If You can Dream It, It will Happen


I was at the department store the other day looking for a couple of sexy outfits. It didn’t take long to find them, since I knew exactly what I wanted, and so I took them up to the cash register, and as I walked up the man who was behind the counter immediately caught my attention. Wow, he was so handsome and his blue eyes were to die for. He smiled at me as if he knew me and said, “May I help you?”

I immediately said, “YES,” but in my mind I was think, “OMG this guy is so fucking hot. Yes, sir, you can help me by helping me right out of these clothes of mine and fucking my wet pussy. Can you do that for me, please. I need some cock deep inside me.”

“Mama, excuse me, can I help you?” Oh, my, I was day dreaming and thank goodness there was no one behind me in line. I was day dreaming, yes indeed I was. I remembered not long ago there was this friend of mine who told me that he got a fortune cookie one day and the message inside read this way, “If you can dream it, it will happen.” Oh my could that be possible I thought to myself. I was dreaming that this handsome man behind the counter would fuck me right here now. But how can that happen?

“Mama, do you need to try those outfits on,” he asked me.

“Well, Yes, I do need so help, can you point me in the right direction of the changing rooms?”

“Well, Mama, they are right down this aisle and to the right.” As he spoke those words, it hit me, that’s it. I’ll try and seduce this man into the changing room with me and maybe just maybe he will be the kind of guy who will appreciate the ASSets that I have.

“Excuse me, sir, I noticed the floor looks like its just been clean and it looks a little wet. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Could I ask a small favor from you? Could you possibly help me to the changing room and allow me to hold on to your arm so I won’t slip on these wet floors?” Of course, the floors were not wet at all, but neither did he hesitate to say, “YES, MAMA. I can help you down there.”

He was such a gentleman, offering his arm to me and slowly walking me to the changing rooms. He told me that his name was Chris. When we got there I was trying to think of some way to get Chris in the room with me. What can I do, I thought to myself. And then it hit me. As this handsome fellow was unlocking the door I put several outfits on the counter and I kept a few in my arms. Then he said, “There you are Mama, all open up for you.” I smiled because that was exactly what I was thinking too, Chris, all my holes are open up for you, baby.

I quickly entered the room, throw the outfits I had on the bench, and stuck my head out the door, and said as Chris was walking away, “Hey, Chris, excuse me, I left a couple of outfits on the counter. Would it be too much to ask, if you could grab them for me and bring them in here to me?”

“Not a Problem,” said Chris. And so Chris picked up the outfits and brought them right to me inside the changing room. And before Chris even knew what was happening I quickly closed the door and locked it and put my finger up to my mouth and signaled Chris to be quite, “shhhhhh.” And immediately I could see that he was not fighting this moment and he mouth the words silently, “OK!”

I pushed Chris backwards just a bit and immediately fell to my knees in front güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of him. I reached up and began to unzip his pants and he helped by undoing his belt, and I slowly begin to pull down his pants. I could not wait to have this man’s cock in my mouth. I could see the bulge in his pants as I worked them down lower and lower until finally his huge cock appeared before my eager eyes. I looked up at Chris with a grin on my face and he was smiling too. We both wanted this moment to happen. We were both hungry and longing to taste and fuck one another.

I knew I had to hurry so I quickly grabbed his manhood and began to suck his head hard. Licking it and sucking it so good. I took my tongue and played with his pee hole forcing my tongue down as far as it would go. I could feel Chris’ cock getting harder and harder by the minute. I looked up at him again and I could see his eyes rolling in his head. I knew I was giving him the best blow job he has ever experienced. He would let out a little moan and I would signal him to be quite, “shhhhhhh.”

When his cock was throbbing I had him sit down on the bench and I pushed him back so that his cock was standing at attention, like a flag pole, hard, and solid. Then I saddled his body facing him and slowly lowered myself down. My pussy was so wet and dripping with my juices. And I took my two hands and pulled my pussy lips back so that Chris could see my red swollen clit. He reached out and began to rub it slowly and gently with his index finger. He could see that was bringing such great pleasure to me. And when I couldn’t take it anymore I lower myself down on to this beautiful cock. OMG what a güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock, at least 8 inches long, so fat my pussy walls where getting stretched and I began to go up and down that gorgeous cock of Chris’. I could feel his cock so deep inside me. It was going places where no cock had been before. He was hitting my G-spot and it wasn’t long I had to cover my own mouth because I was screaming as I was cumin all over his cock. When I pulled myself up off of him, there was cum all over his cock and I bent down and began to lick up every drop. I cleaned him up good.

I knew he had not cum yet and so I motioned for him to come closer and I whispered in his ear, “Chris, quickly fuck me in my tight asshole and give me a creampie right on my rose bud, please.” He had the biggest smile on his face and shook his head in agreement. I quickly got on my knees and stuck my ass up in the air and Chris waste no time positioning himself behind me and ramming his rock hard dick into my asshole. OMG did it feel so good. So tight. I knew he was feeling it too. And he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them to him and he began to work my hole so good. In and out, in and out, faster and faster and then the moment I was waiting for. I could feel Chris pull his huge cock out of my asshole and he was rubbing it faster and faster. I knew any moment he was going to explode. He let out a little moan, and then he shot his huge load of cum right onto my asshole and what a cream pie. There was cum dripping from my ass everywhere. It felt so good when it hit me hard, nice and hot, and gooy.

I whispered to Chris to get dressed quickly and get back to work before someone noticed that he was gone. And he did and he quickly left and closed the door. I just set there for a few minutes thinking to myself, WOW, it’s true. “If you can dream it, it will happen.” I will have to tell my good friend that his fortune cookie saying, really does have some meaning behind it. I can’t wait to have my next dream. THE END

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