How It Started


This is the first time that written about my love of anal sex. Thinking about it, it can be traced back to my first anal encounter. With this in mind it is a true story, though the names have been changed.

Please send me your comments and encouragement so I can improve my writing.


I think of myself as a normal 20 year old male.

My name is Chris and my girlfriend is Leanne. I am 5’11” tanned and lean. She is a 5’7″ natural blond with spectacular breasts and great curves and a great sense of humor. I am 20 and she is 18 – both in our first year of university.

Our first encounter.

We have been dating for a few weeks now and are still discovering each other.

I had been rehearsing with my electro-rock band up at a mutual friends house and Leanne, like the other girlfriends, had hung out with us to watch, listen and talk girl stuff when they got bored with our musical musings. The cheap wine had been flowing so Leanne offered to drive me home in her car.

We stop a little up the street from my house sitting together in the dark. I lean over a give Leanne a kiss. Her mouth opens, hungry. I send out my tongue and taste the sweetness of youth. Her tongue joins mine – they swirl together – I search her mouth and then she does mine. We are heating up.

I reach up and touch her breast through her T-shirt – she breathes out. I slip my hand up and under, gently caressing her pearly white skin, cupping the fullness of her tit.

“God!” I can’t believe how ripe her breasts are – different from the other teens I have been dating.

I struggle to get my hand under her bra so Leanne reaches back and releases her bouncing puppies with a beautiful smile I can see in the street light.

“Touch me,” she exhales.

My right hand is drawn to her full globe, and my mouth back to hers.

Leanne’s nipple is hard against the palm of my hand. I cup and squeeze her the fullness of her breast. Leanne’s mouth sucks harder on mine, her tongue harder in mine.

My thumb and middle finger finds her hard nipple, growing even larger in response. I start to work it hard spurred on by Leanne’s soft moans. She is getting seriously turned on. My cock is so hard the neatly circumcised head is almost poking out the top of my tight jeans. I take my wet mouth off hers and start to kiss then teasingly trail the very tip of my tongue slowly down her neck. I pause to sometimes kiss bahis firmaları her hard on the neck before heading to her ample fullness.

“Suck on it!” Leanne whispers.

It would be rude to refuse.

I put her rock hard nipple and surrounds in my mouth gripping her breast with my right hand. There is more there to handle than I can manage with one hand and bring up my left hand, first teasing the other breast , then gloriously squeezing, mashing, both breasts together, pushing both nipples as close together as I can. I work my tongue and mouth back and forth from one nipple to the other.

“Damn!” I just can’t get both nipples in my mouth at the same time.

I have lost myself in her beautiful mounds. She brings me back to reality by undoing the tight belt on my jeans.

“What’s happening down here?” She hums as I continue to whip her nips with the tip of my tongue. Soon my cock is out and in her hands; she starts to roughly stroke up and down my shaft.

“Easy, slower,” I urge.

We get into a shared rhythm. I start to travel south – tickling her oh so soft belly with the tip of my tongue. I reach the for the top of her jeans and quickly unbutton and unzip them with my teeth. I reach under her bum pulling them down and off revealing a her plain white cotton panties. I rub her crotch with my thumb – it’s moist and fragrant with her passion. Excited I lean into her V – inhaling deeply.

“Like what you see?” Leanne asks lazily.

I respond by pulling the gusset of her white panties over so I can gently part her outer folds. I start rubbing her clit through its hood; I can see moisture growing on her inner folders.

First one finger, then two snake into her love canal. “Hmmm.” I move them in and out.

I am transfixed by the beauty of her woman-ness folding itself around my hand. Leanne’s clit has swelled, popping out of its hood, begging for attention.

This is the first time I have gone down on Leanne and I can’t wait to taste her. First I lick her clit then try to suck the whole thing in my mouth while continuing to pump my fingers in and out of her sweet pussy. She pushes her hips up in appreciation grinding her sex into my face. Leanne’s breathing is now coming is quick gasps. My fingertips, deep inside her, curve up rubbing the rough skin of her G spot.

“Arghhhhh!” Sweaty, moist sex grinds in orgasm on my face and I lick up her juice.

Leanne grabs kaçak iddaa my hair and pulls my head up to kiss and taste her own orgasm on my lips.

“Like yourself?” I ask.

