How I seduced my neighbour


How I seduced my neighbourThis story happened to me when I was 18. I was always attracted to my neighbour her name was Jeniffer ,she was 35 years old but she seemed only to have 25. She had full, round breasts, Rubenesque figure, toned legs. But most importantly she was an Indian woman who had come to established in England with her husband. She had no c***dren. Her husband was a hotel manager and he would have to stay at work till late night.Sometimes she would come and talk with my mother. Every time she would come home I felt really happy to see her round ass and sexy breast.One day i was eavesdropping them and my mother asked her ,”Why don’t you have any c***d?” She replied with a sad face,”My husband does have time for me. He just concentrate on his work. He just don’t care about me. Do you know that we did not have sex for the past 6 months.” I was very shocked by this statement of her. My mother also shocked said,”WHAT? How do you managed to stay without sex for so long. My husband although works as a businessman always satisfies me. Even if he also stay at work till late hours but he always satisfies me.” That made me even more shocked but also a bit horny. After this they changed the topic and I told my mother that I was going to play with friends.I could not concentrate while playing with my friends and therefore returned home early and went adana escort straight to shower. While showering I remembered Jeniffer’s talk and this made me horny and I started masturbating thinking about her. Then after showering, I made up my mind to fuck her. I was thinking about her almost everyday and masturbating thinking about her. I was so confused on how I would fuck her and what consequences will I have to bear. I was afraid if I would approach her, would she tell my mother? These questions were eating me inside. Then one day luck came, she told me that she have was having problem in her internet connection and she would not be able to access her browser.I was very happy that I got an opportunity to spend some time with her alone. Once I reached her house, she guided me to her connection box. Then she left me and went to her kitchen. I was searching for the problem and saw that her cables were not placed in the right place. I took a chair (her connection box was a little high) and put them back in their respective places. Once i put them back i told her that the problem was fixed. As I refreshed her browser it was on a porn site and loud moans was coming from it. I was shocked and fell from the chair hurting my back. It was really painful and Jeniffer came to help and took me in her arms and guided me to her bedroom.She aliağa escort made sleep and she was very scared as I was in a terrible pain. She asked me if she should call a doctor for me. I told her no and she said that she will massage my back. I turned back and she asked how did I fall from there. I told her that I will tell her later. After sometime I told her that I feeling much better.Jeniffer: So, how did you fell from there?I(shying): As I was refreshing your browser I saw the page that you were previously on.Jeniffer: WHAT! Did you saw it all?I: Yes (shying a bit) There was a minute of silence in that room, whenJeniffer: Please don’t tell it to anyone. I request you.I: I know that your husband is not sexually satisfying you. She was shocked and asked me to how do I know that. I told her that last time you were talking to my mother, I was eavesdropping you both. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and told me it’s the truth. I told her that her husband does not know what he is loosing. She asked,”What do you mean?” I meant you are so beautiful anyone would love to have a wife like you(while rubbing her back). I would like to have a wife like you. When I said this she was shocked. I started caressing her thighs and slowly-slowly her legs were getting apart. I was taking this as a green signal and her breath ceyhan escort was becoming heavier and heavier. All of a sudden she told me that it is wrong as I am her friend’s son and she couldn’t cheat on her husband. I hold her hands and placed them both on my hard rock-like cock. She could not bear the tension and therefore let herself to me.First I started to kiss her juicy lips while fingering her wet pussy. She was enjoying herself very much and when I started fondling her big round breasts she let out moans like “oooooohhh, fuck me”. She took my cock off and was stunned(as she was seeing a teenager’s cock for the first time). She buried her mouth in it and in 15 minutes I cummed in her mouth. She swallowed it all and then i rest on her bed but she was not over and told to me suck her pussy. I sucked her pussy very roughly fingering it at the same time. She pushed my face hard in her pussy and told me that she was no longer able to wait me to fuck her. I took my cock put some oil and then slide it slowly in her pussy. She was very tight as she had had not have sex for some time ago.She started moving furiously and i told her that i was going to cum. She said cum in my pussy. I was shocked and asked her if she would get pregnant. She told me that i want your c***d. And then a loud scream ‘Aaaaah’ i released all my cum in her womb.” If your husband comes to know about this c***d”, i asked. She told me that she will mixed some sleeping pills in drink and fuck hence no one will come to know about it.This is a fictional story and any old sexy mature lady lady who wants to chat she can contact me on

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