Ice Cream


I am about to describe what I do when I eat Magnum Ice Cream. If you do not know what a Magnum looks like google it.

When I get a Magnum I unwrap it slowly. It is either Magnum classic or Magnum Strawberry Vision.

I take the wooden handle and first smell the chocolate. The whiff of chocolate makes my mouth water. I start at the front where there is usually a little uneven nub. I poke my tongue out of my mouth to lick it, to smooth the chocolate out. I imagine it to be the front hole/slit I of a cock.

After I poke it, I lick over it with the broad side of my tongue. Makeing sure all is even. I then seek out any other uneven surfaces of the ice cream with my tongue. My hand does not move the ice-cream the way I need it. I hold it steady. My head moves forward and around. My tongue twists to reach the hard to reach places. When I encounter anything uneven I lick over it. I imagine it to be a protruding vein on a cock. When all is evened out. I am ready for the next step.

The next step always excites me and gets me wet. I open my mouth and lower my head onto the ice cream. Holding my lips tight and gliding the chocolate across my tongue. I do not stop until the ice-cream hits the back of my throat. I like the physical sensation of something gliding over my tongue and hitting the back of my throat slightly choking me. From this point onward I always keep my eyes closed.

In my mind have just taken a cock into my mouth. And I hear a male voice praising me, and yet coaxes me to take it even deeper. I only pull my bahis firmaları head back when I really really need oxygen. On the way off the Ice-Cream I pull back my head sucking the ice cream and snaking my tongue along the chocolate. I repeat that a few times. Enjoying it all the time. Still having a voice in my mind.

If I am alone. I moan, whimper and sigh. If not I am silent but no less enthusiastic. Soon I can feel the chocolate on the side of my tongue getting thin. I flip the ice-cream over. So I can enjoy the sensation just a bit longer. But soon I know I have to stop or the chocolate coating will fall off.

I then proceed to the next step. I swirl and twist my tongue around the first 2-3 cm ( centimeter ) of the ice cream. Imagining that it is the head of a cock. Soon I can tell the chocolate is weakening. I take the ice-cream into my mouth, again only 2-3 cm. I am now pressing my lips together hard and sucking with all my might. I imagine only having the head of a cock in my mouth. I imagine my master groaning with pleasure. The combination of my actions causes the chocolate to break where my lips have incased it and the chocolate pieces get sucked into my warm mouth.

I move my head away from the ice cream. Savoring the feeling and taste of the chocolate. If I am alone, I moan. But I always start masturbating hands free. Due to belly-dancing for a few years I have superb muscle control in that area and can clench and unclench my muscles at will. Given the proper scenario I need never touch myself to come.

After kaçak iddaa the chocolate melted completely I dive my head back onto the ice cream and cm for cm I am pressing my lips together and sucking away all of the chocolate. I am imagining that I am hungrily devouring a cock. Eliciting moans and words of approval from my master. By now most of the chocolate is gone. And so my sucks sound slurpy. Soon the only chocolate left is the base and I save that for last. My lips are now coated in white vanilla just melted ice cream. I move off the ice cream. And stretch my tongue to clean my lips and around my mouth, that way none of the precious white liquid is lost. I swallow it all and if I am alone I moan and hum my pleasure. If I am not I breathe in deeply and sigh a soundless sigh.

I delve back onto the ice cream a few times more but the ice cream is melting to fast and soon the ice cream looses body it can no longer nearly fill my mouth the way I need it. I clench together my muscles strongly in this phase to get the maximum effect. Sometimes I come, but most of the time I don’t and am left wanting.

I open my eyes again. Intently watching what is left of my ice-cream. I clean the wooden stick of any trace of ice-cream or chocolate. I lick, twist and curve my tongue all around it until only wood can be seen.

In my mind I hear my master thanking me petting me on the head. If I have not achieved even a small orgasm I correct that problem. If I am alone. I usually have prepared a dildo and get it out of the freezer it is ice cold now and kaçak bahis I feel every cold centimeter. My imaginary master rewards me for a job well done and pleasures me until I climax. I imagine my master asking me to keep up a running commentary of the physical sensations I feel. In between asking me who I belong to. The answer of course is “yours and yours alone”.

If I am not alone I imagine my master telling me I was a good pet and if I prove myself patient I would be rewarded later. Usually I then use a Vibrating Dildo. The waterproof kind with pearls in it that is slightly crooked and rotates. I usually warm it up in hot water. I then lube the Dildo. I get onto all fours and without preparation shove the Dildo into my cunt. It always hurts a bit. But it is a good hurt. I imagine my Master pounding me from behind. Twisting his hip just a little with each stroke so he hits THAT bundle of nerves. He orders me to hold back my orgasm until he says so. I imagine him grasping my neck choking me a little so I feel faint and weak. I keep a belt that I wind tightly around my neck. If I fear really being choked I change the position of my head. I imagine my Master my perfect Master would know exactly when to loosen his grip. Sometimes instead of choking me I used the same belt to spank myself.

The second kind of reward. The none instant one, it usually takes longer. I am not quite as frenzied as when I can come immediately after servicing my master. My record is coming 4 times in the course of 2 hours or so. Usually I am so exhausted I simply collapse. With the Dildo still in me.

I pull a blanket around me and imagine it is my Master holding me. Whispering in my ear. Telling me I have served well.

Have I wet your appetite?

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