How to deal with bad neighbors


How to deal with bad neighborsLeroy didn’t care much for the way his neighborhood was changing. When he had purchased his house it was a black neighborhood in the inner city, but a few years back one of the city’s universities began expanding rapidly. Now the neighborhood was full of rowdy drunken college k**s. A fraternity even bought up the vacant lot behind his house for their frat house. One day he looked out back and saw a confederate flag hanging from the side of that frat house. “Oh, hell no!” He thought to himself. Leroy and his wife Ebony were upset that there in their own backyard was a confederate flag. They called the police and the university. Both told them it was protected first amendment speech. Finally Ebony had enough and went over to make them take it down. Leroy had never seen his wife that pissed. She was over there for over an hour and whatever she was yelling at them must have worked because they sure as hell took that flag down.A couple weeks later Leroy was listening to some r&b when he looked out the window and saw that same damn confederate flag hanging from the frat house again. “This is bullshit!” he said, “this time they’re gonna take that flag down and they’re gonna take it down for good.”Ebony was pissed off too and said she was going to give them a piece of her mind and make them take that flag down. While his wife was over yelling at the frat Leroy decided to get on the internet and do a little sleuthing to see if he could come up with some dirt to use against the errant fraternity. After searching for about ten minutes he hit pay dirt. He found a pornographic website that carried the same name as his next door fraternity. He wondered if it was them or if the name was a coincidence.It didn’t take long for him to find out. As he clicked on the first video there was his wife Ebony on her knees sucking some white guys cock. She was topless and rubbing the young man’s hard phallus against her pert c-cup breasts. The faceless man moaned as she spit on his cock and sucked it down her throat. After a minute of being deep throated he pulled his member out and she closed her eyes as he jacked off all over her face.He was horrified but at the same time he had to know what else she did. Clicking on another video clip he saw his dark skinned bride doing a sort of strip tease out of her jeans and panties. All the while Leroy heard the sounds of the boys hooting and hollering at the lewd show she performed. Someone handed ebony a beer bottle which she opened, took a drink and then poured the rest over her lithe lean figure letting it cascade across her tits and ass. She then sat down on the floor with her back against a couch and started fucking herself with the empty beer bottle. Before long she closed her eyes and let out a yelp as she had an orgasm.Leroy couldn’t believe that his wife would cheat on him. It was true he thought that he often fantasized about fucking a room full of sorority girls so he could see why she might enjoy being fucked by those young bucks, but it was probably also his fault being out of shape and unadventurous in bed. He had never even eaten her pussy. The more he thought about it the more he blamed himself. The more he thought about it the more aroused he became too.Leroy clicked on another video. In this one his wife was on her back tuzla escort on a mattress on the floor with her legs held back as some red headed guy was licking her trimmed pussy. She moaned and cussed as she was clearly getting off to the young man’s tongue. The man stood up exposing his big dick to the camera. He slowly positioned his cock against her pussy then slid it right in. Building up speed he was fucking her hard the sound of his balls slapping against her sweaty nether regions was audible. Ebony wasn’t very tall. Only about five foot two but as the tempo increased she wrapped her legs around her young lovers butt and pulled him down with her arms. The guy came hard deep in her cunt, pulling out ebony spread her pussy lips for the camera showing the salty load deposited.Leroy resolved that the best thing to do would be to just not say anything about what he found to Ebony. Seeing those videos of his wife’s wanton lust had made him really horny. Plus she was the love of his life and he didn’t want a divorce over some silly loveless sex.When Ebony returned her husband asked her what happened. She said there had been a misunderstanding and they took the flag down. As she sat in a chair Leroy began massaging her back and kissing her. “So how did you figure out?” she asked him.Confronted with the truth Leroy angrily told her he had seen the website. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I couldn’t help myself. Seein all those fine lookin white boys. It made my pussy wetter than it’d ever been thinkin’ bout how they was gonna use my pussy. Anyways, I know you be lookin’ at naked white bitches online! “Her berated hubby responded, “But them honkies is racist. They be wavin’ that there rebel flag.”“Naw,” said Ebony, “They ain’t that bad. They’s just old fashioned gentleman. That’s all. I’d bet if I asked em they’d even let you watch next time they film me.” “I guess I overreacted,” said Leroy, “To tell the truth I would find it exciting to watch you fuck them guys in person and online.”“Oh, you can watch me fuck in person but since I caught you lookin’ porn I’m gonna have to put parental controls on our computer. You my man and you ain’t lookin’ at no hussies.” He was told.The next day Ebony went over to arrange it so that her husband could watch her fuck. She told Leroy they were reluctant to let nonmembers in but said they needed a butler to clean up and serve them drinks, so if he were willing to serve in that capacity he could come over to watch.About a week later Ebony was asked to come over to film another video. Leroy anxiously put on his best white dinner jacket with matching white pants. It was the suit he got married in and he hoped it would make a good impression so that he would be invited back. As he headed for the house his wife stopped him before he reached the door to inform him blacks had to enter from the back, but not to get upset since it was nothing more than an old tradition.Leroy was proud to have such a hot wife. As he got to work serving beers he saw that his wifewas the center of attention. It brought a smile to his face. He thought few blacks get to experience being around such an elite group of men. Not only were these white men more virile but they were smart too probably many would become doctors and lawyers someday.Ebony began dancing to music bending her hips erotically tuzla escort bayan as she performed a striptease for the camera. She stripped down