I Stole Your GirlFriend Lesbian

I Stole Your GirlFriend LesbianIt was a sunny summer Saturday afternoon and I had gone to one of the main parks with my boyfriend and some other friends to enjoy the fresh air.My boyfriend and some of his friends started playing with a frisbee, while the girls of our group started listening to some music and dancing around a bit. After a while I felt someone coming up behind me and grabbing my hips. Thinking it was my boyfriend, I teasingly rubbed my but against his crotch, until I felt an unfamiliar hand squeezing my butt. I turned to face this stranger and to my surprise I saw a short-haired woman standing before me. She was about as tall as me, with brown hair and eyes, but a stocky build. I estimated she must have been in her mid 30s. She was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and brown combat boots and looked distinctly butch.”Hey, ummm…what are you doing?””Well, you started rubbing your butt against my crotch, so I thought it would be ok if I did.””Well, I thought you were my boyfriend… but I guess you do have a point…””Listen, can I make up for it by offering you an ice cream from the van nearby? Don’t want any bad blood between us.””Well…ok, but I pick the flavour!””Sure thing. Let’s go! Oh by the way, my name’s Mel.””And I’m Miranda.”She then took me by the hand a led me to the van.At the van I picked a strawberry ice cream (my favourite), while Mel picked a pistachio-flavoured cone. We then sat down in the shade under a tree.”That was quite bold of you to approach me like that yo know…you could have ended in trouble with my boyfriend.””I honestly was not worried about him. You were dancing so sensually that I had to make a move, no matter what.”Although she was a woman and I was straight, I found her words rather flattering. I also admired the confidence which she had showed in approaching me like that.”Well, you are a confident one, aren’t you? But I’m afraid you are barking up the wrong tree with me.””Am I? You see, I believe most straight women just don’t know what they are missing. I made it my mission to show them the error of their ways!””Haha, you are funny, I’ll give you that. But I have a boyfriend and I’m very much happy with him.””That does not bother me. I bet I could make you forget him in one night.”I was struck by her supreme confidence. I’d never met a woman like that before and it sure felt rather different.”Boldly stated, but I am pretty sure you’d lose your bet!””Well, why don’t we make it a bet then? A year worth of ice creams I can turn you into my girlfriend and make you forget men.””A year? Mmm, that’s a pretty good deal…for me! You are guaranteed to lose!””Ok, then. But we have to spend the evening together for my magic to work…if you are scared you can still pull out…””Scared? Hah, you already lost!””Ok, then let’s do it now. By the end of the night you will be mine.””Ah, osmaniye escort we will see about that…ok, let me tell my boyfriend I will see him later…””Just send him a text message…it will be the last one you will ever send him.”Again I was struck by her confidence and determination. I would have normally no agreed to such a bet, but the was something about her demeanour that intrigued me.We first hit the city centre and passed by some clothes shops. Mel took me inside one and showed me several skimpy outfits.”I like my girlfriend to look sexy when we are out together. There, this outfit should suit you, try it out now.”It was an outfit consisting of a white shorts and a light pink crop top that left most of the midriff exposed.”Haha, I’m not your girlfriend though!””But you will be. In any case, I’m buying.”I thought a bit about it. It was a rather sexy outfit and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would love seeing me in it. And it was for free! But I also admired the fact that she had picked an outfit for me and seemed to know immediately what would suit me.”Ok, I will try it out then.””Good, but you must wear it for the rest of the evening as my only condition.””Haha, sure, no problem…it’s your money!”When I came back from the changing room, the outfit was fitting perfectly. I could notice Mel staring at me with a satisfied smile as she checked out my naked midriff and legs.”Good girl. Now let’s go and grab a bite.”At the restaurant we ordered some food and wine and I got a little tipsy.”You are very sexy Miranda. You’re just wasted on men, trust me…””Well, I told you I like men and…” but she shut me up by putting her index finger in front of my lips and stared me straight into the eyes with a penetrating, intense stare.”Ssshhh. I know that line. I also know that in a few hours you will have forgotten all about that.” Again I was struck by how confident and assertive she was, both in words and demeanour.At the end of the dinner, Mel proposed we go back to her place for some dessert, as she had some fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Although I knew Mel was a lesbian, I felt comfortable around her. Furthermore, I loved strawberries, so I accepted her offer, figuring I would leave early enough to meet m boyfriend later at night.At her place, we first sat down on the sofa and Mel brought some more wine and put on some music.”You know Miranda, I really liked the way you were dancing. So sensual. You move really well…””Well, thank you, I did actually take dancing classes in Salsa and Merengue.””Mmm, I’d love to see you dancing to that now!”I was in a relaxed mood and anyway always enjoyed being a tease, so i said: “Sure, put on some music and I will dance to it!”Mel put on a sensual Merengue song and I started dancing to it, a bit like Shakira in her videos, closing my eyes to feel escort osmaniye the rhythm.Suddenly I felt two hands grabbing my hips and spinning me