked up my grades after getting my student number. His hands were shaking as he ran a finger down the printout-yeah, a computer printout listing ankara escort students by number not name. That’s how much the university thought of us; numbers, tuition paying numbers.

He groaned when he saw the string of Ds and Fs by my student number. I thought he was going to cry when he told me it was going to be difficult to pass with these grades.

I leaned forward and put a hand on his knee. I swear there were tears in my eyes and I had the most earnest look I could create on my face when I told him I just had to pass to keep my scholarship and that my parents would just kill me if I failed.

His cock was tenting his pants and I knew I had him when he did not push my hand away. He just stared at my tits and crotch as I slid my hand up his thigh until I had it pressed to his hard cock.

He licked his lips as he stared at me and some vestige of ethical crap flickered over his face as he looked at my face, telling me I just needed to study.

I squeezed his cock and stood up, spinning his chair around as I did. I pushed my panties down and off and unzipped his fly and had his cock out before he knew what was happening. Well. He knew what was happening. His eyes were on my tits and crotch the whole time.

I straddled his lap and grabbed his cock and rubbed it along my wet slit, wetting it enough so I could feed it into my hot pussy. I put my mouth on his when he opened it to make some sort of last stand and that ended his resistance.

His cock, not the smallest I have had but no monster, slid inside me and I put my pussy to work. If there is one thing I know it is how to use the muscles in my vagina that God gave women.

I slid my tongue into his mouth and put his hands on my tits as I settled down on his cock. He sort of sighed and massaged my tits as I tongue fucked his mouth and lifted and lowered my body, fucking his hard meat slowly, letting my pussy squeeze and massage his cock.

He shot off in a couple of minutes. I knew he would and was not disappointed that I had not made it but used my talent to get him hard again. I pulled my mouth off his and kissed and licked an ear, whispering into his ear, letting my warm breath heat him up.

“That was nice, but now we are going to have a nice long fuck. Suck on my tits while I fuck you and I’ll make it too.”

He was like a little boy in a candy store. I mean, he went after my tits hard. He sucked and licked them until I thought he was going to suck them off me. My tits are not all that big, 34C, but they are nicely shaped with nice nipples to match. I tell you he worked them over.

I held had my hand behind his head holding his mouth to me in case he decided he wanted to say something stupid and put a finger on my clit and masturbated myself as I fucked him.

This was a very satisfying fuck. I love to have my tits sucked and licked and Littlejohn did a great job. When he shot off this time I was right behind him. Man. It felt good. Not only was I getting a grade, I was also getting off. I liked this so much I used my puss to get him hard again and we fucked for the third time.

I was ready for more but I could not coax another hardon from him. I just told him to suck my tits while I played with myself until I got off again. I think he was surprised at what I was doing. I don’t know how he and his wife get it on but he sure didn’t seem to know shit about how to satisfy a woman.

I got off his lap and wiped my puss with some tissues and started to put on my panties. When I saw the way he looked at them I gave them to him as a souvenir.

I kissed him and asked if I was going to pass his course and he nodded, “I can manage to get you passed, Sonia, barely.”

Hey. escort ankara That was good enough for me.

But I said in the title I got an A, so you know there is more to the story. A week before the finals my phone rang. It was Littlejohn. He asked if I wanted to improve my grade and you know what I told him. I was staying with my sis in an apartment off campus and I told Littlejohn to come over that afternoon. Sis worked and would be gone until five. I figured that would give me time to get an A out of Littlejohn.

He showed up at one on the dot. I came to the door wearing a robe whose material was so thin it was as if I wasn’t wearing anything, a pair of panties, and that was it. I figured there was no sense wasting time getting undressed when we both knew why he was there.

It made my puss pulse the way he looked at me, sort of hungry like, his eyes darting from my crotch to my tits, which, I must say were nice looking, standing out firm and fresh high on my chest, my nipples hard as stones.

I gave him a big kiss, letting my body rub all over his and then led him into my bedroom. I sat on the bed while he pulled off his clothes, enjoying the way he kept his eyes on my tits and crotch. It makes a girl feel good to see a man appreciate her assets.

His cock was dripping precum and was standing up hard and flat against his tummy. I just knew we were going to have a good time. I asked him if he liked having my panties around and he almost drooled when he said yes.

“Did you masturbate with them?” I asked him, letting my hand run up my thighs t my crotch.

He nodded and I asked him what he was thinking when he did. His face turned red and this intrigued me. “Were you thinking naughty thoughts when you jacked off with my panties?”

He nodded and his eyes were now glued to my crotch. I pushed my panties off and fingered my puss and asked him what naughty thoughts he had.

