How My Sex Life Began

Double Penetration

How My Sex Life BeganThis story is about ME and how my own sex life began that it still who I am to the day! Since I was 10 years old, I had regular playtime with a neighbor boy most afternoons after school like most k**s did. HOWEVER, we weren’t like “most “k**s” playing army or cowboys & indians. No, my friend & I were Interested in pretending we were operating a modeling studio that catered to ONLY men’s publications! One of us pretended to be either the photographer or the female nude model who inspired to become what was termed “Adult Sex” or “Stag” films back in 1968. But this friend of mine who was only 9 years old had an unusual “savvy” & interest in adult sexual subjects both soft and hardcore! His parents kept several books like “Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know” (but were afraid to ask) that helped motivate the 60’s Sexual Revolution into sparked what is known today as the “Adult Sex Industry” and that book really made me want to be a part of it! But I was only 10 years old when I loved to secretly go through my 18 year old sister’s underwear drawer looking for anything that wasn’tSomething that our mother would wear, except for her stockings when pantyhose had just come out on the market but my mother wasn’t real trendy! Anyway, I found a few pair of my sister’s high heels that I’d never seen her wear, but they were those “Mule” type that had no heel strap that are known as those “come fuck me” shoes nowadays & also a coustockings. These ladies intimate apparel were NOT commonplace back then as they are now! Now our play periods were looking more like we were running a real sex-related photography studio complete with a provactive styled wardrobe, especially after my friend’s parents gave him bahis firmaları an 8mm movie camera and a Polaroid camera that just came out. Man, we knew that our play periods had presented numerous opportunities according to my friend! Instead of going outside & taking pictures & movies of nature or normal shit, he dedicated his new equipment to our play periods that took place before either of our family members came home before dinner! It had been established who played what part, he was THE photographer and I would permanently play the FEMALE nude model who with aspirations to be a sex film star. My neighbor was the “brains” of the outfit, also the “director” as well as a co-star in the scenes my lady character! I loved so much wearing my sister’s lingerie & heels because it was the exact same attire we saw the girls wear in my older brother’s Playboys.. Damn, and did I look HOT for a ten year old boy who had learned to imitate the explicit & provocative sex-themed poses in those hardcore magazines my brother had stashed. Only that there was a HUGE difference, I had a little boy’s hairless penis and so did my friend!Here I was pretending I was a sexy female model & potential sex file starand posing with my little sometimes erect dick while wearing what I thought was the sexiest & identical garb possible that every one of the girls in all the nudie magazines were wearing in all of their “spreads!” Wearing all of my sister’s naughty, sexy and private things began to stir up some unusual sensations I had never experienced before and it felt fantastic! I really loved it! My younger friend started taking off all his clothes and little by little, began taking lots of close up shots, especially when I had a nice kaçak iddaa erection and I was ignorant of what his intentions were until he placed his hard & little bald dick only an inch or so in front of my face! I got really turn-ed on and unwittingly had his penis inside my mouth and began sucking his dick like there was NO tomorrow! The sensation that pulsed throughout my 10 year old body was uncontrollable which kept driving this new sexual behavior of mine to have no desire to stop sucking and also created a strange and new sensation that I began to accept as a naturayet normal act I couldn’t get enough of! I told him about it when I came up for air what I was feeling and there was NOTHING like it, ever! I sucked his dick every day we played together and I eventually realized that I wanted tobe a female nude model and sex movie star! So that’s when he took out his little movie camera, set it up on his new tripod, turned it on which made 8mm movies of us taking turns sucking each other’s dicks, doing the “69”and doing our best sticking out hard-ons in each other’s asses! It was somuch fun! I suggested we go into the woods close by and do everything in that setting. We did!We did this almost every chance we got when no grown ups or siblingsweren’t around. I still wanted this in my young life after a year or so. My now “sexual playmate,” sex movie co-star and director decided he wanted to be the producer too and came up with an idea to bring other k**s in the neighborhood into our activities. I went for it, hook, line & sinker! So we went down the streets in a 3 block range, knocking on doors where we knew other k**s and teenagers lived. We had a flawless pitch to interest anyone who answered their doors in kaçak bahis what we were wanting to do. I made it sound so inviting and even though we couldn’t pay them to be in our new sex movie, I made offers that I wanted them to fuck me in my mouth andass as compensation! We had no idea that it was considered to be socially wrong, immoral and yet extremely i*****l! Wwe gave the same pitch when the dads or mothers came no the door! Surprisingly, none of them reported what we were doing to our parents or even the cops! This was 1969 when a p*******e had never been heard of. I figured everybodywanted sex with me and to do it in front of a camera. I was 11 then and became so engulfed in my female sex character, I began to believe that Iactually was this extremely nasty girl with no qualms about being fucked all the time by those we made our movie proposals to. Yes, we had five grown men in their 30’s show up at my house at the perfect times and I performed oral sex on their big hairy cocks and also laid on my back inmy stockings and high heels as if I were an enthusiastic whore while my friend filmed everything from all sorts of angles! He had learned to edit them films by spicing. I want to get you interested and aroused as much as possible by telling you about myself and what I love doing so much to this day with all my sexual playmates I love to please by giving my “all” to ensure I was able to perform every sex act with obvious interest & enthusiasm while being able to perform way beyond their expectations because I love them coming back because they enjoy how I fuck, suck, dress up like a real nasty female & cock-loving slut whom I always wanted to be since I was a little buy. I enjoy being everyone’s very own sex toy and totally indulge myself to provide the most erotic & gratifying sexual experience possible because if I wasn’t the best pleasing others & livingto be a desired playmate, then I would have no purpose being the BEST!

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