Hunger Has a Focus Pt. 02

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A short moment passed where Jill felt empty. Her pussy throbbed slightly, still reverberating from the hard fuck she just had, a promise she would feel the after-effects tomorrow. Her insides responded, ripples of the orgasm still pulsing from the new cock she wanted more of. A newfound hunger had awoken in her.

She could smell the sex and it made her pussy swell. She could hear Cameron catching his breath and her chest heaved. Hands slid up the bed sheet and reached in the opposite direction of her hips. She tried to turn her pelvis upward more, making it explicitly clear how compliant she was that Cameron fuck her, now, in her ass.

He rubbed it from the bottom of her pussy up and over her asshole, letting it get hard, keeping it slick with her juices. Jill was thankful to catch her breath. She entrenched her knees in anticipation. Like covers threatening to slip her boyfriend tried sliding into her head. Two years they’d been together. They had a lot of shared interests, and he was good to her. But he didn’t make her ass pucker with excitement, and Cameron was getting very hard.

As he did, he threatened entry, his slick cock and smooth head pressed on and near her asshole, stimulating her sex. Her chest burned in anticipation.

“ please. Don’t make me beg.”

The words worked came out on their own. Jill had no idea she was willing to do anal, let alone beg for it. But just as when the rest of her body czech experiment porno had made a similar request, the words put a surge through her. He responded by leaning slightly with his cock against her rosebud.

It took every ounce of her to resist pushing back, and the best she could muster was to hold her position firm with her thigh. Then she focused on her asshole and relaxed as his swollen, slick tip pushed in.

Jill awoke from the inside, to the feeling of tightness, utter vulnerability, and sheer pleasure. Clear running lust moved in her as Cameron’s undeterred, hardness slid in at an even pace with each thrust. Slowly, predictably like the tide his cock entered. She resisted so hard, but her hips nudged along. They predicted his tempo and yet each new depth was an exhilarating surprise. He could go no further, she thought, but that was four, five, six thrusts ago, and she wanted to thank someone for each added depth, tightness, vulnerability, and pleasure.

Cameron moaned deeply. He had nothing more to accomplish beyond Jill simply saying yes to his visit. But the freefall of lust that had followed from that moment was still happening. His first orgasm put him in a different place, a crazed hunger that knew little limits, and this is what Jill felt and wanted.

Cameron was patient, and he was impatient. Soon he was thrusting her tight hole as he was with her pussy. He pulled all czech first porno video the way out until his tip threatened to pop out, and he teased her there. He never thrust in too hard, but he always went as deep as possible. Jill’s hips responded, just as they would for her pussy’s pleasure, with only a slight adaptation of her hips. She felt spread and loved it. She was restricted, but wanted more.

Oh yea, her boyfriend.

“Again. More,” she begged, and it felt sublime to beg. It felt sublime for begging to be the response to the intrusive thought. It wasn’t a complaint. It wasn’t revenge on Carl, who was maybe timid, but generally a good, deserving man. It was clearly, honestly, a need she didn’t know she had. And she was declaring it now.

She gripped the sheets and focused on her aching pussy, indirectly feeling his cock pushing on her insides. Cameron’s hands had her pelvis gripped, locked against his with each deep thrust. She brought a hand lazily to her clit and touched it, letting each thrust brush her clit against her finger. It wasn’t for the feeling on her clit so much as heightening the sensation of the rhythm.

He was so hard inside her! Even as her pelvis relaxed, his cock, undeterred, pushed against the top of her tight hole, and brought her into a new phase of pleasure. Jill realized she could cum like this. She would cum. She didn’t need to force it or focus. Cameron czech game porno sensed her newfound relaxation and euphoria. Or he sensed that she needed to be brought to a new edge, and he quickened his pace. Jill whimpered and moaned in pleasure.

This would happen again, Jill thought. All of this. She didn’t know if it was only that she was starved or how long it would be before she needed this again, but she knew she would.

Cameron fucked and Jill moaned deeply. Her thoughts about future fucks and past inadequacy blurred, jumbled with a rolling surge inside her. She wanted to cum, but didn’t know if she could this way. Distantly she heard Cameron make a strange request, and she said yes. He could have it. She wanted him to do it. She wanted to know without a doubt, that he had taken her for his pleasure exactly how he wanted to, because that was exactly what she wanted.

“I want to tie you up,” he said.

Yes. Jill pushed. Does this hurt too much? She completely relaxed her pelvis and Cameron pushed his cock too hard, and a sharp deep pleasure and pain filled her. A release.

The door opened on the other side of the house, where Jill heard an old, familiar voice ask, “Honey?”

Perhaps Cameron felt a panic, but he was too far gone in anticipating Jill’s lust. For a moment she too tried to steady herself from the collide of two worlds, but quickly fell for the one she was in. Waves pounded throughout her, rocked her with his sharply satisfying, violating, appropriate penetration, and Jill pushed through any hope of salvaging her relationship. She hadn’t exactly accepted the loss, or the sense of choosing one over the other. It was merely the absolutely clear reality that she couldn’t deny how Cameron made her feel. Inside her.

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