I like to fuck sleeping women


I like to fuck sleeping womenI like to fuck to women as they sleep. It all began with my first wife. She was very “hot” meaning that she was sexy and she loved sex as much as I do. One night after a couple of hours sleeping I awoke with a throbbing erection. I got up and went to the bathroom and urinated then returned to bed and tried to go back to sleep. But the extreme sexual urge wouldn’t go away. I rolled over and snuggled close to my wife who was laying with her back to me in the spooning position. I kissed her on her shoulder as I fondled her breasts and rubbed her nipples which instantly became hard. My throbbing penis jerked and thumped against her soft buttocks. I felt down between her thighs and found her to be very wet. I slipped two fingers between her lips and gently massaged her clitoris. After a few minutes of this she began to breath more deeply as she responded to the stimulation. She moaned very softly and rolled over to her back. I thought I had awakened her so I stopped what I was doing and remained still, pretending to be asleep. I was afraid that she would be upset with me for waking her. A couple minutes later she began to mumble something softly bahis firmaları under her breath. I couldn’t understand what it was that she said. Then I realized she was still asleep and dreaming. I snuggled close to her and whispered some words back to her as if I was talking in my sleep as well. I began to gently rub her still hard nipples and returned to rubbing her clitoris which by now was very erect and even more moist than before.(When she had turned over earlier she had raised her knee and opened her thighs with one resting on top of me.) By now I was so aroused that I was overcome with my lust and desire that I began to stroke my penis and rub it against her soft inner thigh that rested across mine. All I could think about was her warm and wet vagina which was only a few inches away from my throbbing manhood. I couldn’t take any more. I momentarily thought of just relieving myself but couldn’t resist the urge to plunge into her. I reached down and caressed her thigh and moved my hand down to her calf just below her knee and very gently and slowly raised her leg up and over both of my legs. Then I slowly scooted down in the bed about four or five inches.Now kaçak iddaa I was in position for penetration. I layed there very still for awhile and returned to rubbing her nipples and gently caressing her breasts. My throbbing penis now lay nestled against her moist bush which by now was getting even more wet from the seminal fluids leaking from my penis. She began to mumble again. I whispered back to her very softly telling her how I loved the feel of her soft skin and how pretty and sexy she was. Then she answered back. “What if we get caught?” she said. I whispered back “don’t worry, baby, no one can see us here.” I began to rub the tip of my penis between her well lubricated labia and back and forth across her clitoris. She opened her thighs even further. I knew she was dreaming that she was about to be penetrated by “someone” and not by me and I wanted to find out who she was dreaming about. Even more I wanted to feel my very hard penis inside the place it loved so much. I gently pushed the tip inside her vagina and stopped. I sure didn’t want her to wake up now. After 3 or 4 minutes I began to push ever so gently and slowly until I was all the way up inside her. kaçak bahis I lay there shuddering and quivering, my body aching to just give her a very vigorous thrusting like I never had before. I began a soft very slow in-and -out movement as I gently rubbed her clitoris. She moaned slightly and mumbled some more words that I couldn’t understand and I feel her vaginal muscles tighten- much stronger than I had ever felt before. She was definitely having a very sweet dream.This went on for about an hour before I finally couldn’t hold off any longer and I had the strongest most intense orgasm of my life. So intense that it almost gave me a head ache. After that I fell asleep, my penis still buried deeply inside my wife who was breathing very deeply and almost snoring. I knew I had been successful in not waking her.The whole thing had taken about 3 hours. It was the most exciting 3 hours of my life.The next morning I was awakened by my wife down under the covers sucking on my penis. We made love and it was better than ever before. She never mentioned her dream and I never asked. But I was always curious as to who was making love to her in that dream.Over the next 10 years I made love to her many more times as she slept and never once did she wake up.I never felt guilty about it and I have successfully done it with about 5 other women since then.Given the opportunity I will do it again.

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