I Want You to Do Something for Me


The night was cold for it being the middle of summer. The days were extremely mild. He wondered if it was a sign. No, not yet he thought, she will be here. He stands in wait in his gravel driveway, pacing back and forth. She pulls in the driveway around 8 pm. She gets out of the car and sees him smoking and standing there avoiding her gaze, her questioning eyes, although it is he with the questions. He looks at her, piercing, strong, full of hope and love. She is stunned, for a second. She thinks to herself, what have I done? Why does he still look at me like that, after all that has been going on, does he know? No he can’t.

She looks at him again and starts to speak,

“Did you want to go to my place and talk? Or did you want to go somewhere else?”

He puts out his cigarette, smashing when it hits the ground with his foot, trying to contain the anger. He says, quietly,

“Michelle, if we go to your place, we are more than likely going to have sex. Then you will think everything is fine when it’s not. We need to have this talk, if there is any hope for us.”

She looks at him and almost thinks to punch him the arm, but she speaks instead, letting her words do it for her,

“Greg, you have to stop this. What is there to talk about? We have been back together for a month now. That is what you and I wanted. Heck, you are almost living at my place again, and I love having you there. We have to make all the decisions together, as a team.”

He says,

“Did you think to ask me when you started going around behind my back with that guy you been talking to for about 3 weeks now.”

She is fuming and raises her voice a little,

“Greg, there isn’t anyone else, I just don’t get why you would think that I barely have enough time for my son and you. You just can’t…”

He cuts her off, he just as pissed and speaks again,

“I don’t know exactly how many times you fucked the guy when you aren’t with me and you say you are off doing shit for work. Stop lying. ‘Your’ guy messaged me today. He told me that the last time you two were together you called my name during sex. He explained that you were a little more than drunk. He sent me a lot of the emails you two exchanged. He told me he doesn’t have time for these head games, and either do I.”

She is stunned and thought that one of her friends would tell him in time what happened, but not now, not Kevin himself. She starts to cry and backs away from his look. She has never seen him like this before. There is still love there she thinks. She turns and runs to her car. She can’t even get the door open she is shaking so much and crying. He calmly walks up to her. She looks at him like a deer in the headlights and pulls to avoid touching him. He opens the door for her. Then walks away before a second look from her. He lights up another cigarette. Takes along hard drag. He watches her has she beings to sit down.

She sits and thinks about what she has done and how to fix it. Her heart begins to break at the thought of him not loving her anymore. She remembers that she only went out with Kevin about 3 times, behind Greg’s back. She told Kevin, that although Greg is a nice guy, she was trying to breakup with him. She promised Kevin she was going to leave him, before her and Kevin got to the sex part of things. Still wanting to remain faithful to Greg.

So, one night when Greg was out with his friends till 3 in the morning. Without so much as a text or a phone call. She was at work, and thought she at least deserved and update. She worries about him, like he worries about her. He would have if his phone had not died while visiting his friends he hadn’t seen in awhile. He stayed up with his friends going to the movies, talking about his girlfriend problems, computer games, playing said games, and then falling asleep watching TV on his buddy Matt’s couch. Robert finally drove him home at 4. He woke up at 6 and fought long and hard not to call her till he was sure she would be getting ready for work. She was very pissed that night thinking about the other women he could have put his dick in or god knows what else. They talked and he told her that he was sorry. She forgave him, she still doubted what he actually been doing. She forgave and they moved forward.

A few days later, she tried to forget about her relationship woes and went out with Kevin, for what was to be the very last time. She began to think its not like I am fucking this guy. He’s just a friend and I am going to have fun. Not going to worry about what is going on with Greg. All night along she drank. She drank to forget about Greg for a night; just one night was all she wanted. Kevin didn’t drink as much as Michelle did. He took her back to her car that was parked at his place. He took her into his house and they kissed. Not a loving sort of kiss, but the “I got to get fucked” tecavüz porno kind of kiss. He started towards his bedroom with her in tow and began to remove her clothing. She remembered telling him no over and over again, but she woke up naked. Noticing that he didn’t use a condom, she felt raped and tried to leave, but he smooth talked her out the door. He ushered her out the door as she gathered herself, with a promise that he would call her sometime.

