I Remember


I don’t know what it was that made me start masturbating in Frankie’s shower; it certainly wasn’t the fact that I was dog-tired after a long flight. Maybe it was the sultry steam floating lightly about the bathroom or the hot drops of water cascading over my back, but I found myself pushing two fingers deeply between my legs and gently pressing at aroused flesh. The sensation was wonderful after being cramped up for so many hours and the feeling of being somewhere familiar made it all the more enjoyable. I closed my eyes and rested my hand against the wall as I played a little harder. As my climax began to rise I twisted and pushed against my hand, slamming my fist involuntarily against the tiled wall.

“You OK darlin’?” Came a deep male voice from beyond the door. I gasped in sudden surprise and smiled; I hadn’t meant to make such a noise, but my sexual urges had gotten the better of me.

“Yeah…hunnh…Frankie, I’m…ooo…er…I’m fine.” I hollered but my voice wavered and cracked, giving the game away.

“You sure? I thought you’d slipped and banged ya head or something.” He replied. I heard the bathroom door squeaked open and the heavy foot falls of Frankie Christiansen step inside. “ya sure?”….

Francis .M. Christiansen, not the name one would associate with a 6 foot tall, 220lbs construction manager, more likely the name of a lawyer or marketing executive. But ‘Frankie’ was not just any construction guy. He’d worked his way up from the bottom, starting as an apprentice, to become one of the best project managers the construction business had ever seen. He could raise an erection – if you excuse my term of phrase – on time and under budget anywhere in the world.

I first set eyes on his solid muscular physique in Taiwan; on the 43rd floor of a new office block I had designed. The humid breeze was blowing through the open sides of the empty shell of the building and he was carrying a girder – which was usually a two man job – precariously across a 4 foot gap, a sheer drop to the ground, because the crane was out of action. That bare, wind-browned chest was enough to bring the colour to my cheeks and the butterflies to my stomach. Suffice to say we hit it off straight away, and he didn’t seem to mind the fact that the architect whose building he was putting up just happened to be a woman.

We spent some wonderful times together; a casual arrangement really, but one that suited us both. So when I got the call to return to England the break-up didn’t really seem all that hard. We parted on good terms but I did miss his early morning lovemaking and the deep resonating sound of his laughter. I guess we both just got on with our lives and I never really expected to see each other again. But a chance call from a firm in the U.S. put me on a plane back to Detroit and a man I hadn’t seen in three years.

He was waiting at the airport when I arrived. I spotted him straight away through the crowd. He was still the same; His short brown hair was ruffled and when he caught sight of me coming into the concourse his soft blue eyes lit up with that all too familiar impish shine. He had on his usual; faded black denims that showed those solid thighs and tight, tight butt cheeks to perfection, grey t-shirt and faded plaid over-shirt – open at the front – and black biker boots with large buckles that jingled when he walked.

It was so wonderful to see him again after all that time, I never really expected to feel so thrilled by his presence, but it was as if we’d never been apart. He swung me round in a bear-hug of an embrace and we fell back into the old flirting chatter just as it had been three years before. We didn’t stop until we reached his front door.

His apartment was just as I remembered it, a real ‘man’s’ apartment; lived in, with last night’s beer can still on the coffee table and piles of building blue-prints scattered over the dinning table, that had become a makeshift office. I took my time looking around the place as I relived old memories of our life together while he stowed my bags and made me some space in his closet. It was to be a two week stay; an initial project briefing from my new clients. He’d insisted immediately that I stay at his place when I’d made that first tentative phone call to invite him onto the team the week before. I felt happy to be back in his apartment, but so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. So he called for some take-out and ordered me to the bathroom to freshen up. He always did know the right things to say.

Now, here I stood, head under the hot water, mind whirling with erotic thoughts, one hand pressed against the wall and my fingers stroking my clit.

“I’m fine honestly Frankie.” I giggled, releasing my fingers, but he’d heard that shake in my voice oh-so many times before and I knew what he was thinking.

There was a pause. “Huh huh?” I didn’t need to see his face to know the playful smirk that crossed his features at that public agent porno moment. “Well maybe ya need ya back rubbing or something.” He offered.

