I wish my wife was this dirty – part VII


I wish my wife was this dirty – part VII“Well, I’ve still got it !” my wife greeted me with delight one evening when I returned home from the golf club.“You certainly have my dear. And I am sure plenty of men would agree with me. Who is it this time ?” I smiled.“Well, to cut a long story short, I found Luke’s semen in our garden.”“I hope there’s a good explanation for this.” I replied, sitting back in my armchair, and although taken somewhat aback, I whetted my lips at what I expected to be an arousing account.Luke had been spending a day or two in our garden for the last few weeks, earning some cash before he went off to university, in the next week or so. He was the son of some acquaintances who lived on the other side of the village, who we had got to know vaguely over the last ten years or so after our daughter baby-sat for them when she was in her teens and Luke was little. He was a nice lad, quite reserved, and very polite.My wife, Anita, had on some occasions whilst Luke was round, and I was out, spent a bit of time helping him, providing him with regular tea breaks and chatting, and generally slowing down his progress with tidying up our overgrown garden.“So, this afternoon, after we had a tea break, Luke was busying himself, and I hung out the washing. Nothing too weird in that. Anyway, after bending over a dozen or so times to pick up, and hang up the washing, I got a strange sensation of being watched. Luke would normally be making some noise or other, bit it had gone totally quiet. I carried on, and I think subconsciously at first, I placed by legs a bit further apart, and began bending a bit more provocatively, from my hips. My denim skirt rode up my thigh a little further with each bend and stretch, and I felt my heart quicken. I continued in all innocence and the next time I went for the basket I squatted, and, facing out towards the lawn and bottom of the garden, made sure my knees were apart. I had no idea where Luke was, so all this exhibitionism might well have been purely for the birds !”“And what about Luke, then ?” I asked. Anita had my full attention. I pictured the scene in my mind. I have to admit that I have strong voyeuristic tendencies – something which my wife had become rather aware of over the last few months the sexual revolution in our marriage.“Well, I went back indoors, and several minutes later, Luke came to the door, to say goodbye. He appeared rather flushed, and anxious to get away. I waved him off as he cycled down the drive, and went out to have a look at his handiwork. Handiwork indeed ! It didn’t take long to locate the hedge behind which he must have been watching me, as there were several little puddles of semen on the ground. He packed quite a load if you ask me. So, I feel quite the temptress I can tell you !”“You strumpet !” I chided with a grin on my face.“Perhaps next time you should hang out some of your more exotic underwear. That will get him going !”It was Anita’s turn to look flustered, and she changed the conversation, but I had the feeling that another seed had been sown.I casually found out when Luke was due back for his final visit before he went away to resume his studies at the start of term, and then mentioned to Anita the evening beforehand that I had a meeting with a client I needed to attend as part of some part-time consultancy work I had been doing. I made sure that I said that I would be leaving the house at a time which was an hour or so before Luke was due to arrive for his three hours work.Anita gave me a loving kiss on the cheek, and saw me off. I drove about a quarter of a mile down the road, and parked in a side-street and, returning to our road on foot, I turned into the drive of our next-door neighbours, Gina and Brian.Gina and Brian were a few years younger than us, and since their youngest had left home a year ago, they had more time to themselves, a lot of which, when they were not working, they spent on long-weekends and holidays. Consequently, we had been given a key to their house, in order to help them out by feeding their two cats when they were away. Anita, ever the curious one, had got to know Gina over the years, some of it by chatting, and some of it by discovering Gina’s secret drawer, just a few weeks ago. Gina, my wife confided in me rather excitedly, was into at least mild bondage – handcuffs, and masks and the like. If this information was what Gina had traded I expect that she knew by now that Anita and I relaxed naked in our back garden when the urge took us, and attended local orgies ! Brian and Gina were a fairly quiet couple and kept themselves to themselves, so this side to them was a surprise to me at least, and for the last few weeks, since Anita told me, I found myself admiring Gina’s figure from our rear bedroom window, whenever she went into their garden.Our house