I Surrendered My Man Card – To Another Man!


I Surrendered My Man Card – To Another Man!I was watching Cyreel Pavlovic’s videos, where she sucks hard black cock and her face is literally dripping with cum, and I was thinking: there’s not a closet queen alive who wouldn’t trade places with her in a heartbeat. I know, because I spent the first 32 years of my life fantasizing about being a cock sucking sexy whore – just like Cyreel Pavlovic. But my stupid side was ashamed of what I wanted to do with other men, and that kept me deep in the closet from puberty until I finally decided to become the woman I was born to be. I began secretly crossdressing soon after the onset of puberty. I continued this practice up until my marriage to my Filipina wife Dani. Honestly, I don’t know why I married any woman, much less one as hot and sexy as Dani. Under normal conditions there is no way a weak looing little guy like me could ever have pulled a woman as hot as her, but I met her at an online Asian dating site, and she began pressuring me to marry her almost as soon as we began corresponding. We were both 27 at the time, and I was thinking that maybe Dani would be the answer to my prayers – that marrying her would “cure” me of these thoughts of being a woman. bahis firmaları Eventually I was able to get Dani to the states, and she moved into my apartment with me. I could see the disappointment in her eyes every time she looked at me. I know she was used to being with masculine type guys, guys with decent sized cocks – good looking men. Our sex life was a disappointment to her too. I found out that she was very open about her past, and so we spent most of our time in bed, her jerking me off as I pumped her for stories about the things she had done. After I’d cum, she’d have me roll over and she’d hump my ass by grinding her pubis into my tail bone, until she had orgasmed.Eventually Dani, with my permission, began dating other men. I’d stay home and jerk off and later, when Dani would come home, she’d tell me about the sex she had with her boyfriend. One weekend when she was in Reno with her boyfriend, I was driving around an on impulse I pulled over and went into an adult video store. It was blazing hot outside but the adult arcade, where the preview booths are, was very dark. The place smelled like sweat, stale piss, and Lysol. I could hear porn playing in the booths. I went to a booth kaçak iddaa in the back corner. I took off all my clothes – even my shoes, and cracked the door, and sat there nervously, waiting.Then I heard heavy footsteps coming closer. Part of me was scared that the door would open and the guy would gay bash me. I could see him from the corner of my eye, looking in at me. Then the door creaked loudly as he opened it wide. He stood there staring at me, and I saw another guy come up behind him, craning his neck to look at me. “Are you goin’ in?” he asked the first guy. He didn’t answer, just stepped into the booth, closing and locking the door behind him. Neither of us spoke. He reached over and began scrolling through the video menu until he found one he liked. Then he looked at me again. He was white, around 50, and he was wearing a black t-shirt, black leather vest, black jeans, and boots. He had a black leather cap in his head. He reached out and fondled my breasts, pinching lightly on my nipple, before opening his fly and pulling out his penis. I reached out and took it in my hand. Holding another man’s semi hard dick in my hand felt strange. I got down on my knees on the dirty floor, barefoot and kaçak bahis naked, and took his cock into my mouth and began blowing him. I had never sucked cock before, but I had fantasized about it for years. Now he was very hard and I pulled his jeans and jockey shorts down, and ran my hands softly over his hairy legs. He put a hand on the back of my head and was moaning as I sucked his cock. Suddenly he tensed and let out a loud groan, flooding my mouth with so much cum I had to gulp it down to keep from choking. Slowly he pulled out of my mouth and pulled up his pants, and walked out without a word. He had left the door wide open, but I didn’t care. What I had done was beyond shameful. As I sat naked on the dirty floor, the taste of another man’s cum in my mouth, I knew that my marriage was over.Then I saw the other guy who had wanted to come in earlier. “Can I come in,” he asked? I ended up staying in that booth for over 10 hours, and sucked more cock than I could keep track of. I had gone in a virgin; now I walked out a whore. When Dani got home on Monday I told her exactly what I had done, and that I wanted a divorce. I told her that I was a woman and I wanted to live as a woman.Now, when I’m in the booth naked – just high heels and lipstick, I think of my idol – Cyreel Pavlovic – and I promise my devil that I will do every nasty disgusting thing a man wants – eat his ass out – even let him urinate in my mouth!

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