I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sit


I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sitIt’s a shame digtal cameras, cams and sexual dating sites weren’t around a few years back. I missed the opportunity of making some mfm mmf homemade porn that I would hope would lead to more of the same and some mmff, fun too! Oh well, alas, perhaps it will still happen at some point.I remember the beginning…I have a friend I grew up wih “C”. C is married to a hottie who really opened my sexual world up “J”. They now have too many k**s and life has them going about their domestic way, which is good and I’m very happy for them. A few years back though, she was a subtle flirt, and my kinda gal (brunette, big busted with a hot ass),she could really work guys up, she and C would talk about their sex life what made it really hot was her taking advantage of her bi-side too. J began flirting more and more with me as time went on. I didn’t mess with friend’s gfs or wives so I just blew it off and would go home and relieve my cock many times!We were all at a mutual friend’s house one weekend, drinking a few brews. C, J and I found ourselves together outside in the back yard. “Would you like to come home and fuck me?”, J said to me right in front of C. I stammered and laughed, “sure!”I said, “no really” she said. “I’m hungery for 2 cocks tonight”, C then said, you don’t know what your missing, she can really put a lip lock on a cock. from that, I knew it was alright with Him. She had a halter top on that showed some clevage, not a lot, just enough, she also had on some short daisy dukes that showed off her hot ass and long legs. “My fresh shaved pussy is so hot & wet right now, it need another tongue and cock to help get it under control”. My throbbing cock was leaking pre-cum that I was afraid would leak thought my pants, my tight, shaved balls were aching for release after hearing all this.” to seal my fate, she pulled aside the inner part of her shorts to show me she wasn’t wearing panties and that her pussy was indeed hot and wet from the damp look of her swollen shaved outer labia lips. “Let’s go.” I stammered.It was a short nervous trip to their house. All 3 of us went inside, I had to piss and get quick control of my cock. “We’ll be in the bedroom,” she said. I came out went in their bedroom, some porn was on the tv, a cock getting sucked. What I saw in the corner was even hotter, she was on her knees, with her shorts pulled down to her knees. Her ass was in full view: clean, pink and shaved with a full lipped, swollen, wet pussy, her inner labia just peeked out from between her swollen outer lips. J’s head bobbed up and down and hot sucking and slurping noise filled the air. C was sitting back with his pants down around his ankles giving me full view of what was happening.J’s full canlı bahis red lips were around the head of C’s cock. Her lips went up and down like a pro, her hand cups C’s big balls in her hand as she nosily went about her sucking. It looked just like a old school porn mag. C’s cock is about 2.5 – 3″ longer than my 5.75-6″ cock and a little thicker. He has a groomed landing strip on the top of his big cock compared to my shaved bald cock, balls and ass. C’s balls hang a little more than my tight balls. “Come on over and get some” C said. I dropped my pants, my cock stood at attention. I stood on the other side of J. she put her hand on my ass and guided my cock to where we were cockhead to cock head. Would have loved to have had a camera to start making a porn shoot. I looked so hot! C’s longer cock and my shorter shaved cock, head to head. J put her lips on both of our cockheads then finally wrapped her lips for the first time around my cock. Her lips slid down and she make sexy sucking sounds as she went. “I can take both these cocks on at the same time, I’m gonna rock both of your balls” she said. J then slid her lips over my cock again, she slid down the head, they halfway, then my cock disappeared as she went balls deep. “Swallow that cock baby,” C whispered to her. “This one’s gonna be just right to suck and swallow while you fuck me deep baby” J said to C about my cock. My knees were getting weak and I was on sensory overload, J then slid back over to C’s cock and stroked mine. Her lips slid over his bigger cock taking the head and going half way, she couldn’t shallow his big, thick cock balls deep. Almost though, personally, I love the sight and feel of getting completely swallowed.We moved over to the bed J lay back, I slipped her shorts off completely exposing her hot, shaved wet pussy an,d ass. C positioned himself at her head where she continued with her lip lock on his big cock. J can really suck some cock too, she varies the pressure and vaccum as she slided her lips up and down. I got down to face her pussy and ass, a clean, pungent smell of hot pussy met my nostrils. I kissed the top of her pussy near her clit and traced my fingers down her thighs to near her ass. J began to softly moan. I then licked along both sides of her swollen shaved labia careful not to get too. close I looked up, C lay down beside her so it was easier for her to continue sucking. She now was licking and sucking his big balls before sliding her lips back over the head of his cock. I slid my tongue beside her outer pussy lips from her ass to the top near her clit not going in yet making a circular pattern as I licked. J began to buck her hips and her moaning picked up. Her mouth was full of C’s big cock, C was moaning too as her lips sucked bahis siteleri up and down his big cock leaving a glissing trail of saliva