IceThe room was hot and beads of sweat started to form on her soft tender skin. She continued to struggle against her bonds as little vibrator buried deep within her mercilessly tormented her. The silk scarf tied as a blindfold was not uncomfortable but served its purpose well. The wait had been agonising, her lover had kissed her softly after tying her up and she could still feel it on her lips, but that was what felt like hours ago. She ached to be touched.He walked in the room, she could hear his firm footfalls and felt a heady mix of fear and anticipation for not knowing what he had planned for her. For an instant the vibrator was forgotten. She remembered his words well as he whispered them into her ear as she greeted him at the airport. “ I missed you, I will make you whimper, squirm and beg tonight” bahis firmaları She gasped quietly at the memory.Wordlessly he lightly places his finger on her lips, he pushes it through and she accepts it gratefully. She was well versed in knowing what to do with that finger as he slid it inside her mouth as he had trained her well. She sucked on it slowly and it drew a soft smile on his normally calm features. He pulled his finger out and her tongue already to longed to caress it once more. He placed the tip of his moistened finger on the tip of her clit and she moaned softly at the touch. He caressed it teasingly and struggled against her bonds to bring herself closer in a feeble bid to encourage him to be more firm. He only chuckled lightly and pulled his finger away.There was silence and she felt kaçak iddaa she would burst, she urged with every fibre of her body to be fucked hard but new this was only the beginning. Without warning the vibrator inside her increased in intensity, he was obviously using the remote and she let out a load moan which became a cry of pleasurable anguish. Something was placed down at a table next to her, it sounded like a piece of large and heavy crockery. She hears a soft clinking noise, then silence.She gasped out loud at the shock, she wanted to cry out but the shock of it was too intense. Eventually she finds her voice and cries out. The offending sting starts on her left nipple, then is withdrawn, she breathes heavily with relief but not for long, she cries out again as it moves to her ,right nipple. She kaçak bahis recognises the sensation and silently pleads for mercy. The sharp cold sting of the cube of ice attacks her belly button, it presses against it. She struggles weakly against her bonds, breathing heavily partly from exertion, partly from the tortuous actions form the vibrator inside her and partly from the tortuous actions of her lover. “ple…pease..” She whimpers in quiet desperation.She feel the ice cube kiss her clit, then as it is drawn teasingly over the soft surface of her labia, “no…no please.. not..there” She pleas almost resignedly, knowing that he will not take any notice of anything she might say or do to make him change his mind. He presses the cube against her labia, but she soaking wet and it slides through without resistance. She bucks wildly against her bonds, trying to escape the inevitable passage of the cube. “Nnooooo..!” she cries out loudly, but it is held in place within her and she can do nothing to escape her fate.

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