I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOUR MOTHERI work as a programmer in a company that has several branches in the country, as I am in charge of the group that maintains the system I receive many calls from the other offices to support, so I met Rosa, a very nice woman who was also Head of one of the branches, we used to talk on the phone a few minutes after giving support, we got along very well, I met her at an employee meeting, I introduce her husband to a surgeon, and her three c***dren, I eventually became friends with the Family until her husband called me to ask for support from her office, her c***dren were already starting to call me uncle, I felt part of that family, they sent me photos of their trips and even souvenirs, I sent Christmas gifts and birthdays to their c***dren , and in the company meetings we sat together, one day while I was in my office they called me from the reception, they told me, a lady is looking for you, let her pass I said, a few seconds later they touched my door, pass I said, Good morning, said a lady in her 60s, they told me that you can help me, how can I help you? Ask, look, I need to print two social security cards one of mine and one of my late husband because I have to collect the two pensions, of course, I pass his mail, between and immediately I printed them, thank you very much sir, he said, He kept talking to me for a few minutes, then he told me, can I come next month to print them to me? If I am not busy, I can do it because a favor is not denied to anyone, thanks he told me and left, at The next month I came back, and I printed the same thing and stayed talking with me for a few minutes, one day before leaving he told me, because he is not going to lunch at my house, I live nearby in that house in front, it was a large house two levels, I said no madam that would be abuse, not if I abuse you every month, fence please do a good home-made meal and not eat in the restaurants that are close here, well it’s fine, I said I’ll go at noon , I have an hour for lunch, I’ll wait for him, don’t leave me planted, he told me and s And it was, at noon my classmates invited me to lunch as usual, but I told them that I would go later, I didn’t want them to see where I was going, when they left I left and I walked to the house in front, when the table arrived It was set and the food was with an exquisite aroma, sit down, eat it chills, we sat down and had lunch while we talked, we had a nice talk, when we finished eating we kept talking, I am very alone he told me, my son lives with his family in the United States, and my daughter lives in another state, I spend it here alone, and how is it that such a beautiful woman has not remarried, according to her widowed data 10 years ago, I don’t know, she said, I don’t know He has presented me the opportunity, and do you have a wife, family? No, I also spend it alone at home, I only go out on Sundays, all day I am working, and when I get home there I stay, I can keep you company if you want He told me, he had looked at her before and he looked great for his Age, without thinking twice I said clearly that yes, he told me what time you leave work, at 6 pm but I get home at 7 or 7 30 depending on traffic, can you write me your address? Sure, take a napkin and write it down, she took it and kissed her, thank you, she said, I’ll be there at about 9 o’clock, do you think? Of course, if I said standing up, I have to go back to the office, ok see you at night, I said goodbye, she walked towards me, she approached me and kissed my cheek, until the handsome night, she said, I left and I walked to the office, while walking I thought, I think the lady wants more than company, I went back to my office, and that day I left just at 6, while driving home I stopped at a supermarket, bought flowers, wine , and some condoms just in case, I got to the house, bathed, prepared lasagna, and waited for her, at 8:30 they knocked on my door I opened and there she was, I waited for her until 9, I left before, she told me, pass she is at home, thanks she said, she was wearing a short red dress, she had done manicure and pedicure and had gone to the beauty salon, she was stunningly beautiful, waw looks beautiful I said, thanks she said smiling and blushing, her dress red let her see her beautiful legs that I had not seen before, we sat on the couch, poured wine, and talked, then ate lasagna, and at the end I invited her to go up to the second level of my house, from