I Massage Monica the Maid


Towards the End of March

Earlier I indicated that there might be a civil settlement coming from my wife’s death in a traffic accident.

Without going to trial, we settled the case for several million dollars.

The defendant settled out of court with a provision that all parties would keep all records sealed as he was sure he would lose his business and his reputation if word leaked out about his guilt in a drunk driving case and being the cause of a death of a beloved teacher in the community.

I agreed to the settlement with a caveat that he had to join and participate in daily AA meetings and that if he was ever arrested for drunk driving again the records would be unsealed.

I also arranged for the defendant to pay for up to five new cars each year for me or anyone I deemed. These were leases without mileage restrictions and all maintenance and gas was covered as was insurance.

I parked my Lexus and started driving a new luxury SUV. I can’t say the brand for obvious reasons.

As collateral, he put up his business. He agreed to monthly payments and if he defaulted I would end up owning a car dealership.

As agreed, my attorney took his share first which left me with quite a chunk of change coming in over the next five years. If at any time the defendant missed a payment I owned the dealership. And the land it sat on.

I met with various financial and legal advisors to keep taxes low and all that.

Part of my plan was to possibly move to Nevada which has no state income tax, but I wasn’t done with California just yet.

The truth be known, I was planning on spending time in California but just not as a resident. I wasn’t interested in paying taxes when I could legally avoid them.

So, when the first check came in, one thing I did was to have a mother in law unit built in the back yard, behind the new pool and spa.

I had previously hired an architect and got the plans approved for a 480 square foot guest house, with a bath and a half, one bedroom, kitchen and sitting area. The utility lines were put in when the backyard was redone.

I started calling it the cottage, that sounded much better than a mother in law unit.

After alerting my neighbors, most of whom were retired and traveled a lot, I told the contractor to work 12 hours a day and get the job done as soon as possible. I set a deadline of the end of April.

I offered a bonus to the contractor if he finished early.

Monica worked at the house on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I got her started on some other things too.

When she arrived each morning, she stripped off her clothes and wherever I was, proceeded to start her day by giving me a blow job.

Like one of Pavlov’s dogs, I was waiting with a hard on for her to taste.

There are many fine things in life, including drinking a nice cabernet with a bone-in rib eye in a fine restaurant, mobil porno watching a sunset or a sunrise, and winning the lotto but at the top of my list is having a beautiful woman suck your cock with the sole intention of pleasuring you and swallowing your load to finish the task.

I had previously mentioned that I had Monica watching videos to improve her sex skills.

I had her watch an hour a day, nude, laying on the sofa, on a sheet and towel.

After that first time, when she masturbated herself to three orgasms in less than an hour after having her pussy trimmed, shaved and waxed by my lesbian friend Susan, I knew she was interested in learning more and doing more.

At least once a week some of the videos she watched were about blow jobs and seeing people using different techniques to enhance the experience of the receiver.

Monica understood that I was having her become better educated to increase the amount of pleasure she gave me.

She was up for it, I don’t think she had ever had so much fun at a job, if you want to call it what she was doing a job.

Each morning I enjoyed very different sensations leading up to a load of my cum ending up in her belly.

It became sort of a contest. I tried to hold off blasting in her mouth and down her throat while she tried to hurry me along to prove how good she was at this task.

Daily I changed the routine, from having her suck me while we were in the hot tub, under the outdoor shower, in the pool, while I was reading the newspaper, while I was laying on the massage table (there was a milking door for my cock to hang out of).

I started by putting some sugar and glazed donuts on my cock, Monica eating them and licking me to satisfaction.

Chocolate syrup worked nicely too.

So did strawberry jam.

One morning I took her to the local four star hotel for breakfast and had her suck me off under the table.

The waitress assumed Monica was in the restroom while I was busy emptying my balls into her mouth warmed by hot coffee.

One rainy morning I did a Starbucks drive through and had Monica blow me in the SUV. The guy at the window just smiled and gave me a thumbs up, I am sure it made his day.

Mr. Starbucks got a big tip from me – he didn’t put it in the jar.

I had Monica lick peanut butter off my cock one morning when she told me she hadn’t had breakfast. When she was still hungry I had her spoon honey on my dick and balls for a second helping.

Whether it was the video clips, my encouragement, talking to her friends or the condiments involved, she looked forward to pleasuring me and she was getting better at it.

I appreciated Monica getting me hard and then making me soft.

I didn’t want to get into arguments with her about what to clean, or how to clean, or even defining what is clean, so I set up a system where we both mofos porno knew what needed to be cleaned on what day and to what extent.