around. Mel then pushed her body against mine and started dancing with me. I could feel her small breasts pressed against mines and her hardened nipples poking against mines. She then place her hands on my butt, squeezing it, while whispering into my ear:”Mmm, you are so sexy, baby girl! I want you to be mine!”Perhaps the alcohol lowered my inhibitions, but her unbridled desire combined with her confident behaviour was beginning to affect me. But in an effort to cool things down I said, “Mmm, why don’t we have the strawberries now?”We moved to the kitchen table and Mel prepared two bowls of strawberries with whipped cream. She then put some whipped cream on her right index finger and sucked it off, while staring me intently in the eyes.”Mmm, this cream is delicious! Here, try some!” and she put some more whipped cream on the same finger, placing it in front of my lips. I was unsure about what to do. On one hand part of me was screaming that this was wrong. On the other, this passionate, strong, confident woman was making an impression on me. In the end, I opened my mouth and sucked in her index finger, licking off the cream and tasting the saliva she had left on her finger.This was enough to trigger something in her. She suddenly lunged at me, grabbed the back of my neck with her right hand and put her lips on my semi-open mouth, slipping her tongue in. I tried to protest and pull away, but she was holding on tightly to the back of my neck, while her experienced tongue started lashing furiously against mine. Meanwhile, her left hand went straight to my breasts and started squeezing and kneading them through the fabric of my top.My initial resistance started collapsing under the relentless onslaught of her passion and the strength and firmness of her squeezing and kissing, which indicated a sexually aggressive and assertive woman.After several minutes, she stood up and dragged me to the living room by my hand, pushing me down on the sofa. She then stood on top of me and deftly removed my top, exposing my bra. Seeing me in my bra further fanned the flames of her passion. She tore it off with her bare hands, exposing my breasts to the air. She stood there for a few seconds staring lustfully at them and then placed both her hands on my breasts. She began to squeeze and knead them, pinching and twisting my nipples. Then, suddenly, she grabbed my nipples with her thumb and index fingers and pulled my breasts very hard towards her. This caused me to moan in extreme pleasure. No man had ever touched me so roughly and it felt so good. She then lowered herself on top of me and began to kiss me aggressively in the mouth. She placed her pelvis on mine and began to rub, osmaniye escort bayan push and grind against my clit. I could feel her breasts pushing and grinding hard against mines, causing me to become very aroused. After a while she slid a hand down my shorts and panties, deftly removing them, and began to massage my clit. At the same time she moved her mouth to my right nipple and began licking and sucking it hard, leaving red marks on my breasts. Then she began slapping my clit with the palm of her hand and suddenly bit my nipple with her teeth and pulled it towards her. The simultaneous rough assault on my intimate parts was too much for me to resist and I came with a loud moan.Mel then cupped my breasts from behind and while playing with them whispered in my ear, “Have you ever come like this with a man before?””N-no…that was so intense…””And his is nothing, baby…” she then sucked her right hand index and middle finger and placed them on my wet pussy. She slid first one, then the other finger in and began to pump in and out of my pussy, pushing as deep as she could and twisting her fingers around to touch all my sensitive areas. Slowly at first, but soon gathering pace until the movement became furious and intense. I could barely resist, when suddenly she pulled my head back hard by grabbing my hair and then bit my exposed neck. This was enough to send me over the edge with yet another loud climax. But rather than stopping she then kept pumping hard, causing me to climax again and again, until I was exhausted.She then stood up in front of me, smiling triumphantly.”So, Ms. I’m-so-straight, how do you feel about lesbians now?””I…wow…I don’t know…””Oh, but you do know! Wait for me here!”When she came back, she was naked and carrying a bowl of strawberries. She then ordered me to sit up and sat next to me. She then put a strawberry in her mouth, chewed it and then grabbed the back of my neck and french kissed me, passing the chewed strawberry in my mouth, which I swallowed eagerly. She repeated that several times and finally said:”I will make yo mine Miranda. You will never want a man again!”Before I could reply, she placed a bare foot on my pussy and began to rub it up and down, occasionally penetrating my pussy with her big toe. I never experienced anything like that, and it was enough to send me over the edge again. She then went down on me and with an experienced tongue she alternated between licking my pussy lips and sucking hard on my clit. For the next two hours she alternated between playing with my pussy with her foot, fingers and mouth, until I finally collapsed in an exhausted heap.She laid on top of me and whispered, while staring me straight and lustfully in the eyes, “Oh Miranda, I want you to belong to me forever! Leave your boyfriend and move in with me. We will have so much fun together! I will turn you into the perfect lesbian girlfriend and drive you mad with desire!”In a never felt before post-orgasmic haze, I did not want this to end and started typing a break-up text message to my ex-boyfriend, while contemplating my new life…

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