the upper window You see the whole city, when you climb a beautiful view of the city, towards a beautiful night, the night is beautiful, but the beauty of you opaque, she said thanks while smiling, do you live alone in this casota? I wonder, if I live alone in a big house, it is something we have in common, we can have, other things in common, he said as he walked towards me, I like the idea, I replied, I walk towards me until his body collided with the mine, her hands took my waist, while she looked at me with her honey-colored eyes, I put one hand on her hips and the other I put her behind her head, I slowly approached and kissed her lips, I separated from her and asked, Do you want this as much as I do? I love him more than you, he replied as he stuck his mouth to mine, she raised her arm and hugged my neck as she clung more to me, I felt her strong breath on my face, I lowered my hands and held her hips, she under one of her hands I take a doll and lower it to her buttocks while raising one leg, gently caressing her, and I squeezed her buttock, she took off bakırköy escort from my mouth and told me, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH I WISHED TO HAVE YOU BETWEEN MY BRAINS , YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY YOU WIN I BRING YOU, and I kiss again, lower my two hands and take it from your buttocks, I lifted it and sat it on an aisle table, she stopped kissing me, took my shirt and broke it, then kissed me, I REMOVED HER LIPS AND TOLD HIM, YOUR DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL, BUT IT SEEMS BETTER IN THE FLOOR, I lifted it and climbed the skirt of her dress and slowly lowered her the closure of her back, stop kissing her and looked at her passionately while Carefully take the straps of your dress and slowly lower it, don’t you E LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? I ask, I LOVE, I answered as I finished removing her dress and throwing it on the floor, she took me by the neck and kissed me again, circled my waist with her legs and heard her shoes fall, she was in underwear, stopped kissing me And he said, COJES AS RICH AS KISSES? LET’S OPEN IT, I told her while I was carrying her and I walked with her to the room, I laid her on the bed, but she sat down and haloed me by the waist, I put my pants down and my cock appeared stopped, MMMMM THIS IS RICH, he said while I put it in my mouth and sucked it with wisdom, sucked it, kissed it and spit it out slowly, and looked at me with a wild face, WHAT A VERY RICH YOU HAVE, IF I HAD KNOWN THAT IT WAS SO RICH YOU WOULD BE INVITED TO EAT BEFORE, I blushed and smiled, her saliva dripped from my penis and between her fingers, and wet her breasts, she looked like a girl playing with a candy, I lift my cock and licked my balls with delight and softness, raised her head, her mouth was drooling and his eyes looked at me with a wild expression, I said, NOW I HAVE TO SUCK IT, MMMM IF YOU SUCK LIKE KISSES WILL BE TASTY, he let go of my cock and lay down soft patting on the shell, COME MY KING, he said in an erotic voice and opening his legs, with one finger I moved his dental floss, s a shell was shaved and very wet, I licked its shell on the outside and kissed it before putting all my tongue inside it, when I did that I heard her moan, I looked at her and she lay on the bed with her arms open and her eyes closed and he licked his lips with passion, with my tongue I looked for his clitoris and then I found him, I gave him soft licks and then I sucked him gently for a couple of seconds then he licked the entire interior of his shell and brought me all his moisture in my tongue, She had a special taste, she was very rich, SUCKS MORE MY LIFE, YOU LOOK CRAZY WHEN I SUCK AND LAMES, she told me, so I sucked her clit softly and felt that she vibrated and I thought this is coming in my mouth so I suck it faster, she screamed slowly and her screams became more continuous until the scream was long until cheese without air, I felt her coming in my mouth, so tasty that I wanted to make it come back in my mouth and I kept sucking faster, THERE IS COMING, THERE CANNOT BREATHE, THERE IS DYING, THERE IS DIING, I AM AOOOOOOO, AAAAAAAAAAA, he said while I felt his coming again, I kissed if vibrant conchita and I stopped, I looked at her and was breathing quickly, I approached her to kiss her but she He stopped me and said, WAIT, LET ME RECOVER THE BREATH, I AM NO LONGER 20 YEARS OLD, I laughed, while stroking her face, she took it and