Remembering back on all of it now the thought has started to make her tremble.

She left there and wondered how to tell Greg what had happened. She cried all the way home and from home to work. Was it worth their relationship that they had worked so hard to salvage? She tried to let it go and spoke of it with one of her friends a few weeks after it happened. Her friend told her she has to be honest with Greg, sex or not. It was kind of like cheating. She also told her friend that she didn’t want it to happen.

She went through her emails and messages. She deleted those and the guy off her friends list. She left his phone number, in case he called or if she needed to ask him a question that if he was clean or not. It worries her still now. She hasn’t had time to go the doctor, let alone make an appointment. She has been sleeping with Greg all this time and started to wonder if she had something to pass on to him.

He approached her car door. She still sat there as she tried to absent mindedly tried to get a cigarette in her mouth and light it. Still staring off into the void, she noticed Greg is now standing next to her. She is shaking as she proceeds to start her car. She looks at him and shakes her head in a slow “no” motion. Then out of nowhere she hits her head on to the steering wheel. He almost laughs, he looks in on her and she starts to cry.

She slowly creeps her self-upright and looks at him. Standing there he looks like he wants to say something. She presses her window button down. He moves in and kisses her with a passion that fire wished it had. The burning desire is there and he wants to make it all right, but knows he can’t.

He tells her as if reading her mind,

“I got checked out today after I got that email. He told me he was clean, but to be sure I went. I am fine. Which means you are too, but go get checked up on, just in case.”

She just looks at him.

He continues,

“Kitten, you are the love of my entire life, I could see marrying you when I am 54 or even now. It looks like you want to leave; I am not going to stop you. I tried to keep you, but, ah hell. Fuck!”

He turns and beings to walk away. She reaches for him. Then pulls her hand back, she looks at it as if it betrayed her for not touching him.

Her voice cracks,

“Greg, come here, please.”

He turns and runs up to the car, it is the fastest he has ever moved in his life. He tells her,

“Michelle, what is it? What is there left to say?”

She looks at him and whispers,

“I doesn’t or shouldn’t have to be like this, we can be together, just please forgive me, please? “

He looks at her and he smiles as he speaks,

“In time. Right now we both have to think, we need that time apart you wanted so much, before. I do love you so very much.”

He kisses her again; the burning passion of 1,000 burning suns consumes the kiss between them like they are all going to supernova right then if they didn’t have sex.

He breaks it and steps back as he tells her,

“I will call you, I promise. As for now with us, be free, Kitten.”

She cries harder than she ever has before as she looks at him with anger and sadness.

How dare he do this she thinks as she pulls out of the driveway? How dare he break up with me? How dare he care about me? How dare he to walk away from me?

He looks, as she is gone. He thinks about chasing her to her house, to do nothing more than to hold her. He walks inside his house. He sits on his bed and looks at the phone. Call me Kitten, he thinks. Just then the phone rings. It’s Jerry, he’s been talking to him and his wife about all the shit that has gone down between him and Michelle.

“What up, Jerry?” he speaks into the phone.

“Well, did you talk to her about everything?” Jerry asks.

“Yeah, but it didn’t go well, I broke up with her. Told her I need some time to think all this stuff through.”

“Well get some money and meet me at my house in 15.”

“Why? What’s up? Are we going to a movie?”

“No, I thought you would want a night at the Pub.”

“Man, I just broke up with my girl and you want to shove half naked women in my face?”

“Well, yeah. You and I haven’t done it in over a year. I have some time off and we can make it before they charge us at the door. Come on, man. If you don’t go I will just go by myself. travesti porno The wife is at her mom’s for the next 3 days with the kid and I told her I would be going and she told me I can only go if you with me. Her orders, she’s the boss.”

