HumiliationThe girlfriend and I were on or way to a bbq at my friends. We drove in awkward silence because before we left our apartment, we tried to have sex but I could just not keep it up. This was not the first time and it was starting to put a strain on our relationship. I don’t know why we can’t just talk about this, she said. It’s probably all those fuckin pills you take for sleep. Maybe we should see a doctor. Maybe we can get you Viagra or something. Can we please just drop it? I asked, feeling very embarrassed and frustrated. I probably should have listened to her. Maybe I should have let myself cool down a little before I spoke. Maybe I should have done absolutely anything other then what I did next, but I didn’t. I blew up at her and said, maybe the reason I can’t get it up is because you have gotten so fuckin fat! I didn’t mean it. My girlfriend was full figured but I actually liked that about her. No, I said this just to hurt her feelings and for no other reason and unknown to me at that time, karma was about to catch up to me in a big way. I regretted it as soon as I said it but had no idea how I could just say “sorry” after something like that and have it be ok. So, we drove in silence the rest of the way. When we got to my friends house, she went one way and I went another. I said hi to my friend, pretending everything was ok, and then started to throw back beers as fast as I could get them. I sat in a corner of the deck in the back yard and drank, and felt sorry for myself while she remained in the house doing god knows what. I remember thinking; I hope she was in there having fun so maybe she would be in a better mood when I told her how sorry I was. Ironically enough, she was having fun, but it was not going to be good for bartın escort me. Then, without warning, it all went wrong. I got up and went to the bathroom and when I got back outside, I saw a very large black man talking to my girlfriend with his hand on her leg. I could see in her eyes that she welcomed his attention. I walked over to the two of them and politely asked, what was going on. My girlfriend turns to me, smiles and says, oh perfect. Honey, this is Link. He tells me that he has a huge cock and I thought it might be a nice change from your tiny little white dick, and not only is he going to fuck me like you never could, first, he’s going to make you suck his cock here in front of me and all of your friends. At first, I thought it had to be some kind of joke, although I could not for the life of me understand it. , or how the idea made me feel in my pants. Then, Link stands up I am a pretty tall man myself but he was a whole foot taller then me. He looked over at my girlfriend and said to her, take my cock out for this little bitch. She then reached over and unzipped links pants and pulled out his huge black cock. At first I just stared in aw. I could not believe a human cock could be so big. Then, link walks over to me, looks down at me and with a scary face says, Take off your clothes bitch, or ill fuck yo ass up. Then, my girl says with a grin, you heard him. Strip naked rite here rite now. I don’t think he is fucking around. At this point all eyes are on us waiting to see what I do next. The men are starting to whisper and some of the girls were starting to giggle and look lustfully at Links huge cock. To this day I don’t know why but the next thing I know, I started to undress. When I was down to my boxers I looked at my bartın escort bayan girlfriend with pleading eyes and said, hun, I’m sorry, can we please not do this here? She paused for a sec, and then smiled and said, hmm, no, drop um. Feeling very self conscious with all eyes on me, I pulled down my boxers and stood there naked in front of at least 30 people. I noticed a few of the women laughing while looking at my penis. One spoke up and said, oh my god. How can a guy so big have such a small little dick? Then my girl said I know rite? Welcome to my life. Not only is it super small, but most of the time, he cant even get it up. I am so frustrated and hungry for real cock its ridiculous. Oh and hunny, Link does not think I’m too fat. Then, link looks at me and says, you should of appreciated her more, and maybe this wouldn’t be happing rite now, but its way to late for that, bitch. On yo knees, now. So there I was, naked, dropping to my knees in front of a huge black man and his monster cock. Without any delay, Link jams the head of his throbbing cock into my mouth. It is happening. I am actually sucking another mans cock. A crowd gathered around to watch. I was so humiliated, but I did not dare stop. I sucked and licked links huge throbbing cock in front of all my friends, and as humiliated as I was, I could also not help but notice that my cock was rock hard as well. What horrible timing that it was getting hard now when if I could of gotten it up at home, I could of avoided this whole mess, but there was no mistaking it. It was fully erect. What did it mean? Was I gay now? I knew I still liked women but to my surprise I loved the taste of his sweaty black dick. He just kept sliding that huge rock hard cock further and further escort bartın down my throat and I remember that some how, I felt no need to gag what so ever. It was as if my mouth and throat were made to fit huge cocks like Links because he was so deep in my throat that his big sweaty balls were slapping against my chin. He then pulled out his cock and I remember feeling a little disappointed it was out of me. Now suck my balls bitch, and I did so. I crammed Link’s big sweaty black balls in my mouth and once again was surprised by how much I loved this taste, and I was so aroused to be sucking on his balls while he kept smacking my face with his huge throbbing cock. Then he said, aight, that’s enough and grabbed my girlfriend and said, now I’m gonna go fuck yo fine ass girlfriend. Link then reached up my girl’s skirt, pulled down her soaking wet panties and told me to put them on. I did so, and Link said to everyone that anyone who wanted a blowjob should line up and I was goanna give them. He leaves with my girlfriend back into the house. Just then, the girl who laughed at the size of my dick earlier says to her boyfriend with excitement in her voice, make him suck yours next! Before I even had time to react, he unzipped his pants and shoved his cock rite down my throat and this is how the night went on. Once that guy blew his load down my throat, all my male friends, some of which I have known since c***dhood, did just as Link suggested, lined up in front of me and pulled out their cocks. I notice that none of their dicks are as big as Links but they were all bigger then mine. I suppose it was the first time in my life I realized just how small my cock was. Even as hard as I was, it was still mostly contained in my girlfriends pink panties. Before the night was over, wearing only my girlfriends thong, I sucked every singe mans cock their, until each and every one of them blew their load down my throat. To this day I’m not sure what was worse, the humiliation, or how much I enjoyed it.

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