kissed my hand, with my other hand I began to rub her wet shell even and dripping her juices and my drool, she moaned sweetly and I knelt in front of her, spread her legs and put my cock on her shell and began to rub it with the tip of my cock, ASI, SIII FEELS RICOOOO, DAMELA ALL PAPI, DAMELA, I SAID WITH YOU SENSUAL, as he settled in bed, he slowly came in and said to me, SO MY LOVE DEPOSITED, IT MAKES A LOT FOR ANYONE TO COME IN THERE, WELL ME GOOD AND PRETTY MY LIFE, while raising his feet and putting them against my chest, take his legs by his ankles and I separated them to penetrate her more deeply, she stood still with her eyes closed she didn’t move, just moaned and screamed, and licked her lips, I released one of her legs and put three fingers in her mouth, she without touching my hands He licked and bit her, I took my hands out of his mouth and spanked him, and he immediately told me, YOU DON’T LOVE ME, I AM A GOOD GIRL, I CARRY WELL, DON’T PUNISH ME, NOW I AM ALL TULLA, TAKE CARE OF ME, never they had said that, and it gave me so much tenderness, suddenly she started screaming, and I started to give it faster and deeper, she screamed loudly and heartbreakingly while she came and was bathed, she was breathing quickly and deeply as if suffocated, she could not speak, I approached and told her we continued, with her hands she signaled me to wait, Slowly I catch my breath and he told me, THERE’S A BABY, I DON’T GET YOU A LOT FOR ME, BUT I LIKE THAT, I WANT YOU TO DO SOMETHING OF THE PUPPY, BUT DESPASSIUM AND WITHOUT METHOLE THROUGH THE ASS, PLEASE, slowly put himself on 4 legs, I took her from her hips, she had a beautiful ass that made me want to fuck her out there but she had told me not so that in a fast movement I would enter her by her pushpin, while she moaned and raised her head quickly, DO YOU LASTIME? I asked, she sighed, saying, NOOOO STILL SOFT, the soft penetration and sideways watched as her breasts danced with each penetration, and I saw how her pretty ass shook when she hit me, I released her hips and grabbed her tits, and played with her nipples to do that she said, I am coming, I am coming, grab me, I am beşiktaş escort coming faster, I will penetrate her faster, until she came so strong that I thought she had urinated, she fell in bed, and after a few seconds she started say, THERE’S PAPI, THERE’S PAPI, THE SHELL IS PAINFUL, I BREAKED IT, THERE IS NO LONGER, I FEEL THAT I DIE, while she took a deep breath I approached her and I said, IF YOU SLEEP THE CONCHITA YOU ALSO HAD A BOOKING HOUSE WHAT DO WE USE, AND I DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR MOUTH, NOOO, BY THE ASS, NO, HE SAID, WHY NOT? I asked, I DIDN’T GET YOUR DICK IN THE MOUTH KNOWING THAT I WAS IN MY ASS, I WOULD GIVE UP, and I thought (if you knew how many asses this state had been in, you wouldn’t have thought about it in your mouth), I didn’t tell you anything, and I I lay beside her, she laid her head on my chest and said, WAIT A MINUTE AND CONTINUE, I WOULD LIKE CONTINUE HERE, I told her as I squeezed her buttock, SOME DAY I WILL GIVE YOU, BUT NO NIGHT, she told me, a few minutes later she took my cock and I suck it until I stand, she sat on my cock behind me , and began to rise and fall slowly, her ass opened and closed with each movement, I thought to spank her but I remembered that she did not like it, so I grabbed her and squeezed her and said, THIS CULITO TULLO CALL ME, she with an erotic voice He said, YOU’LL HAVE TO WIN IT, SOME DAY IT WILL BE PAPI TULLO, as I went up and down I felt that I was losing rhythm and strength, so I grabbed her hips up a little and penetrated her from below, SO MY LOVE HELP ME I CAN NO LONGER, GIVE ME DUROOO, HARD, ASI ASI WANT IT, ASI, ASI, ASIIIIIIII, and he came on my quiet collapsed on my legs, breathed suffocated mind I take one of my legs and kiss, help her to get up, and lay her next to me, a few minutes later he told me, 20 years ago they didn’t take me I’m out of practice, do you promise to help me get in shape every night? Of course, yes, I said while I kissed her, I’m going to lock the door now I come back, I said, it’s okay here I’m waiting for you, sweetie, I got out of bed , naked I walked around the house, I closed the door I put the car safe, I took water from the kitchen, and I took him a little, but when I arrived she was already asleep, slowly I went to bed, and some time later I fell asleep, the day Next, I woke up and she is lying on my chest, I kissed her and she woke