I am an ALPHA Male


I am an ALPHA MaleI am an ALPHA Male. I am 6 ft 2 in, weigh 245 pounds and would be considered a bear. When I was younger I played on the offensive line at a major university. I am now in my late forties and I have been into the cuckold scene for a long time. Cuckolding gives we an excellent chance to show myself and others, that I am a man, and am proud of it. My sexual appetites are great and I have no guilt what so ever, taking another man’s wife. In fact what better way to show how much more of a man you are than to fuck a man’s wife right in front of him. It excites the shit out of me.I am constantly amazed at how some people look at cuckolds with disdain. I am a bull, born that way, and the cuck is a cuckold for the same reason. Why do some men have long hard heavy cocks, while others have 4 inches of nothing. Nothing that is that would please a woman. Some men are just born to be cuckolded. It’s not fair, it’s just the way it is. I’ve read that in the wild the bull antelope has a complete harem, because he was born the bull. The other males simply must watch while he services his harem, to try to interfer brings on physical attack. To the cuckold, I believe an element of fear, breeds tons of respect. Being a large as I am I bring out that element of fear in the small, wimpy cuckold, that makes being an ALPHA male so exciting.Several months ago I was browsing the internet and found an advertisement. A young couple only a couple hours away. “Looking for a dominant male to help train my husband into the cuckold life.” Dominant male! bahis firmaları That was me. Anyway, we talked on the phone and made an arrangement to meet at a local Holiday Inn.I made it VERY clear that I was an Alpha male and would expect total obedience in all things cuckold.We met in the motel restaurant and I laid out the ground work. You should have seen the both of them.Both scared, yet excited at what I had to offer. I told them right up front again that this may be a fantasy of theirs, but it was REAL to me. The young lady was probably not much older that 24 or 25, the husband looked even younger. He was skinny, meek and frightened. She was quite a looker and I just knew my cock would fit into her perfectly.I could feel her pussy lips round my shaft. Then I looked at the young boy. “You know what a cuckold is don’t you? ” I asked. He nodded. “You know the cuckold duties I take it.” he again nodded. “That’s fine. Just understand that I am going to fuck the **** our of your wife, right in front of you, and you WILL thank me when I finish.” He answered “Yes” I then yelled “That’s yes SIR to you. “Yes Sir.” answered.”Ok you are to go to the motel room. Take a shower, turn down the bed, and then stand naked at attention by the side of the bed and wait for us.”While he was away, she and I got to know each other. I could tell she was excited and anxious. I also found out that her life in the bedroom had been disappointing, and that cuckolding seemed the logical solution to a small dick problem. I let her know that I wouldn’t cut her kaçak iddaa husband any slack. I’m a bull and I have high expectations. But I promised that when I finished I would make him the kind of cuckold she could be proud of.Now I don’t want to make this story too long, let’s just say when I saw his little penis, I told myself, that pussy of hers is really going to be tight.Anyway long story short, I had her doggy style and was pumping her from behind, when I looked over at our little cuck. “Come over here, kneel down and lick my balls, while we fuck.” I didn’t like the way he flinched and he really hesitated. “Lick my balls!!” He finally did but it was the most tenative licking I have ever experienced. Over the years, I knew good ball licking, and this was crap. I knew then that I would have to make attitude corrections, but at the moment I was in the throes of a massive orgasm. I screamed and unloaded a giant load into his lovely wife. After catching my breath, I stepped back and I could see a huge circle of cum at the rim of my cock, and globs all up and down my shaft. “OK cucky, come clean my cock!”That asshole hesitated and I reached out and slapped him full across the face and he went down. He went down and I slapped him hard on the top of his head. “I better not see that attitude again. You’re the cuck and I’m the bull. YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO! I was a giant and he was the mouse. I love it.I stood back with legs spread and my hands on my hips like Superman. “Now crawl over here and ask me nicely if you may clean my cock.” He was literally kaçak bahis crying and I could see real fear in his eyes. The little man crawled over and looked up into my eyes. “My I please be allowed to clean your cock?’ I interupted”May I please clean your cock, SIR” “May I please be allowed to clean your cock SIR?” he answered”That’s better.’ I stood and helped hold it firm so he could get all the goo off.” All the while he was still crying.”OK now you have a wife to clean also. Do a good job.” He still crying, I sat on the bed and stroked my little slut’s hair and whispered to her. “I’m sorry I had to be so rough with him. but he has to know his place. If we are to continue a relationship, I expect total respect and with that comes an element of fear.”I understand” she said holding his head in place between her legs as he licked up his offering. “I’m sure you know what you’re doing.””Trust me. Come tomorrow he’ll be a new man, coming to the reality of who he really is. So don’t feel sorry for anything we do or did tonight. He was born to be cuckolded. You know it, I know it and more importantly he knows it. He knows it now.We fucked several more time that evening. And when it came to “clean-up” the little cucky was right there.Around 11:00 i took a shower and had to go home. The cucky husband was still standing in the corner quiet as a mouse. I guess I really scared him. He dared not move. I dressed and as I was leaving, the wife lookedover at her cucky husband.”Ronnie, don’t be rude. Aren’t you going to thank Bill for fucking your wife for you.”The cuck issued his thanks. “It was a pleasure. Ronnie.” “I’ll call you both tomorrow and let you know my schedule. I think we have the makings of a beautiful relationship.Yes, I am an ALPHA male.

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