how i feel in love with peggin and SM


how i feel in love with peggin and SMThis is the story of how I got introduced into the world of SM and pegging. I lived a few minutes out of town and there were no means of transport into the city without asking if I could get a lift by someone. But in my time as a k**, I manage to just enjoy life away from the city. I played with the other k**s that lived around my house. There was a girl probably 2 years older than me that toke a taxi to the city every day to go to school. We had looked at each other and had some short talks here and there over the years but we never got to know each other more than just hallo. But the time got around to where I turned 18 and I had to move out from my parents. I decided to move into the city where I got a small apartment with a pretty good view over a lake that was in one of the parks. The apartment was small, but I had space for a double-sized bed and the necessity for a young man that had just moved out with not much but the essential. I had gotten accepted into college where I was to study biology and time went on the first party at the college where all the students were mashed together to get to know each other. I walked up to the bar where I asked for a beer. And the girl that served at the bar gave it to me where out I looked up and saw the girl from my c***dhood. She had long dark hard with curls green eyes and pale skin. She smiled and set hallo just like we used to. And I replied with hallo where she set so is this the day where you will say more than “hello” to me and laugh a bit. I looked nervously at her mouth and then got cough in here glare where I tried to make a full sentence but couldn’t get it out. But she just took control. held her hand out and set my name is Natalie. What’s yours? I replied with Chris we gave hands and she set that her shift was over in 10 minutes maybe we could grab a drink and catch up on the last 10 years’ time I had been looking at her but never got to say more than just hello. I waited outside and got to smoke a little where she then 10 minutes later meets me and asked if I had a lighter. We smoked a little and then went inside got a couple of drinks and learned a lot about each other. She plans to move to the city as well in the coming month, but she didn’t have the money to have an apartment for halkalı escort herself, so she was looking for a roommate. The time flew by and suddenly it was late at night and we had both gotten pretty drunk. Over the evening we had moved in closer and closer to each other. And started to feel each other’s bodies. She asked where I lived, and I set it’s not so far from here. On the other side of the park. She asked if she could stay there for the night. So, we went to grab our stuff and she had a backpack with her. I had my coat and we started walking through the park the moon was high it was late summer, so it wasn’t that cold the moonlight reflected on her skin and she looked beautiful. Her body was in great shape and she had a great butt and her breast was beautiful as well. We got home to my apartment we got inside, and she asked if I had anything to drink. I found a bottle of whiskey and we shared a glass. She moved in closer to me on the bedside and suddenly she leaned in grabbed my neck and clawed her nails into my neck I toke my hands and held them around her waist. We kissed for a few minutes and her hands had already gotten into my pants. She moved down on her knees and she started to suck my dick I had never gotten a blowjob before, but it felt really amazing the way her tough moved around on my shaft and tip. She spread my legs out and she started to suck and gently bit my balls then she stopped and moved up my body while she kissed my body still with my cloth on. She sat on my lap and then removed the short black dress she was warring. Under it, she had a surprise. She was warring a black lingerie set with everything to it. It was completely see-through she started to unbutton my shirt and went in to lick and bite my neck. She removed my shirt and toke her hands around my back and she clawed her nails into my back. And she pulled her closer to my body I could feel her nipples getting harder and she whispered into my ear. “I want to dominate you”I was surprised and with a mixture of me being really drunk and just wanted to get my load out. I replied with “anything for you” she the bite my ear and licked my cheek and she toke my tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. She then pushed me down taksim escort and set stay right there and if you move, I’ll punish you. In what felt like an eternity she finally came back with her backpack and she was wearing a white mask she toke her time to remove my cloth I was lying naked in my bed where she then toke some cuffs and rope out of her backpack and she cuffed my hands to the beds railing and tied each leg to the bottom of my bed. She then proceeds to lay with her ass close to my face and started to use a vibrator on my dick as she liked it teased it as much until I set “I’m about to cum” she stopped. She asked me if I had ever tried anal. And I replied “no” and then she just moved away from my body and went over to her backpack once more this time she came back with a small back box, a cloth bag, and a harness she toke the harness on and I looked at it in confusion. Where it suddenly came to me that when she asked about anal it wasn’t meant as in, I gave it to her it was as in she gave it to me. She spread out my legs and started to touch and lick my asshole. It was really sensitive. She opened the small black box and to out a small Buttplug and a bottle of lube. She takes some lube and massages it around my asshole and the Buttplug she then proceeded to slowly push with Buttplug into my ass. When it got in she looked at my face and laughs and set it really turns me on when I see a man that loses his anal virginity the faces they make it’s just so much different then what a woman can make when she loses her virginity. She surprised me by turning on the vibrator in the Buttplug. She then moved it slowly in and out of my asshole and she massages it licked my ass and cock over time. made sure I didn’t go limp. She then moved up to a bigger Buttplug and she then proceeded to suck my dick as she moved the plug in and out of my ass, she could feel I was getting lose and my dick was getting much harder. She stopped and started to move up my body as she was kissing licking and biting it. When she finally got to my mouth, she kissed it and whispered I think its time for the main course. She got down from my body and opened the cloth bag. Where she took out a purple glass dildo. She started to caress the dildo and feel her body with it. I şişli escort could see she was getting more and more turned on by this. She then attached it to her harness. she bent over the bedside and ran her nails along my thigs grabbed on to my legs and moved them up. She poured some of the lube and rubbed it on the dildo and some on my hard dick. She then look at me with the most horny and drooling face I’ve ever seen a girl have and then she slowly pushed the dildo into my ass and it got a sensation I’ve never felt before as she went further and further into my ass I could feel I was about to reach a climax like never before. And as a white light, I came spewing all over her and she got so surprised that she pulled it out and fell down covered in my semen she just looked at what she had done and wiped a bit up into her fingered and licked it up. She then got back up and could see my dick weren’t completely limp yet and she set “I’m not done yet…” she got back into position and pushed back into my ass. And started to move in and out. As she moved in and out, I got hard again she leaned over and grabbed around my neck and pulled her close to my face my dick got mashed in between our bellies. She grabbed it around the shaft with one hand and started to teas it slowly and then let go she moved back up into missionary and pulled out she then set “ now I’ve given you something new now it’s your turn to give me something new. She then proceeded to remove the harness and her underwear. She then crawled on top of me and set “you’re my first” and started to grind her dripping wet pussy up and down my dick. Grinding the tip of my head. And she then proceeded to slowly let my dick slid into her virgin pussy she made a moaning sound and grabbed a hold of my neck and it almost feels like she drilled her nails into my neck. She started to move her hip up and down and I could feel the mixture of blood cut lube running down my legs and onto my stomach she moaned louder and louder. And when I set, “I was about to cum” she just moved even faster and deeper. She set “you better hold out, I’m just about to cum as well” she grabbed her breast and squeezed them as she moved one last time where be both climaxed into each other. She collapsed down onto my breast. She set in a moaning and tired voice I never imagined this would be how I lost my virginity. She found the strength to move away from my dick. Untied me she cleaned my body and I hers in the shower we kissed a little more and fooled around but we were both too tired to do more than fool around. We got to bet and cuddled up together fell asleep almost instantly.

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