“Your turn,” she answers.

In one move Leanne lowers my jeans, grabbing my proud cock at the base of the shaft, and wraps her smiling lips around the glans. “Oh yeah!” I grab the back Leanne’s head and push my manhood deeper into her sweet, soft, warm mouth. Pre-cum is running out the end of my dick mixing with her saliva making a slurping noise. I push my cock further in – to the back of her mouth – the top of her throat.

“Ahhh!” My cock is in cool free air as Leanne comes up for air, her hand still firmly owning my maleness. “I want you in me.”

I know Leanne isn’t on the pill or using any other kind of birth control. I’m 20 and can’t plan ahead any further than my next gig so I don’t have any condoms with me; our making out hasn’t gone any further than playing stinky finger. I’ll have to control myself and pull out before I blow.

We’re still in the front seat of the car and it’s pretty tight. If we are getting down to business we will need a bit more room. I jump into the back and pull her over with me, arranging her beneath me. This will be our first fuck. Leanne is two years younger than me and I don’t know if she has done it before.

“Have you gone all the way before?” I ask.

“Umm, kind of…”

“You kind of either have or either haven’t.”

“Steve put it a little bit it in, not all the way. I think I’m still a virgin…” was her cute reply. Steve was a past boyfriend.

Thinking about this I wonder if she will want to remember her first time being a quick root in the back of a car. I would want something a bit more special to remember.

“I don’t have any condoms and don’t want to take the risk of you getting pregnant… but I want you.” I say this with my throbbing cock firmly lined up her sopping slit, the head hard against her clit. We need an option.

“Just the tip!” I think to myself.

“Why don’t we save your cherry for somewhere more special?” I tell her

“Hmmp! I need something…” She replies.

“I’ve got an idea.” I smile.

Looking at Leanne beneath me, her legs spread, knees high by her side, beautifully framing her full breasts, nipples still keenly sharp, I lower my pulsing cock to her moist folds. My length running from the tip against her clit, along kaçak bahis her buttery folds, the root on her puckered anus and my balls sitting between her ripe ass cheeks.

“What to do?” I think. I am burning to plunge my cock balls deep into her pussy but we have decided to save that pleasure. I’m also sure I would fill her full of seed after two or three thrusts if I did that I am so turned on.

I start to rock my length back and forth where it is. I take Leanne’s hand and place it on my cock. “Push down so it rubs your clitty as I go,” I whisper.

The purple head is slick with her juices, grinding all the way from her ass to her hard nubbin. Time to get my groove on. After a bit of this action I start to concentrate on the beginning and end of my slippery path, working those tender places, just short of piercing her ass and pussy.

“Oh yeah!” we say together. I rub her rock hard nipple and suck her open mouth. We are rocking! On the back stroke I circle her soft rear entrance, probing, teasing open the outer ass ring, stopping just short of popping the head all the way in.

Ohhhh!” she moans and I move my cock up to work on her clit.

“Mmmmm.” I move my cock back a little just entering her soft folds and rock my hips, quickly stabbing in and out of her wetness.

“MMMMMM!” Her moans growing.

Sensing her orgasm is near I reach around her smooth white buns to find the opening of her anus slippery and wet with my work. In time with my front probing I slip a finger in and out of her ass.

“Oh yeah!” we cry together!

I am soooo close to cuming, I feel an animal growl growing in my throat. Leanne senses that I am close, holds my cock and rubs its head on her clit and labia in a circular motion.


Leanne squeezes my cock harder, moaning loud and low. I jam my finger all the way up her ass. Her moans turn up in pitch.

I SHOOT BUCKETS OF JIZZ over her natural blond pubes. I rock my hips spraying her hand and up onto her baby smooth belly. She milks the last of my cum – her hand cum lubricated, mine mixing with hers.

She releases my softening cock and massages our love juice onto her breasts, gently inhaling to savor our pungent sex-scents, tweaking her own nipples. I slowly take my finger out from deep in her ass.

“Taste it,” I urge her.

Leanne lifts up her white breast and starts to lick our cum off her skin. I watch intently as her tongue tip cleans up all traces of jizz and then suckles on her own nipple. My cock, now half hard, rests in a mess of jizz on her pudenda and pubes, softy squelching amongst it all.

“Want to taste it too?” She asks.

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