I rang her bell at Taco Bell!

I rang her bell at Taco Bell!I was selling some BDSM items on Craigslist. These items I never use and some items I made. A woman contacted me and wanted to buy them. The items were one heavy duty (more of a decorative) wood sorority type paddle with holes in it. I made it a few years ago. But it was just to thick(1″), unless you are a pain slut and can take it! I had 1 crop, 1 in good shape riding crop. A small flogger which would be good on a woman’s cunt or nipples as a tease. And 4, 3 lb. weights. Lets say you could use these to have a sub hold 1 in each hand. And if they let their arms down punish them. Or again could be used on a pain slut because they had holes in them for let’s say hooks to attach nipple clamps or something else?Anyway, she said to text her, which I did. It was a Saturday. And back and forth we went with text messages. She was very busy with her job. Yes, some of us do work on weekends, I do a lot. She lived up in LA and I live near Seal Beach. I said I’d meet her 1/2 way, LAX. For items I was selling I was only asking $30. I love riding my motorcycle and I was off this weekend and didn’t have much plans. I was willing to go the extra mile, so to speak. Anyway, we decided to meet on Sunday night instead.Because she had worked all day and was super tired. I said I would drive up to where she lived, if she wanted? She gladly excepted. I ended up driving almost to her place, 60 miles round trip, but it was a good ride. But because of what the items were we met somewhere public, Taco Bell. Through our texting I learned she has some bad behavior that certainly needed correcting. Now canlı kaçak iddaa we were only meeting for her to buy the items. No intention of anything else. I put all the items into my saddle bag except the wood paddle, it was too big. I strapped into the rear seat. I arrived and text her saying I hope I was at the right Taco Bell? She called me and said she was inside, would I come in? Of course!I walked in and she was seated. She was a beautiful woman! Very cute, about 35. But looked very tired too. She was nervous, she had never done anything like this. She stood and extended her hand. But just from all the text messages we had exchanged I actually wanted to give her a hug, :-), but instead shook her hand. We sat and chatted for quite a while. I speak my mind and sometimes it gets me in trouble. But I felt very at ease with talking to her. She told me things she normally wouldn’t tell a “vanilla” person. I think people in our lifestyle (although some live it much more than us) are willing to open up a bit. It feels good to openly chat about that stuff.I learned that spanking has intrigued her since c***dhood. Yet I don’t think she has had her desires met as of yet? It was sad to hear. The partner she plays with now is by know means a Dom. A lot of people claim to be, I do not. In my opinion what she needs is just spankings right now. She could venture into other areas eventually, but not now. She really just needs maintenance spankings. She has a bad habit of staying up late and not getting enough rest! I also think she should talk to her “Dom” and tell him her needs. In my encounters güvenilir casino with spankees. We always talk and I’d find out what they needed/craved. I’m there to satisfy her desires. Afterward she could satisfy his needs. I wouldn’t have a problem with someone telling me what their “need” was. A lot of people would say “that’s topping from the bottom. Not if the bottom walks away unsatisfied? Talk! learn!After are chat, we walked outside to the parking lot so we could make the exchange. I pulled my motorcycle up near her car. As I handed her the things, I told her what they were. All she really wanted was the riding crop. I think she was getting a bit excited by it all. Well, I do love to excite a woman, 🙂 I gave her a hug, because I felt she needed one. Angela got in her car and started to back out of her spot. I noticed she didn’t have her seat belt on? I asked “do you use your seatbelt?” She said ” I cant find it?”I told her “pull your car over to that empty spot across the street”, pointing. She gave me a puzzled look, :-/? But drove over and parked. I walked over leaving my motorcycle in the parking lot, in a spot. I instructed her to get in the rear of the car, passenger side! I got in from the left. Yes, this spot was on a public street. But it was dark enough, that no one will probably notice. Plus, come on its was LA, close to Hollywood. People see all sorts of things and look the other way.”It’s obvious to me that you need a spanking Right NOW!” “And I’m going to tell you why!” “You stay up late talking, instead of getting the much needed sleep you need!” “You are driving on very güvenilir casino little sleep” “that’s dangerous!” “You are abusing your body by doing this!” “No, you’re not on d**gs, not that I know of!” “And last but not least, you do not wear your seatbelt!” People depend on you!Angela is looking at me in shock, but she was also nodding yes to all the things I brought up. “And these are only the things I know of?!” She says “yes, yes, you are right. I’m not taking care of myself, but..” I interrupt. “But nothing. Kneel here in the seat and undo your pants and pull them down to your knees, Now!” “You can leave your panties on.” She’s got tears in her eyes already. “That’s not going to work on me.” She pulls her pants down. I pull her across my lap quickly. “This is going to hurt you more than it is me!” I do not go easy. I pull her panties up, as if she now has a thong, exposing both her white butt cheeks.This is a punishment spanking, no safe words needed! We don’t have a lot of time either. I spank quickly and efficiently over both cheeks and from one cheek to the other. I’m a big guy at 6’7″ and 250 lbs. with large hands and arms. When you get a spanking from me, you’ll feel it! Sometimes for days!I didn’t count I just did it long enough that she would feel it for a few days. By time I was done she was balling her eyes out. I pulled her back up on her knees. “Pull your pants up.” She was still crying while she pulled her pants up. “Sit” patting the seat next to me. I put my arm around her in a hug and explained that she was way past due for that. She nodded yes. “Now, go home, shower and get to bed.” “Do you understand?” “This spanking should have released your stress and frustration that you’ve had for a very long time!” “You should sleep well tonight.””Yes, yes, thank you!””Your very welcome……………….Yes, This is a true Story!

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