was overlooked by Brian and Gina’s on one side, but not on the other, where there was a lovely old partially-deaf lady in a bungalow. It was to Brian and Gina’s rear bedroom window that I was bound. I entered their house, said hello to the cats, who were briefly disturbed from their slumbers, and headed upstairs to the rear bedroom.Because of the sun’s reflection on the windows I was certain that no one looking up from the angle of our back garden would be able to see anything in the bedroom. There was no activity and so my attention wandered to this room, Brian and Gina’s spare bedroom. There was the usual – bed, bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers. Looking down, I spotted some indentations in the carpet. It looked like a tripod was normally located in pace next to the window. I knew I should not, but could not help myself opening a few drawers. There was nothing of much interest, and there it was – a tripod in the wardrobe, with a telescope attached. I carefully installed it in its regular position on the carpet, and discovered that it was already perfectly focussed to distance such that any activity on our patio would be seen in perfect clarity.I wondered what Brian and Gina had observed over the last istanbul escort few weeks of our hot summer. There were several memorable evenings when I had sat on the patio furniture, generally naked, and engaged in watching my wife parade around our back garden in various stages of undress. Had they seen us as Anita striding around dressed only in her thigh length boots and faux-fur jacket, pausing to open up and reveal herself as my erection grew? Had they then watched as she took off the fur, bend forwards over the patio table, spread her legs ? And what did they make of us as I furiously pumped into her from behind ? Had they seen me lying back on the recliner, cock in hand, as my wife slowly climbed on top before we humped each other stupid ? Oh dear ! How would this turn out ?My attention returned to the window as I heard a door shut and I saw Anita walk onto the patio. My concerns about Gina and Brian would have to wait for another time. Anita wore a skimpy halter neck vest, very short white denim cut-off shorts and sandals. She had spruced up her hair a little, and I reckon, as I watched through the telescope, applied a little rouge and lip stick. She looked very sexy.I watched as she looked at her watch. There was still ten minutes before Luke was due, and she hung up some washing. A couple of innocuous items, shirts, trousers, and what was this ?! A pair of black split-crotch panties, a basque, and peep-hole bra. She made sure these were clearly visible on the rotary washing line, and returned indoors.I licked my lips in anticipation, and presently heard some voices by the side of the house, and Luke walked into the garden and made his way to the shed to gather his tools to start work. It was not long before his attention was drawn to the washing on the line, and he immediately looked around, and at the kitchen window. Seeing no one he shyly drew up to the fingered the panties, holding them apart with finger and thumb. There was a noise from inside the house – I expect stage-managed by Anita, and Luke jumped, and could not get down the garden fast enough.So the scene was set – what was my wife going to do next ? How would Luke react ?Anita decided to let me know about her confrontation with Luke in written form. She said she wanted to relive the moment as she wrote it down ! So what follows is her description of what happened next.—–Anita’s account:I must admit that I had been highly aroused by the prospect that such a young and handsome man had found me attractive enough at my age to want to, well, masturbate as he observed at me from his hiding place. I decided that, with the new found confidence in my sexuality and the immense thrill that I had discovered I got in showing it off (thank you so much, Zoe !), I could help him on his way to the new world he would find at university with a sexual experience that I doubt very much he would have ever had before ! Luke had become used to chatting to me once a week for the last few weeks, and I think I have helped him with his awkwardness. But he is such a quiet boy, and as far as I could work out he is far too shy to have had very much to do with any girls. So I reckoned if I played it right I could give him a real boost, and for myself I could also enjoy a new exhibitionist scenario with my wonderful new hobby ! In any case, you had clearly given me the green light with your suggestion about the naughty underwear on the washing line, so I reckoned that whatever might happen would be with your approval !Anyway, when you said you needed to go out for that meeting, an idea formed in my mind. I put on some short shorts and nice figure-hugging top and got a few saucy items out of our special drawer, put them under the tap and hung them out to dry. When Luke arrived, I quickly got out of his way, and from the bedroom window, made sure that I could see that he had spotted them. My heart started racing as I saw him finger my panties. I paused a second and ask myself what on earth was I doing. What would the neighbours say ?! My hesitation didn’t last more than a second or so, as I recalled my conversation with Gina. Good grief, everyone’s at it – doing something or other to push their sexual boundaries ! I took a deep breath, plucked up my confidence, summoned my inner Tania, and went downstairs and out through the kitchen to the back door.I put on a bright smile and sauntered down the garden.