I finally bought a pack of Magnums


I finally bought a pack of MagnumsI finally got the balls to do it, I bought my first pack of Magnums. Never getting laid in the past has been bad enough, and with this site I made a few friends who said they’d be more than willing to help me out on the losing my virginity side. ( I’m still accepting offers since none have folllowed through yet ;] ) And after my embarrasing experience you can read about below with my big cock not fitting into a regular trojan I decided it was time to go out and buy a pack of Magnums. Reluctantly I went to the store and found the health and beauty section, I was so frazzled it took me nearly five minutes to find where they kept the damn condoms. After I got there I saw them, in their black packaging, sitting there like they wanted to mock me all day. I look around and see no one is there except for the lady at the pharmacy counter. I’m sure she would understand if I brought these up, I mean I’m kinda tall, its believable I guess. So i pull the package out from its shelf, and about ten boxes fall down with it…after I turned firetruck red and scrambled them all back onto the shelf I picked up the standard Magnums and went over to the pharmacy counter.The lady had seen everything I’m sure of it, me taking my sweet ass time picking them out, me dropping the boxes everywhere and me turning bright red. Now what made it even worse is that this wasn’t any old pharmacy lady, this lady was about 25, long blonde hair, long manicured nails, a tight little ass you could see in the khaki’s and a pair of knockers canlı bahis that showed cleavage even through her little work uniform. Now I’m sure I blushed agian, this is what I always feared, some girl thinking that I’m buying Magnums because I wanna show off for her. She didn’t seem phased by it though, she just grabbed them off the counter and rang them up. But then she did something I never would have expected, she took my money from me as I was paying and ran her long nails up my hand while smiling. She kept giving me sideways glances while she got my change and dropped it into my hand while running her nails back up my palm. She handed me my bag and said, “Have a nice day, if you have any problems, my buisness card is in the bag.” Easy to say as soon as I got home I called that lady, obviously she was still at work being only about 20 minutes away from my house, but I left a voicemail telling her who I was and that I’d love to see her tonight.I waited about an hour, and then my phone rang…It was her, she said her name was victoria and that she wanted me to come over her place for a small party she was having tonight. Of course i agreed, even though we may not be able to fuck on the coffee table, there was always the chance she would ask me to stay and “help her clean up”. I get to the party and as I expected I don’t know anyone there, so I awkwardly mingle until I see victoria. She’s wearing a black dress that shows the tiny crease between her legs and her ass. She comes over and gives me a seductive grin and says bahis siteleri “hi” while she wraps her arms around me and gives me a hug, I lean in and giveher a kiss on the cheek. She says to me “you don’t have to stay all night” DAMN maybe i’m not getting lucky i thought, then she said “but i need some help bringing things up from the basement” I know this is a lie, and now i’m nervous as shit because I didn’t bring my Magnums, i wasn’t expecting it to go this far this fast! So we both go to the basement, she comes down the stairs behind me, I’m standing there behind me and the i feel a push, and before i know it, i’m laying on top of her freezer, and she’s undoing my pants like a horny brazilian prostitute. she gets my pants undone and pull out my cock thats about fifty percent hard now. “Wow, you weren’t buying those magnums to impress me, this is the biggest one i’ve ever seen” without sayiing anything else she starts sucking my cock, deepthroating it and nearly gagging everytime she does. At this point I didn’t care if she threw up on me, as long as she kept sucking. I didn’t think i was going to last all of a minute with the job she was doing, but low and behold i was able to hold in my spunk for at least five mintues before I went off. She asked if i wanted to give her a facial, I had to say no though since I wanted to cum inside her mouth. She agreed and kept blowing me. I could feel it coming on, my moans grew louder, my dick longer, my cum was about to shoot. This was the best load I had ever felt building, I felt güvenilir bahis my cock stiffen for the last time and I shot my load deep inside of her mouth, I could feel it running out the sides of her mouth as she got up from my cock coughing up the cum i shot deep into her throat. She didn’t recognize it, but cum was dripping out of her nose I had shot it so hard. Her eyes were watering and I thought that she might die from my load from the looks of her. She wiped her mouth and swallowed though, and looked up at me and smiled. “That was the biggest cock, with the biggest load I have ever seen” Then I looked down at her and said, “I don’t know whether to say Thank You, or Your welcome” “say your welcome, i’ll never have another cock like that in my life” “Your welcome” i said, the she stood up and put my cock in her mouth one last time, giving me one last orgasm. “I’ll walk you to the front” she said. We both walked up the stairs from her basement as I watched her awesome can in front of me the whole way up. Her friends were still socializing upstairs as if we had never left, too bad i would have love to have gotten caught. She opens her door and gives me a kiss on the lips, it tasted like cum…and i loved it. “Call me whenever you need some help” she said as she gave me one more cum kiss, this time with the tounge so i could really taste the bitterness to it. She closed the door and I went home.I still haven’t called her and its been a few days, I might tonight, I haven’t had the balls to tell her that that was only the second blowjob i’ve ever gotten and that I’m still a virgin, I’ll have to tell her before we do it i’m sure, but i’ll just hope that we’ll stick to some oral sex before she asks me to really plow her pussy with my magnum dick.

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