up, good morning beautiful, you slept like a baby, if she told me, I always take sleeping medications, but today I slept all night without medicating, I think I What I need is to catch more often, we laugh we get up, we bathe together, we change and take her to her house, when she arrived she told me, will I wait for you for lunch? If I told him, I took money and gave it to him, what is this? I do not take for money, he said, it is not for last night, I want to help with food, this does not work, he said, and how does it work? Ask, this works like this, I cook you lunch at noon, and you eat me at night, if you eat me rich at night, you will have a delicious lunch, if you eat me bad at night you eat badly at noon, it seems fair, I said smiling, can I ask you something and do not be offended ?, I said clearly what you want my life, What is your name? Nancy told me smiling, it’s nice to meet you, thanks anyway, I said goodbye to her and went to work, at noon I went to her house I ate, and at the end she told me, the dessert is in the kitchen, she got up and went to the kitchen, I finished drinking the juice and went to the kitchen, when I entered the kitchen I saw her sitting at the table without a skirt and no panties with the shell out and with a jar of dulce de leche in my hands, I hope you like the sweet shells, I prepared it especially for you, I smiled, took a chair while she was wetting the shell with dulce de leche, I licked it slowly until it was cleaned, she put on more while I sucked her until she came in my mouth , your orgasm tastes delicious with dulce de leche, I will take it tonight, I replied, I cleaned myself and went to work, at night it came earlier than last night, and I was happier, we sat on the couch and said, Last night was the best night of my life, sexually speaking, but I noticed that although I saw myself ne on many occasions, you did not finish, I would like to know why, am I not successful or am I not attractive to you? No, it is not that, I said, it takes a while, I must put it in fast and deep movements, and if you do not like me I would not stop, I have not felt warm and tasty milk run inside me for many years, and I want to feel the size, I took her hands and kissed her, she caressed my face smiling and said, if you will give it to me, if you hold on, I said, she lifted her skirt and sat on my forehead legs to me and I take off my shirt and I made dulce de leche on my chest, then I slowly lick it to the last drop of sweet, then I kiss, slide my hands under her underwear and I squeezed her buttocks, she looked at me and told me you can touch them but not penetrate them daddy, sitting on me slowly I went up her dress, she raised her arms and took it off, she told me, open the mouth, I opened it and put sweet in my mouth and then kissed me, we shared the sweet in a long kiss, then he said did you like my shell with sweet? I loved answering, I would like to try it again, if you tried it but I want to try your cock with sweet, I took it from her buttocks and got up carrying it, I sat her and she took off my pants, put sweet on my cock as if it were a sausage and licked beylikdüzü escort it all, the candy fell on her tits along with her saliva, then she put me sweet on the tip of the cock and rubbed it on her lips before putting it in her mouth, she moaned as if it were delicious, I caressed her back and held her hair, then I put my honey, loaded and sat on the table I took all her underwear and lay on the table, she stood still and I put jam in her belly and a cherry in her belly button, I licked her and then sucked her chest and finally the cherry while she just watched, so lying down I kissed her and slipped my hand over her tits, her belly, I put some cream on her shell, and in a straw , ARE YOU GOING TO EAT WELL RICH LOVE? If my life answered her, I sat in a chair, opened her legs and ate all the whipped cream while she looked at me and sighed, at the end I felt her wet shell and gave her a tongue while she let out a short scream, my tongue came out wet and rose a strawberry in the middle of its shell just as it came out wet from it and I ate it, she looked at me, sat down, took another strawberry and put it inside the shell, when she pulled it out it was well soaked, put it in my mouth and I ate it, DO YOU LIKE THE CREAM OF MY SHELL LOVE? My life is very rich, I replied, THEN TAKE EVERYTHING BUT WITH YOUR COCKTAIL, I took her legs and opened them but she said, HERE I DON’T PAID, HERE NO, COME, I take