“Luke ?”He put down his rake, and turned towards me.“Yes, Mrs…”His voiced trailed away and his slightly flushed face reddened somewhat as he struggled to know where to look. Over the weeks he has got better with his eye contact, and he has become much more comfortable talking with me. But right now, his eyes where everywhere and he didn’t know where to look as I stood in front of him, shoulders back, arms akimbo, and legs planted firmly hip-distance apart. The result was that my breasts, in their flimsy bra, were effectively presenting themselves to him. And asking for what, exactly ?I was desperate to blurt out that I wanted him to rip off his shirt and shorts, then watch me slowly strip off, and then have him jerk off all over my tits. My heart was pounding as I tried to quell my desire to expose myself to him there and then. I knew I had to be careful or otherwise it was very likely that he would just run away.I relaxed my stance a little in order not to appear so aggressive.“Luke, this is a bit delicate, but I just wanted to reassure you about something. Erm, I’m not quite sure how to put this, but what happened the other day is really OK”I could tell Luke knew exactly what I was talking about and started to apologise, but I would not hear of it. We were clearly tuned in to the same sexual frequency, as it were. “Really, it’s completely fine. Please hear me out. I know I am nowhere near the first flush of youth, and I have plenty of flabbiness about my body, so you have no idea how flattering it is that someone so young, handsome and virile-looking avcılar escort as you could find a frumpy old lady attractive in that way.”I paused and coyly glanced at his groin. Luke squirmed a little but could not hide a growing erection.“I’m sorry, I really don’t…” he started.“Ssh now. I have an idea that you might like. Follow me over to the patio.”I deliberately give my best interpretation of a sexy sashay along a catwalk. Goodness knows what he thought what this crazy fifties woman well into her fifties looked like ! But, as he dutifully followed behind me, I knew I had his attention. We got to the patio, and I gestured for him to sit. He crossed his legs, still trying to conceal his stiffening cock.“This may seem very forward, Luke, but I am going to take my top off. I’d like you to look at my breasts, and do whatever you want, so long as you don’t touch me. Unless I ask you to, that is.”My head was reeling, and I fought to keep my composure, so goodness knows what he was thinking. Luke hesitated and looked around.“OK, but, I… What about Mr… ?“Before he could continue, I interrupted him. “My husband will be out for the rest of the day, so don’t worry about him. There will be no one who can see us. I was really hoping that you would enjoy seeing me close-up like this a bit more than when I was hanging up the washing last week.”I slowly hauled my top over my head, and revealed a skimpy, lacy half-cup red bra. It was almost transparent. I stood in front of him, hands on hips once again, my breath quickening. There was silence as he gaped open mouthed at my breasts. He relaxed a tiny bit and uncrossed his legs. His erection now clearly visible.“Luke, now I’d like you to take off your short and shorts and then please would you start to masturbate in front of me. Please.” I said as slowly and gently as I could muster.By now I was sure that he was going to do anything I said. His eyes were fixed on my nipples. They were protruding in the cool breeze. Luke glanced quickly into my eyes, and then back onto my heaving breasts. His mind was now being handed over to his groin, which had obviously decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss. He yanked off his shirt, and hauled down his shorts. His cock was like a tent pole in his underpants. He paused. I looked him in the eye, smiled, and nodded, like an encouraging schoolmistress might do approving of some tidy homework. Luke’s underwear didn’t remain in place any longer.I looked at his midriff. His cock was pointing halfway towards the sky. It must have been a good six inches already. My smile widened.