My puss creamed when he told me he had thought of getting his mouth on my puss. I gave him a come hither look and opened my legs, scooting back on the bed. “I’m ready. I like the way you think, “I told him.

And he was ready. Man. Did it ever feel good when he kneeled down between my legs. He took his time like he had been thinking about this a long time.

He kissed and licked my thighs, his hands playing with my tittles. I felt my pussy pulsing when he kissed and licked me at the crease that separated my pussy from my thighs. God it felt good.

He kissed my pussy lips and then sucked them into his mouth, letting his tongue lick up and down them all the while he was sucking on them. I’ve had my pussy eaten, but this really turned me on. Most men do it a little just to make a woman feel good. Littlejohn went after my pussy as if he was eating a gourmet meal.

I closed my eyes and just let the good feelings roll over my body. He shoved his tongue between my lips and as far into my puss as he could get it. I put my hand behind his head and held his mouth there, fucking at his face as I did. It felt so good to push my puss against his mouth and feel him respond the way he did.

I can feel it now, the way he shoved his head between my thighs, his tongue hammering at my pussy like his life depended on it. I put a finger on my clit and rubbed it as he fucked my pussy with his tongue and soon I was creaming.

I mean. It was heaven. I think that orgasm filled my entire body and when he sucked my cream out of my puss and swallowed it I felt like a million. Awesome. Truly awesome was how it felt to have him there between my thighs sucking and licking at my pussy making sure he got every last drop of my cum.

When he finished ankara escort bayan cleaning me good he ran his tongue between my lips and found my clit. Oh. I tell you, he worked it over. His tongue went up and down and round and round my hard clit until I was read to cream again. And I did and he cleaned me up again.

I figured this was the end of the preliminaries and he was going to get his hard rod into me now but he didn’t. I felt my whole body shiver when he put his mouth around my clit and began to suck on it. It and out past his lips went my clit until I was again soaring.

It felt so good. I clamped my thighs against his cheeks and held his mouth to my pussy with my hands behind his head. My whole body was shaking and jerking from the climax. When I finished jerking around my thighs flopped open. I scratched his head with my fingernails and told him he was the best lover a woman could ever want.

I rubbed a thigh along his cheek and he turned his head and kissed it, letting his hands wander over my body. He kissed my thigh all over and then began to kiss it neared my pussy. I couldn’t believe it was going to happen again but it did. He kissed my puss and licked it and started to suck on my clit again.

God. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. That wonderful man stayed there for an hour before he finally pulled himself up and fucked me and I mean fucked. He rammed his cock into me as if his life depended on it, telling me all the while how much he loved eating my pussy and how he had wanted to do it ever since I left his office and that he wanted to keep on doing it after today.

I rubbed my clit while he fucked me and managed to cum right after him. Like in his office, I used my talent to get him up two more times. He collapsed on me after the third fuck and just lay there.

Tensing and releasing my muscles every time I got off had worn me out also and I suggested we have a shower and clean up. We washed each other and rinsed off. After we toweled ourselves off I took his hand and led him back into my bedroom. I lay down and pulled him down next to me, thinking we might take a nap.

But he had other ideas. His hands were all over me. I never had a lover who wanted to touch me so much and they were nice touches, not grabby, but soft and gentle and loving. Then he kissed my neck and ears and I knew where he was going next.

He started at my neck and worked his way down, not missing an inch of me from my neck to my thighs. He really turned me on when he kept kissing me lower and lower, down my thighs, my legs until he had his mouth on my feet, kissing and licking them and sucking on my toes.

It felt weird, but exciting. My pussy was throbbing and juicing as he worked he way back up to my puss. I put a leg around his head, my ankle pulling his mouth to my pussy, my hands caressing his hair and scalp. I sort of cooed to him how nice he made me feel and how wonderful it was to have him love my pussy.

And I meant it. Really. He couldn’t get enough and I was happy to let him have his feast. And feast he did. I didn’t realize how long he had been getting me off until I heard the front door open and my sis’s voice calling out asking if I was home.

I jumped out of bed and locked the door and told Littlejohn he better get some clothes on. I dressed as fast as I could, nice conservative jeans and shirt while he pulled on his clothes. I unlocked the door quietly and we went out to meet sis.

She gave Littlejohn a funny look when I introduced them and told her he was there helping me with an assignment. Well. It was true. Only not the kind of assignment sis had in mind.

I got my A and had a wonderful lover for the four years I was at the university. Littlejohn was the best lover I ever had and I have had more than my share. I’m married now but go back to the university every year for a class reunion and yes, Littlejohn and I get it on every year.

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