and precum on his cock, she squeezed and massaged his big balls as she sucked. I watched this between looking and licking at her hot pussy and ass, my cock was hard as a rock, leaking precum as I slowly humped the mattress. J moaned I placed my finger near her ass, her moaning picked up, J raised up her knees giving me better access to her ass and pussy. I slowly slid my tongue between her shaved, wet outer labia lips and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clit slowing licking and then paying attention to the hot areas as her moans and noises let me know. Her wet flavor was wonderful, I was intoxicated from the sight of her hot, shaved pussy and ass and watching her suck my friend’s big cock and balls. J continued moaning as I licked down near her clean, tight, ass. I slide the tip of my tongue over her asshole and licked it in circles rimming her hot ass as she spread her legs and her moaning became more frantic. I then drew in her swollen, shaved labia in my mouth sucking and licking it. J has a big pussy, but it is tight, with full, swollen lips that looks super sexy.She let out a cry and came on my face when I licked over her clit, she put a vise grip on my head as she came. ” I need some cock now!” she said, she got on top of C and sat on his big cock. His cock made her pump pussy lips bulge as he filled her up. Her hot ass was proudly on display framed by her super hot shaved pussy being filled up by C. His cock slid in and out with inches to spare. I stared at her hot ass and pussy being filled by big cock. I then got in position with both hands on ass cheeks spreading them, I then began rimming her hot ass as they fucked. J squealed as I rimmed her, I then licked on both sides of pussy lips as C flled her up, before they began to get a faster pace fucking.”Let me suck your cock!” J said as she and C fucked, I got the the front of her as she sat on C fucking his big cock. She engulfed my cock taking the head down her throat sucking me to the frantic pace that C was now fucking her to. J swallowed my cock while C watched, he loves watching her suck and swallow another guy’s cock. J alternated swallowing my cock then sucking my shaved ball. I had to lay on the other side of her because her working over my cock became so intense. It was an erotic thrill having C watch her suck and swallow cock and listening to him encourage her. “Want me to make you cum again baby?” C asked. “Wait” J said. She slid off C, got on top of me, slid my cock in her wet pussy. “Slide your cock in with this cock in my pussy” J said. I felt C’s big cock push up against my cock as he got behind güvenilir bahis her doggie and began pumping her from the rear. I felt his bigger cock go deeper in her hot pussy as we both began fucking J. “That’s it!, that feels so fucking good!” “Fuck me deep, oh yeah!” J blurted out. J’s big tits were in my face as C pounded her from the back. Her pussy felt awesome, being stuffed with cock. C’s big balls slapped against my shaved tight balls as he pounded J, I matched his motion, as all of this combined motion sent waves of pleasure through my aching, shaved balls and throbbing cock. J began moaning, wailing and rocking as both of our cocks fucked her hot pussy. She collapsed on me as she came again. “That felt so fucking good!” she blurted out. J then slid of off me and spun around C had already got up off of her as though he knew what she would do next. J got on top of me in the 69, putting her dripping wet, shaved swollen pussy and ass in my face. I felt her squeeze my shaved balls as I felt her lips slide over my cock, she began sliding her lips up and down my shaft. “Oh yeah Baby, take that cock down!” I heard C to J, I heard her sucking noise pick up, I listened as I began to lick her swollen, shaved pussy clean. J rode my face bringing her ass down so I could rim her then putting her whole pussy in my face. I felt her swallow my cock, J then put her hands behind the back of my knees, getting where she could get access to my shaved balls and ass. I continued to try and concentrate eating her hot shaved pussy and ass. “Oh yeah baby! Suck those balls and rim his ass!” I heard C say, the feeling was incredible as J licked and sucked my shaved balls then rimmed my ass. I returned the favor burying my tongue in her hot shaved pussy and ass. I felt my balls getting tighter as they were getting close to unloading.I then felt C’s cock up against mine as we were now cock2cock with J on top of me in the 69. “Give me some hot cum!” I heard J say, that’ all she said as she went back and forth sucking both cocks. I was overwhelmed with a hot babe on top of me, hot pussy and ass in my face and feeling her suck and swallow my cock and balls. “My balls are about to unload!” I cried out. J picked up her sucking, taking my cock down balls deep and squeezing my balls till, my balls exploded in her mouth. I buried my face in her hot shaved pussy as my balls shot load after load of cum out, J took every drop. I lay under her panting and recovering from the sucking and swallowing she gave me. “Now let’s get this big cock to go off, J purred as she begain sucking on C. I lay under her listening and looking at her beautiful shaved pussy ass, hearing C’s moans pick up and J’s sexy slurping and sucking pick up until C’s balls exploded too.J worked us over numerous times, at different times after that always up to the challenge of 2 cocks, we had great times. This lead me to experiment with a bi-couple after this experience with C and J. I discribe it in another story.

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