“Wow, Luke. You are going to be popular with the girls at Uni !”He returned my smile, and his cock twitched in response to this compliment.“Please, I’d love to watch you wank while you look at my body, Luke”I think my lewd language from someone he probably least expected it from was as much a turn on as it was unexpected. That thought made it even more of a turn on for me.I pressed my breasts together for him, as I watched his right-hand reach for his penis. He grasped his now fully erect cock and pulled his fist back towards his body. The foreskin retracted and revealed his swollen purple head. I gasped, involuntarily, and my legs almost gave way.“My God ! You are beautiful !”“So are you.” He whispered.His fist began a slowly pumping action around his cock.“Would you like to see my tits Luke ?”Luke nodded, and with my eyes fixed on his, I reached behind my back, unfastened the clasp and let the bra slip to the floor.I wobbled my bosom just slightly, and he watched my breasts sway back and forth like a c***d’s jelly.We stood facing each other transfixed for I don’t know how long, taking each other’s exposure in the warm sunlight. He, slowly wanking. Me, caressing and tweaking my nipples.“I think I’ll relax a little bit more, if that’s OK with you.”I turned away from him, undid the button on my shorts, whipped down the zip, and bending over, slipped my hands into my shorts. I turned back to Luke, looked him in the eye, and wiggled out of my shorts.“Would you see what else I’ve got, Luke ?” I whispered hoarsely.He nodded. Still lazily working his cock. I lay back on the patio table, shifted my weight onto my elbows and slowly parted my legs. The thong consisted of only a tiny patch of fabric and he must have clearly been able to see the outline of my pussy lips, tight against the triangle. I fixed my gaze into his eyes and lifted my bum and with both hands eased the thong straps off my hips and down to my thighs. He stared at the only part of my body that was still covered with what could barely be called clothing. I pulled the thong further down my legs and the fabric and my pussy parted ways. Lifting my legs together I released the thong and threw it aside.“Now then, we are both as naked as each other. I can see your beautiful cock, and now you can see my sex”I pulled my legs wide apart and sank back onto my elbows, knees and feet a yard apart.“Come a bit closer, Luke. I’d like to hold your lovely penis for a while. Would that be OK ?”He moved to my side and took his hand away. I wrapped the fingers of my left hand around his hot and throbbing penis. I doubted if it was going to be long before he came, but I so wanted to just feel the heat of him. I caressed the head of his cock, and slowly wanked him with my thumb and forefinger. He began to groan. I released my grip.“That’s such a fantastic cock Luke. Now, you take charge and just spray your cum wherever you want.”I reclined, and opened my body for him.The first shot hit the side of my breast. The next one snaked over my body and left a trail across both breasts. There must have been at least ten spasms which produced semen, and he changed his aim to make sure most of my upper body was covered.I sat up, and watched the rivulets of spunk slide slowly down my chest, my tits, over my stomach and down towards my pussy and the top of my thighs. I looked him in the eyes.“Wow ! you pack a load, Luke. That was impressive !”Luke was şirinevler escort gasping for breath.“Th.. thank you so much Mrs…”“My pleasure, as much as yours I hope, Luke!”I rolled a finger over my breast, collecting the creamy semen and massaged it into a nipple, and then licked the finger.We sat there, smiling at one another, and as he regained his composure, he started to become rather self-conscious again. I didn’t want the spell to be broken and for him to be enveloped in any embarrassment which might make him run away, so I knew we needed to keep talking.“Thank you, Luke, that was amazing. You have made an old lady very happy I can tell you. I hope you can stay for a while, and have a chat.”I was sitting on the patio sofa, stark naked with a young man’s spunk all over my chest. I felt totally invigorated, completely at ease, and horny as hell !We talked about what sort of look he liked in girls. I said that he must have seen all sorts of rude things on the internet. He nodded. He opened up a bit more and I got him to talk about what sort of scenes got him going. He told me that he much preferred the natural look and found that younger women when they had their faces painted so much were a real turn off. He said that liked the videos with more mature, non-threatening women, ideally talking directly to camera, giving encouraging jerk-off instructions. He was ever so nice but I think that he was stringing me along a bit on that one ! I told him that girls would like that he was not arrogant, and that he was sincere. I said that he must remember to listen and take an interest in what they had to say, but also not to be a pushover. I must have sounded like a mother-hen ! So I got the subject back to sex again.I asked him if he had ever watched a girl masturbate in real-life, rather than on a video clip. He silently shook his head.