my cock off the table and walk with me grabbed cock and I walked behind her to the aviation, she settled on the bed and put oil in her shell, then she said, SEE MY LOVE, COME, I WANT YOU TO PICK ME AND DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU COME, STOP ME On one side of the bed and I laid her across, I took her legs and put them on my shoulders, slowly I penetrated her, while she moaned very richly, I felt that she came 3 times she locks to stay still but shouted loudly with each orgasm , until I came inside her, and she came with me, I saw her tired and groaning, I was aphonic, I took out my cock, and I saw how my milk came out from her moradita shell, I lay beside her she burned me, then I said, could it be that tonight you let me penetrate your beautiful ass ?, please, she is He laughed and told me, I will let you put your cock in my ass when I don’t suck it anymore., at dawn, I took her home again, but she told me, I can’t cook you today baby, I’m sorry but I have to make some payments and I think it will take me all morning, no problem I told her, if I see you in the night will be all right, of course I will go tonight baby, he kissed me and I entered his house while I went to work, that day was very tight there was a lot of work and I told my boss that I could stay until later so that the next day everything is fine, call Nancy and I told her that I would be home late because I had a lot of work she told me it’s ok I’ll wait for you if you pick me up at my house, I left the office at 9:30, call Nancy but I do not answer, I was the last to leave, when I arrived at the parking lot, I saw that my friend Rosa was standing next to my car, it was a surprise to see her cheerfully and call her Rosa how are you what a surprise, she turned to look at me and her face is tense, she is super angry, and I worry, I approached her and asked her, What Pas … before I finished speaking she slapped me so hard that she turned my face around me, confused and stunned, I told her what, and she said, so I will be taking my mother, your mother? Who is your mother ?, Do not play the innocent with my perverted dog, he said in an enraged voice while hitting my arm, Nancy is your mother? Haha now you’re going to deny him, cheeky, I was in choc I got white with shame and said, co, co, how did you know? Your neighbor studied with me the prepa and called me telling me that he has seen my mother come to your house two nights in a row and at midnight the whole colony hears her scream, surprised and stunned I said, I did not know she was your mother, if I eat not degenerate, if I went to tell her to go with Tigo to print the cards that you were going to help her, you’re going to tell me she didn’t tell you she was her daughter, she never told me about you, I said, I’m trying for 4 months and I never mentioned you just before Aller knew her name, perverse sexual maniac, she said hitting my arm with her wallet, are you going to tell me that you slept with her and didn’t even know her name? I was really angry, her pale face was red, I didn’t know it was your mom, I said, only that you know how to say in your defense? She told me while threatening to hit me again, if I had known I would not have been involved with her, there is the worst person in the world, I cannot believe that I let you play with my c***dren and that I presented you there to my family, if I I would have presented to your mother this would not have happened, I will kill you damn perverse told me while he beat me with his wallet, listen to me well, he said, I do not want you to approach my mother, or call me, or approach to my c***dren, or I will accuse you of being a r****t, while he was telling me that, two tears came down from his eyes, he turned around and left, I followed her call her I ran after her and took her by the arm, she took her arm off my hand hard and he said to me, release me or call the policeman who is nearby and tell him that you tried to abuse me, I knew I was too angry to reason with her so I left her, I watched her walk fast and angry as she spoke among the teeth, I went to my car I sat there for a while, I thought like pu When this happened to me, I was embarrassed, Rosa is a friend I love like a sister, and she had lost that friendship in a moment, I felt guilty and regretful, but how do you regret something you liked to do? Or better yet, how do you regret something you want to do again? WHAT DO YOU DO?

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