“Maybe I do.” I flirted huskily, the feeling of my wayward fingers playing sexy games with my mind. Another long pause. I grinned broadly to myself as I heard the sound of a zipper being pushed down and the thud-thud of heavy boots hitting the floor. The rustling sound of fabric as items of clothes where dropped in a pile and then the soft swish of the shower curtain as it was drawn back.

I stood with my back to him, facing the jet of water from the shower hose, squeezing globules of soapy suds down my back from the wash cloth. I listened to the sound of him climb into the far end of the tub and the lingering silence made me finally look over my shoulder. “Any excuse to get into my shower eh Frankie?” I murmured. I tried to look down, suddenly too nervous to meet his stare and his nakedness.

“Now I remember what I’ve been missin’ every morning for the last three years.” He whispered, eyeing my wet back.

I gave him my best coy smile and turned back to my washcloth, my heart beating a mile-a-minute. In my half glance I’d caught a glimpse of his body and he still looked incredible; thick brick-wall of a chest, solid abs and curved pectorals mounted atop hard pillar-like thighs all nutmeg brown and smooth.

He stood there for what seemed like ages, just taking in the view and I could feel my initial apprehension fading. I continued to wash, slowly and seductively. I hadn’t expected us to renew our sexual acquaintance so quickly after my arrival, but his eagerness to get into my shower and my nonchalance at his presence made me realise just how much we still found each other attractive. My tiredness had all but vanished, to be replaced by a desire to complete with his body what I had begun with my fingers.

Slowly he covered the short distance between us and I shuffled a little further forward, letting the hot stream of water spray onto his body. That first touch of his hand on the curve of my back sent a shiver down my spine and a pleasant tightening to my abdomen. His thick callused hands are like shovels and he can easily bury my small fist in his palm, but he has such an incredibly tender touch, one would never think he lifted cinder blocks for a living. As his hands slid over my wetted hips and around my waist and his hard body pushed into my back I reached out with both hands using the wall as leverage to press against him.

“God…mmmn…I remember this too.” He moaned softly into my ear as he nuzzled my wet hair, searching out the softness of my neck. I closed my eyes and let my head drop back onto his chest, opening myself up for him as he leaned in and placed tender kisses to my shoulder.

“I remember you smelt…uuunn…so damn good in the mornings.” He opened his mouth and gently grazed my skin with his teeth, drawing a groan from my lips as the tingle flickered through my body. “I remember…mmmm…how you used to…hhuuggh…make me feel so damn horny.”

I remembered that too. Rampant would be a better description; physical, all consuming.

He pressed against my back and I could feel the hardness of his manhood push lightly against my butt cheeks. God I’d missed this. Thick hands cupped my breasts and finger and thumb rolled dark nipples into peaked attention. I couldn’t help but buck and shake in his embrace, yet still I kept my hands planted firmly against the wall as I let him explore me.

The water splattered down my chest and bounced off my breasts as he pulled me back into his grip. He licked and squeezed and nibbled at the hot wet flesh of my shoulders and neck till I thought my legs would give way. I felt the perspiration begin to rise on my body even as the water washed over it. The thought of all those passionate nights and days came flooding back and I ached for him to touch me in those intimate places once more. Without thought I raised my leg and planted my foot on the side of the tub, offering myself to his caresses. He paused and I could feel his breathing change as he registered my open invitation.

“Hmmm Chrissie, I remember this too.” He murmured with lips still half pressed to my skin; I shivered from the sensation. He ran a firm hand over my raised hip and buttock and along the top of my thigh to my knee. “I remember you being…so hot and wet…uuuhh.” He groaned as he buried his mouth into my neck again, biting and sucking at the skin till it ached pleasantly. His hand began to track down my inner thigh and I tensed against him, suddenly nervous of his searching fingers.

He reached the smooth skin that marked the line between my thigh and the softness of my womanhood and he paused. For a moment both of us held our breath. This was the point of no return; the moment when sexy playfulness turns to genuine, powerful arousal and where we both knew we would reality kings porno not be able to stop ourselves. I closed my eyes concentrating on his touch; one hand between my legs, the other cupping a breast and his smooth velvety skin caressing the length of my back. My body told me I wanted him, I wanted him the same way I had done three years ago. I needed to ease his anxiety; to let him know it was alright. Leaning back, I raised an arm and wrapping it around him, pulled him in so that I could play with the soft wet hairs at the nape of his neck. He groaned again, circling his fingers tantalisingly close to my heat, yet still he seemed apprehensive to approach me.