“Well, after seeing your cock explode like that, I’m quite worked up. Would like to watch me do something about it ?”Luke nodded again silently.“Brilliant ! Just give me a minute and I’ll be right back.”I ran back into the house, and up the stairs. I knew exactly what visual impact I wanted to have. I tried to calm my urgent fingers as I rolled on a pair of beige stockings, and fumbling as I popped on a lacy cream suspender belt. Grabbing a pair of tan high heeled stilettoes I raced downstairs, put them on and slowed down to what I wanted to be considered as a sexy saunter out to the patio.Luke’s eyes were on stalks as he checked me out, clad only in stockings and suspenders, with my high heels lifting and squeezing together the cheeks of my bum. I leant back onto the edge of the table and parted my legs again.“OK, just sit back and let’s see how this goes. Come as close as you like, but no touching, please.” I smiled.My heart was pounding as I shifted up onto the table and lay half way back, resting on one elbow and with my free hand gently parted my labia to form that butterfly you love so much.I was already way down the road, and could feel the wetness of my lips on my fingers. My index finer sought out my demanding clit.“Can you see my little clitoris Luke ?” I gasped.“Yes.”My finger began its circling. Time seemed to stand still, and at some stage my body was bucking and writhing in orgasm. I could vaguely hear Luke.“Wow ! Just wow !”I opened my eyes to find that he was standing in front of my open legs with his finger and thumb working on a semi hard on.“My, my. What a recovery ! You do have youth on your side, don’t you !”His face now had a new-found confidence.“Wank for me Luke. Go on. Wank as much as you want !”I watched his cock grow, and after a few minutes of self-pleasuring, it was clear he was going to come again. I had gestured for him to get close to my open legs.“Over my pussy, Luke. Spunk, go on, spunk over my pussy.”As soon as his spasms receded, I fixed him with my eyes and smeared the new cum across my belly and upper thighs.We were both breathing heavily, and I told myself that the show was just about over. I thought I’d better give him a bit of space, so I said I’d go inside to get some tissues to tidy up. This was completely uncharted territory for him I suppose, as it was very new territory for me. The front of my body was covered sperm from the neck downwards. I felt like such a glorious slut. A modern-day Mrs Robinson !We spoke again, the part of us which didn’t quite know what to say, taking back control. Luke said that he really ought to be getting away, got dressed, and I pecked him on the cheek.“Good luck with your new life, Luke.” I smiled.He smiled back “Thank you so much. I will never forget this.”He hesitated, and I think we were still in tune.“Hey, I don’t mind if you want to take a photo, to remember me by.”Luke grinned, and took out his phone. I lay back on the table, legs apart, and looked away from the lens. I turned over onto all fours and presented my bum to him. He clicked away, his face flushed.“Feel free to have a good wank over me if you ever have a lonely night.”“I definitely will. I don’t think the girls at Uni will be anything like as sexy as you !”“Thank you Luke, you have made an old woman very happy.”——Anita had left her account of what happened in a file on our computer for me to read a few days later, while she was out at the shop. She said that she hoped I enjoyed it.It certainly got me hard, but there were one or two things omitted from what I had seen from our neighbour’s bedroom window.My wife had missed out the several minutes she had our young part-time gardener’s cock in her mouth. Nor did she write about the part where she sat astride Luke and stuffed his cock inside her, and rode him like they were at the rodeo.I mused on this for a while. My wife evidently did not want to tell me that she had fucked Luke. So presumably, she did not want to admit to any other fucking of any other men at her tea parties. On the other hand, she may have thought that I might have been spying on her, and that I knew exactly what she had left out of her account of her encounter with Luke. Was she testing me ?I was not angry. I was mildly jealous, but I was mainly intrigued. I knew that Anita loved me, and since I had managed to become accepted by her fellow tea-party friends over the last few months, our relationship had blossomed, and not only our sex-lives. Clearly, Anita was in control of what she wanted to reveal, and I liked it this way.

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