until she was wearing nothing but a pair of four inch heels. With a mischievous look about her face she began squirting oil over her full chest and rubbed the oil all over her dark body making it shine. She sat on a folding chair and spread her legs giving everybody a view as she began to masturbate. With her long feminine fingers with red manicured nails she spread her labia and slowly toyed with her clit. She bit her lip and tilted her head back as she inserted one and then two fingers picking up the pace. Then all of a sudden she let out a cry as she orgasmed squirting juices out onto the floor. Leroy was taken aback. He had never seen his wife squirt before and it really turned him on.Next five naked guys walked over to his wife and pushed her down onto her knees. They stood around her as she went from guy to guy sucking and stroking their cocks. She had one guys cock down her throat with her right and left hand each stroking another, then one of the guys pulled her off and over to him. She licked him from the tip of his dick down across his shaft and balls all the way to his taint and back up a few times before swallowing his organ. And on it went. It was an erotic sight; the short dark skinned, large breasted woman being used for the pleasure of these tall fair skinned men. Finally after about ten minutes one after another they stroked their cocks ejaculating all over Ebony’s pretty face and ample bosom. They stood back so the camera could get a close up of her smiling with gobs of white cum dripping off of her dark brown skin.Poor old Leroy watched transfixed with lust as his wife wiped off the cum and headed over to an old mattress that was lying on the floor. Two men walked over to her and she rubbed their bulges as they undressed one guy had dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He was muscular too probably on the football team Leroy thought. His wife was running her hands all over his body. She quickly stuffed his six inch dick into her mouth to get him good and hard. Leroy was relieved that the guy at least had a penis the same size as his even though his body and face were put to shame. That feeling did not last long though as the other guy a tall skinny redhead with a freckled complexion got undressed. He slapped his circumcised cock against Ebony’s tight ass a few times to get it hard and when it was it was probably over seven inches long. Ebony was positioned doggy style sucking off the dark haired frat guy as the red haired guy rubbed his mushroom head against her twat lining it up to go in. As soon as he was in an inch Ebony grunted and pushed herself all the way back onto it. She fucked herself hard against that man’s cock then he pulled out and they rearranged. The redhead with the cock bigger than her husband’s laid down, Ebony sat on his cock cowgirl style, and bent over. The dark haired man spread her cheeks and entered her analy.The butler watched so amazed he completely forgot it was his wife they were double penetrating. She seemed so natural he wondered if this was the first time she had done this or not. The two got a rhythm going and became one giant sweaty, horny, mass. Ebony cursed each time she had an orgasm escort tuzla and she had a few. The guy on top pulled out of her ass and jacked off on her back. Following that she was rolled over and the redheaded guy pulled out to cum all over her flat belly and smooth cunt.Since he saw other spectators jacking off Leroy figured he might as well jack off too. As he pulled his wiener out he was informed that the help was not allowed to masturbate here but that he could use the servants’ bathroom in the basement to relieve himself. Leroy hurried to the basement half bath where he came almost instantly and hurried back to see the finale.His bride of ten years stared with lust in her eyes as a naked blonde man wearing the rebel flag as a cape approached. He was ripped and stood six inches taller than Leroy; more than a foot taller than Ebony, but what she really seemed transfixed on was the monster between his legs. His cock was eleven inches long Leroy heard someone say and as thick as a coke can. She tongued his ass as she stroked the weapon between his legs. When it got really hard and veins were showing the man in his early twenties grabbed the black milf by her hair and positioned his cock at her mouth. There was a look of lust mixed with fright as she timidly licked and sucked the end of the monster shaft. The audience was shouting for her to deep throat him and without warning the blond Adonis put his hand on the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way down her throat.Leroy’s wife was gagging with tears in her eyes trying very hard to please this perfect man as he pushed his meat up and down her throat. After a couple minutes of fellating the guy she started blacking out so he pulled his cock out to let her breath, which was very considerate Leroy thought. Then she got on all fours like a bitch in heat and pointed her cunt at him. She begged him to fuck her as he roughly pulled on her nipples and spanked her ass. She winced as his hard smacks caught her bottom. She pleaded, she said she needed him, that she loved his cock more than her husband, and wanted him to cum deep in her.Finally after what seemed like forever he relented to let her fuck herself on his huge organ. She grabbed his boner with one hand and pushed it against her cunt. Pathetically bouncing herself against it she looked full yet didn’t even have man’s rod halfway in her. She orgasmed and went limp. The blonde guy wasn’t done though. He repositioned her so that she was on her back and he was on top and started fucking her with long slow fuck strokes as he held her legs apart wide. Ebony moaned and juices were dripping down her ass crack as she orgasmed again. He had about eight inches in when she said “no more!”, but he wasn’t done. He grabbed her by the throat as she tried to get him to stop. He was fucking her hard now each stroke going deeper than the last until he had all eleven inches in. The butler had a boner again as he saw tears of pain in his wife’s eye. Pain from the largest cock she had ever fucked; like losing her virginity over again. Soon the tears of pain became moans of pleasure as she became used to the size. The moans of pleasure became screams as she lost control orgasming again and again. Finally he came what seemed like gallons as his cum came dripping out of Ebony’s twat.She just lay there looking dazed using her fingers to lick up the jizz from her twat. She smiled to her husband and he smiled back. They knew now that having a fraternity move next door was going to change their lives forever.

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