“I don’t remember you driving me as crazy as this.” I whispered into his ear, my growing arousal making me urgent.

I listened to his breathing, hard and heavy, as if he was fighting against his craving to ravish me as I teased his neck. “I don’t remember wanting you like I do right now, Chrissie.” He sighed breathlessly.

My body stiffened for a second. It wasn’t what I’d expected him to say. At the realisation of his words I almost slumped in his arms. The sincerity in his voice was so clear that I thought I would break in two. This was no longer just a flirtation between two former lovers it was genuine need. He truly wanted me as much as I wanted him.

We held each other there, just touching, allowing the water to bounce off our skin, somehow fearful of letting ourselves go; of allowing ourselves this intimate pleasure. Finally, Frankie shifted. “I wanna make love to you Chrissie…god I do…just like we used to…you remember.” He whispered.

“Oh..yesss…Frankie yes.” I replied.

My words gave him the surety he had been seeking. Without another word he slid his hand away from my mound and gently manoeuvred behind me. Carefully he pushed his hips forward, guiding himself to my entrance. The sensation of that throbbing tip against my burning flesh was exquisite; no amount of self pleasuring could best that feeling of hot velvet against responsive wetness. He held himself there, teasing me, savouring the moment, not wanting to let it go and the more he touched me the more I ached for him to take me. He wrapped himself tighter around me, his arm locking me against him, crushing my body. I could feel him begin to shake with anticipation. Unable to control the craving any longer his quivering shaft found its well-lubricated mark and he plunged into me.

It was my turn to moan and grasp as he almost lifted me from the tub. His body taking the weight of mine as he slid me easily to the hilt; my butt almost sitting into his lap as he doubled over me. I felt the pressure of him inside me as my body gave way and the feeling of overwhelming euphoria as we meshed together.

He cried out as he rode me, a cry of pleasure and pain and pent-up desire the likes of which I had never heard from him before. It filled me with wanting and love and the need to comfort him all at the same time. We held ourselves still again, feeling the first contact of our bodies in such a long time. I had recalled his passion on so many occasions over those years but never remembered it with this level of power and intensity.

After a moment I found my footing and eased away from him, feeling the friction of his cock against my passage. Reaching out I placed my hands back against the wall and arched my back, forcing my butt up and giving him more access to my centre. He held on to my waist and with the deepest growl rolled his hips and surged against me. We cried out in unison as the force sent us both wild.

Never in all the time I had been with Frankie had we made love with this kind of ferociousness; such animal passion, such unfettered need. I wanted him, so much. My heart pounded, my body shook, my mind whirled and all I could think about was him and the pleasure he was giving me. As I leaned a little further forward he adjusted and drove again, finding a pace that suited us both. His hot wet body slapped against me with each thrust and I could feel myself climbing and climbing.

Clinging stream filled the bathroom, hot water bounced of out bodies till it felt like tiny needles on our skin, but nothing broke our focus on one another as we made love like we were the last people on earth.

I could feel him growing inside me, his hard phallus swelling and pulsating against my slickened passage. He slammed his hips into me with hard fast drives, shaking my body with each fierce thrust, forcing me to cling to the wall and pushing me ever onward towards my climax. We panted and writhed against each other; no longer wanting the slow tender touches of our initial union, but hard, uncontrollable, gratuitous fucking.

As if my thoughts became his I felt a large hand slide around my thigh and delve into my wetness, clamping my swollen clit between two thick fingers. I’d been wanting him to touch me there rus porno so badly and his firm, demanding strokes made me scream out obscenities and arch back, insisting that he give me more. My thickened juices flooded over his shaft and he moaned as he felt me clamp down on him and ram against his spike. That pleasant tingling ache that rippled through my clit as he flicked his fingers over it began its steady flow through the walls of my plumped labia. It streamed down around my entrance, circling the flesh surrounding the base of his shaft drawing moans from my lips. I tried to ride it, knowing my orgasm was now so close. Slowly the tingle found its way into my depths, climbing like a wall vine through my passage. I yelled and writhed and he griped me tighter, forcing the tingle deeper into my body with every swell and thrust of his cock.