Greg laughs as he breaths in deep, and tells him,

“Maybe, I should call your wife and double check that rule then, eh?”

“Go ahead, I told her you would want to call her.”

“Mmmmm. Ok I will be there in 15.”

“Good deal, oh by the way. Ron, Matt, and Jeff asked me if they can go to, well they didn’t ask. I invited them and they are waiting here for you.”

“Ok, I am out the door.”

“Bye.” Jerry tells him as Greg puts down the phone and walks out the door to his car. He sits down in the driver’s seat. He looks down at his hand. His keys. He see it the key. He touches it like it was part of her. He knows both of them have to be strong. It’s all up to him. He pulls out of the driveway and off to his friends and the strip club.

One month later.

He is working at the porn store. He was going over inventory with a new hire. This new girl was very pretty. She started to flirt with him and he tried to be professional. He decided to ask her about herself.

You know the questions, where you from, what did you do before this, do you work another job, why did you move here, and does your boyfriend let you leave the house looking like that? She laughs at him, because they both realize that he said all of that with out taking a breath. She tells him:

“Here. I worked for retail store. Yes, I just got hired 2 days ago at a strip club as a topless dancer. I didn’t move here I lived here all my life. I don’t have one.”

He laughs and plays it off. He shows her the other some of the others she will be working with. Then after the rest of the paper work she went through that he had to file, he tells her that her 2-hour shift is over. She laughs and asks what he is doing after his shift.

He tells her I can’t date other employees, I am a shift manager and I haven’t looked, but I am sure there are polices and procedures that I would be breaking if I even thought about hanging out with you. That and the fact I am taken.

She looks at him. “That is one lucky girl.” She tells him as she walks out the door.

His friend, Ted looks at him and blinks twice. He comes up behind him and slaps him hard on the head.

“OW!” Greg looks at him, “What the fuck was that for?” He starts to caress the back of his head.

“Dude, you were so fucking in that little piece of hotness.” He tells him as he walks to the door she just walked out, and starts humping it.

“Now I see why you don’t have many dates. I still can’t believe there are guys out there that talk like you.” Greg tells him as he walks back behind the counter.

“My wife says the same thing, but Greg man, you can’t keep thinking you are attached when you are not.” Ted said to him as he hops up and over the counter.

“So fearless leader, when are you going to call her?” Ted asks as he logs into the computer and sees a few people enter. Ted takes a step, does an I.D. check, and lets them all pass.

“I don’t know, I been wanting to talk to her for a 2 weeks now after she sent that message.” Greg tells him as he starts to ring some people up.

“So, if you ran into her what would you do?” Ted asks as he runs around the counter to help a customer. Greg watches and before he can answer he notices that the person needing help is the same person he been talking about.

He tries to avoid her gaze. She smiles and waves nervously. He waves back and continues to ring and help customers. She waits and talks to Ted as she points and asks questions. Finally, Michelle approaches the counter.

“Greg, do you have a moment to talk?” She asks him quietly.

“Yeah, Michelle, sure. Ted you got this?” He asks.

Ted looks around at the now empty store and answers, “Mmmm, let me think, yeah go smoke or something. Take your time. Remember you are the boss and I am the…”

“Peon!” Greg says in unison with Ted.

“I got it. I will be back.” Greg tells him as he walks out the door with Michelle.

He walks up to his car and stops. She follows and takes out her lighter. He pulls a smoke from the pack and she lights it for him. He smiles. She smiles. They are quiet as they look at each other, checking each other out, as if it was their first date. He starts to speak,

“Michelle you look really good. I missed you so much. I wanted to talk to you after you sent that message. I want to tell you everything that’s happened since we, well you know..”

She looks at him and smiles knowing that he is nervous as she is. She tells him,

“Greg, I honestly thought you would have been trying to find out who I was with and what tumblr porno I was doing, but I have to say. I was worrying about it more than you. I almost called Jeff to ask him what was going on with you.”

