I was a glory hole virgin…


I was a glory hole virgin…This is a true story of when I was living in a small town in the mid west for a couple of years. I had a part time job at a video store and and it was usually quiet. The owners of the store would put in orders for new movies and they had a large adult section that they would keep a good selection of films. One day they were doing an order and they mentioned a local adult bookstore that had glory holes in the video booths. I was only 20 at the time so I had not had much time in the adult store world so I asked what was a glory hole. They gave me a brief background on it and my cock jumped to attention. I didn’t tell them that but as soon as my shift ended I went to that store. I’m bi and I had some recent action from women but it had been almost a year from my last cock and I was horny for dick.As I walked in it was a regular adult bookstore with the VHS porn, the dildos on the walls and the magazines. The room was well lit and off to the side was a sign and a curtain that said video booths. Well I got a roll of quarters and went back. It was a very dark hallway but I managed to find my way into a open booth. I closed the door behind me and put in a couple dollars of quarters. The screen turned on and lit pendik escort up the inside of the booth. I could see a couple of wads of cum on the floor and an open hole on both sides of the walls. I didn’t see anyone in the booths next to me so I focused on the video. The volume was loud as I changed the channels form all sorts of great sex. It had couples, lez, bi and gay to pick from. I figured I was here to try out a glory hole for my first time so I picked a gay movie to watch. I knew the guys out in the other room would hear the volume so if they heard men moaning on the video that might get me a green light. :)I was not let down, shortly after the movie was going and the men on the video started fucking I heard a door squeak open and close in the booth to my right. I looked into the hole as it was still dark, my new neighbor just put in a few quarters and the video lit up his booth. He instantly dropped to his knees and ran a finger around the hole and motioned to me to get closer. I already had my rock hard cock out and was stroking it when he did this. I edged closer to the hole and stuck my dick through the hole as it was greeted almost with a firm handshake as he started to stroke my cock, My cock was now leaking precum so escort pendik it was like lube and felt like heaven. I was now pressed against the wall as he opened his mouth and took me in. It was so good it didn’t take me long. I told him I was going to cum and I thought he would stop sucking me, but he didn’t. He locked his lips around my shaft and drank down every blast of my load. It was so intense that my knees got weak and I dropped to my knees without even pulling up my pants.Well as I was down on my knees I figured I would be happy to return the favor and suck off my knew friend. I did the same move he did with his finger around the hole and I was rewarded by a beautiful black cock. I gripped the shaft with my right hand as I ran mu tongue over his large mushroom tip. I then got the first taste of his precum as I took his cock into my mouth. I was not able to fit him all the way in as I gagged a little. It didn’t slow me down at all as I kept a nice pace on sucking him. I was focused on my new friend that I didn’t hear a new neighbor enter the booth on my left. I was still sucking the BBC as I felt a hand on my bare ass. I jumped and stopped to look as an arm was reaching out to fondle my ass. Well at this point I thought GAME pendik escort bayan ON!!! I went back to sucking on the first guys cock as I stood up and bent at the waste to give my new friend my ass to play with. It worked out great as I was now getting finger fucked and sucking at the same time. Guy number one said he was going to cum and I was ready or so I thought. He unleashed a huge load of cum into my mouth and I could not get all of it but I got most of it, I was so fucking horny at this time I just drank it down without even thinking twice. He pulled out and left leaving me to keep getting finger fucked. As this continued I backed myself up to the wall on the left to give my new friend some deeper penetration. He pulled his hand back and a couple of seconds went by. I then heard the snap of a rubber on his cock and he replaced his finger with his dick. I was pushing back on the wall as he pounded my ass with his cock. Just a few seconds went by and he was cumming. Still weak in the knees I cleaned myself up and pulled up my pants back up and walked out. I looked around the room to see if anyone was looking at me thinking they might have been my new friends. Well there were about 10 guys in the main room and they all were looking at me and smiling as I walked out. I smiled back and left. After that one day that bookstore became my regular place to hang out. Now I live in a town that does not have any adult bookstores or glory holes. I miss them.

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