How I like my sex

How I like my sexI love sex, but only a certain kind is guaranteed to make me a happy girl. You would have to kiss on my neck, you know the way. My headed all the way back, you roughly kissing and biting my neck. While your kissing on my neck your hands would find a way to my breast, the breast you love so much. Gently squeezing through my shirt. Of course you cant wait to to get my shirt off, and do so quickly. My 44E boobs entice you, taking one in each hand. You message my boobs and pull at my nipples. Getting little peaks of hardest that make your mouth water. You tentatively lick a nipple, then canlı kaçak bahis the other, before fully sucking on them. I moan slightly as you bite my nipple.I wiggle my hips letting you know its time to play with my pussy. You slide your hands into my panties, teasing my clit, urging it to come out and play. You wiggle my panties off and throw them aside.I have been ignoring you for far to long. I kiss a trail down your chest, you know I love your chest hair. My mouth stops at the top of your jeans, I unbutton them and place another kiss . I slowly unzip your pants, while dragging my tongue casino firmalari down the outside of your briefs. Using my teeth I pull down the band of your briefs, letting your hard cock spring in my face. Now this is my favorite part of sex, a hard cock in my face and time to please it. I always start my blowjobs off slow and teasing. Taking long licks from your balls to the tip of your dick. Licking the pre cum off.Every part of the dick gets equal attention. Licking the pre cumm of the head, Licks on the shaft, and sucking the balls. I love bringing you to the brink of cumming only to back casino şirketleri off, teasing you and making you wait. From there we move on to sex (duhh). My favorite position is doggy, but you dont start off like that. You got to get me warmed up, tease the pussy a bit. Missionary position so you can suck my boobs while slowly fucking me. If you really know what your doing, your going to alternate between sucking and biting my boobs, to kissing and sucking on my neck. After warming my pussy up, your going to flip me over and pound me doggy style. Oh Yes, face down, ass up. This is where the rough part comes in, I want to be fucked hard from behind. Slam your cock into my pussy while you smack my ass. Make me beg for more. After we are done having sex, I want to be sore, I want to have hickeys and bite marks on me, that means a job well done. lol.

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