“Chrissie…Chrissie.” He panted hoarsely into me ear.

“Oh god ….Frankie…pleeease…I…I…” was all I could manage to utter. The growing euphoria hit my centre like a tidal wave and I spasmed uncontrollably around his solidness.

“Jeezzeee…..Christ!” Frankie barked, his body going rigid as he fought to hold himself back. But my body wouldn’t allow him the comfort and as I came from the overwhelming fire coursing through my body, Frankie erupted in a torrent of expletives and hot cum.

Never before had I felt the power of our orgasms combine into such a fearsome display of wanton need. I slammed my fists into the wall, wailing as the air rushed from my lungs. Frankie flailed as he threw back his arms trying to find purchase to ram me again. He tangled himself in the shower curtain and ripped it from the rail and it slid to the floor in a heap, but we had no reason to care. He fell back over me, clinging to me as he pumped again. Wrapping his arms around my waist he lifted me up, letting his knees bend slightly so that my butt was cupped against his thighs. Grunting from the exertion he thrust forward. I could feel the hot wetness or our combined juices escape my centre; the splashing water of the shower washing it away as it trickled down my thighs. We held each other still in that embraces not wishing to let go. As our breathlessness eased and our spasms subsided I tried to regain conscious thought.

The water poured over us and splashed onto the bathroom floor creating a puddle around the torn curtain. I felt Frankie twitch inside me, his monstrous orgasm still governing his body. Slowly, with great effort and gentleness he lowered me down until I could gain a footing on the tub. Carefully he eased himself out; the pull of his slightly softened member drawing a second smaller orgasm from me as it pushed passed my muscles.

Frankie rolled back, slumping against the wall, the cooler tiles giving him some relief from the heat and he moaned at the sensation. For a long while I gazed at the wall, trying to make sense of what we had just done. I could hear Frankie behind me, still panting as I buried my head under the spray to freshen my face.

“I’m…I’m sorry Chrissie..” He murmured. At first I couldn’t understand what he was referring to. “I didn’t mean ta…”

I turned slowly to face him. A look of dejection and disgust seemed to have settled on his strong features and my heart skipped for a moment.

“Sorry?…Frankie why sorry?” I asked, stepping closer to him and resting my hand on his chest in comfort. He looked down, seemingly not wanting to meet my gaze.

“Fer this…fer doing this to ya.” I waited and let him continue. “It wasn’t what I wanted to do…I…its just…” he stammered. I’d never seen Frankie lost for words before but here he stood angry with himself and his wanton behaviour. “Its just I haven’t made love to a woman since you left.” The words almost choked in his throat.

“Oh…Oh, god Frankie, I had no idea.” My heart nearly broke at his confession. Three years without the touch of a woman. Come to think of it I hadn’t been exactly active myself; one short-lived relationship in all that time. For a moment there was silence between us as I thought on what to say to this wonderful man before me. “Frankie, there’s nothing to be sorry for, I wanted it too. I didn’t realise just how much I’d missed you.” At that he looked up and as his eyes caught mine he smiled.

Slowly he pushed himself from the wall and pulled me into his arms. We kissed steadily and deeply until those urges began to rise again. Before we became too engrossed I turned off the shower and suggested we move somewhere more comfortable. He climbed out of the tub, kicking away the crumpled curtain and we laughed at our reckless destruction. Holding out his hand he helped me from the bath and wrapped me in a warm towel. He cuddled me from behind, finding my neck once more he lathed kisses across it. The feeling was so pleasant, so familiar, I couldn’t help but giggle. After a moment or two of playfulness he took my hand once more, stopping at the door he turned to me.

“Do you remember what used to happen ‘after’ we’d had the shower.” He smirked and that impish look in his eyes returned.

My mind ran through all those distant memories to a moment I remembered very clearly.

“Oh, yes Frankie,” I winked, “I remember very well.”

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