I was seduced by my hair dresser – Part 1


I was seduced by my hair dresser – Part 1I grew up in Vancouver. Spent 1 year over seas, lost my virginity at 19 to a saucy English girl came home and promptly moved out of the house. I started getting my hair cut at Phillippe’s near Fraser and 49th. I don’t think Phillippe is around anymore so I am okay mentioning his name. I think he was already in his late 50’s when I met him. He would constantly try to rub his cock against my neck or he would move in front of me and brush against my hands when they rested on the arms of his chair. I will say he was extremely persistent. One day he brushed against my left hand which was resting under the apron when I suddenly cupped his flaccid cock and gently squeezed. The feeling of holding his cock head was euphoric. I could not get over how soft he felt. Nothing else happened that visit, but suddenly I wanted more contact with his cock. I started booking haircuts late in the day so we could be alone. canlı bahis One time I started stroking his cock while he was cutting my hair. I was so clueless that I made him cum in his pants without realizing what wad happening. There were other people present in his salon and he remarked that he was embarrassed that they saw what happened. But I was not embarrassed by what I had done. After that appointment, my dad told me that my haircut was the worst he had seen and that I should go back and him Phillippe fix it. I could not tell my dad that Phillippe’s poor haircut was thr result of me stroking him to orgasm. i think the next time I was there I started playing with his balls when he trapped my hand between his legs. i freaked out as I had not anticipated that he would do that.The next time he cut my hair Phillippe boldly grabbed my hand and placed it palm up under his cock. I not only stroked it openly, but I really wanted to bahis siteleri open his fly, take out his cock and suck on it. Unfortunately my fantasy was more bold than I was and that did not happen.a woman came running in wanting to use the phone and he rushed her out so we could go back to out fun. When he was finished cutting my hair he offered me a ride home. Like the sly fox he was, he knew what going to happen. He started driving and put his hand on my groin next to my cock and gave me a lame line about wearing my dad’s pants. I did not remove his hand. He started massaged my leg and suddenly I picked his hand up and placed in on my zipper so he could feel my cock. I then unzipped my fly and not wearing underwear put his hand on my cock. For some reason I blurted out that I jerked off a lot and started masturbating in the car as he was driving. I did look over at his crotch and wanted to feel his cock but nothing happened as bahis şirketleri I was busy masturbating.Phillippe wisely decided to get off Fraser street and turned off at the first side street he could. The thought that I was masturbating in full view of anyone on the street never entered my mind. After make a quick right followed by a quick left onto a more quiet side street I said that I was close. Phillippe leaned over, put my cock in his mouth and swallowed my load. He commented that for a guy who jerks off so much that I produced a large amount. He put the car back in drive and kept going in the direction of where he would drop me off while I put my cock back in my pants and zipped up. There was some left over cum on my thumb and he grabbed my hand and licked me clean. I am not sure why the action of his sucking my thumb grossed me out, but I still laugh at the idea that jerking off while driving didn’t even register as eventful, but having my thumb sucked did.Thank you for reading this. Until today, almost 36 years after this event happened, I have carried it around in my head and had even mentioned to anyone. When time permits I will continue the story.

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