I set up an app with pictures and checklists.

Monica was self reporting on all of her tasks and she even started telling me what to add to her lists.

She wanted to earn her pay and I appreciated that about her.

Speaking of pay, I told her after the first two weeks that I was going to pay her for three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) even though most of the time I wanted her at the house only on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On the days she didn’t come to my house, I asked her to just be on call in case I needed her. I asked her to watch videos too.

So after each morning blow job, she cleaned the house, did the laundry and then I sent her to the store for lunch and dinner.

Monica made lunch for the two of us and cooked a couple of dinners for me to re-heat later before she headed home.

Each day before she departed I fucked her pussy and ass. Each day she worked at my house it was a three hole day. The sex got better and better.

I loved Monica and all the things about her, but having her spend the night was not an option.

I didn’t want to give her any ideas about marriage and setting up shop together.

Monica was bright and a quick learner so I came up with several things she could do that would add value to our relationship.

I’ll detail those out later in my stories about her.

But while the construction was taking place in the backyard I couldn’t have her out distracting the crew in her tiny swimsuits, so I enrolled her in a massage class that met for four hours a day twice a week right after lunch.

I also arranged for her to go to class all day Thursday.

I knew I would have to give up some sex to fit this in but I knew the return on investment would be high, meaning very pleasurable for me.

I didn’t have to sell Monica on the idea, I said that it was something she would enjoy learning how to do.

To seal the deal, I demonstrated to her how much pleasure a massage could bring a person by giving her a two hour massage the day of her first class right after she finished cleaning the house.

I had ordered lunch in for us and enough more so that there would be enough left over for dinner.

While the construction crew took a quick mid-morning break out in the front of the house, I had Monica take a shower outside by the pool.

She got a thrill knowing that she might be caught naked by the men.

I laid down a sheet on the massage table, darkened the room, and put on some soft soothing music.

I did my best to drown out the hammering and sawing that was taking place in the backyard.

While Monica climbed up on the table, face down, I selected a moisturizing lotion to use on her body.

Taking my time, I worked naughty america porno her over, starting with her feet, calves, thighs, butt, lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck, head, arms and fingers.

I found a lot of knots in her butt and but her back, in her shoulder blades, had many.

As patient and considerate as I was, some of those knots were painful to rub out.

I was a true massage professional, never once getting too close to her hairless pussy or her starfish but I did massage the hell out of her ass cheeks.

I rubbed her professionally and she enjoyed it.

She was stiff turning over, which was to be expected, and once on her back, I placed a towel over her eyes to help her relax.

I started on her feet again, taking extra time on her soles and her toes, then worked my way to her thighs, which she quickly spread for me as I began massaging north of her knees.

I could smell her aroma as I stood by her side, rubbing her inner thighs from her knees to her pussy.

Honestly, I wasn’t trying to play with her waxed cunt but the back of my hands brushed against her puffy outer lips, which increased her arousal.

So, I stopped rubbing her thighs (it was hard to do because I enjoyed feeling them) and moved to the top of the table and told her I was going to finish quickly so we could eat lunch and she could get to her class.

With that I massaged her neck, shoulders, her upper chest, her arms and fingers.

I ended the massage by rubbing her stomach and all around her breasts but not touching her nipples, which were sticking up like thick pencil erasers.

I told Monica I was finished and that she should lay there and relax, rise slowly because of the centering of her blood, and then join me when she was ready to have lunch.

She nodded and said, Mr. Jack, I need to cum, badly.

And with that, the towel still over her eyes, she proceeded to start playing with her bare wet pussy, with her right hand and pulling on her nipples with her left.

Naked and erect myself, I sat down in a chair and watched the show; Monica knew I was there.

It didn’t take her long to cum, I had her more worked up than I had thought, she soaked the sheet, and when she got her breath back she asked me if wanting to cum after a massage was normal.

I stood up, walked to the side of the table, pulled her head over the side and said that even the masseuse gets worked up and needs relief.

She smiled and proceeded to suck me – I was so horny I literally ended up face fucking her for only a couple of thrusts before spraying my load on her face.

Monica used her fingers to wipe her face and then ate my cum.

When she had cleaned up she joined me for lunch.

She was late to class.

Her penalty was she was the recipient of the first massages the inexperienced students had to give.

Susan was the instructor and the towel she gave Monica to cover her ass didn’t cover much.

Monica said she was the only female and the rest of the class consisted of five men in their 20’s.

Did Monica learn her lesson about paying the penalty for her tardiness?

We’ll see.

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