He tells her,

“I was worried, but we needed time to figure things out. I figured out things 2 weeks ago and been putting it off.”

“I know sweetie. Me too.”

“So, I am guessing this isn’t really a social visit?”

“Actually, baby it is. I miss you terribly. My son misses you.”

“I have been thinking. I have been out with my friends. I have been masturbating a lot. I haven’t even thought about anyone else. Heck I tell girls that might be interested I am taken. I haven’t changed my status on my page.” He tells her.

She smiles and says,

“I know baby, I been like that too. I really miss you. So, we can talk more when you get out of work. Please, stop by my place, ok. I am sure you still have the key. You know where I am going to be. If you can get out early that would be nice.”

“Ok sweetie, I will try.” He tells her with wink and a smile.

“I want you to do something for me, Greg.” She says as she walks towards her car.

“What’s that Kitten?” He asks.

She smiles and tells him,

“Baby, you just did it. I just wanted you to call me that again. Thank you.”

He comes in around one in the morning; he got out a half an hour early. He’s a shift manager now. He creeps into the apartment. She is sleeping. He looks down at her knowing that she expected him at least an hour ago. He knew the door would be locked; she gave him the key again. So he unlocked it when he got there. She knew he would be coming. He continues to look at her in the dark. He sees her stir as he begins to undress. Without taking his eyes off of her he pulls back the covers to find her in a white tank top and boxers. He can see that her nipples are hard against the fabric and wonders what she is dreaming about.

She wakes with a small gasp as he climbs into bed with her. As soon as she realizes who it is she is wide-awake. Without a word he stripes off her clothes and just looks at her with a love that nobody ever has before. She notices and her body reacts. He softly touches her with a love that cannot be compared. As his hands run up and down her body she begins to squirm and softly moan. He is in now hurrying. He kisses her neck as he whispers his love for her in her ear. Not being able to stand it anymore she reaches for him to find that he is rock hard.

She takes him in her hand slowly teasing him as he surrenders to her. She tells him that she loves him as she begins to slowly kiss him. She knows that she has all the time in the world and she intends on using it. She starts with kissing his neck and slowly makes her way down to the chest that she loves to lay her head on when they sleep. She kisses her way down to his stomach and feels him draw his breath in and hold it for a moment. She knows that it is driving him crazy, but she doesn’t care. She uses her tongue to tease him in places that is meant for only her. He tries to have her take all of him in, but she’s not ready for that yet. Her tongue slides down his rock hard cock as if she was doing this all her life. She finally gives into his pleas and takes him all in. She feels every inch of him in her mouth as she slowly takes him in. He is now to the point of bursting with anticipation of what she will do next, but he knows that she will not let him to that.

Just as he is about to explode, she stops. She kisses her way back up to his mouth loving how he tastes. He tries to talk but she silences him with a long and passionate kiss. There has never been so much passion between the two of them and it takes them both by surprise.

She forgot what it felt like to feel so much love for one person. She had fought it for so long. She straddles him and guides him inside her, but she doesn’t move. She just stares at him for a moment to see if it is real or just a dream. He once more tries to speak, and this time she doesn’t stop him. He tells her how much he loves her and that he has felt that way since the moment he saw her. With those words she is consumed with desire as she slowly rocks her hips back and forth while staring into his eyes. She has always loved his eyes and could see that the words that he spoke were true just by looking into them. He grabs her hips and guides her in a way that pleases him. To see his pleasure made her even hotter. She picks up the pace and starts to grind her hips in tune to his. They can no longer hold out. He grabs her ass to drive himself in her harder. She throws her head back as she feels the most intense orgasm that she has ever had erupt. He takes control and grabs both her tits as they are both yelling each other’s names as if saying them out loud proves that what they have is real. She collapses in his arms, out of breath and her legs shake as if she just ran a marathon. He grabs her into his arms and kisses her as if it will be the last time he is able to do so. She melts into him. They fall asleep together feeling that they were exactly where they belonged.

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