I’ll send You a Postcard from Africa.


I’ll send You a Postcard from Africa.”Honey, we should go out tonight! We never do anything,” my beautiful wife Gina said to me. We never go out, and always stay home. She is finally able to convince me to step out to a club on this Saturday night.A few things about my loviely wife. Her name is Gina; She is a beautiful tall Bolivian blonde; she has the prettiest face you will ever see, and has a body that would make any man want to bow down to her. She keeps in shape all the time, and even though she is not old (early 30’s), she looks a lot younger because of how active she stays. To say that I love her would be an understatement. The way she smiles at me makes me melt; the way she touches or grabs me makes me feel as if I am being touched by an angel; her softness, tenderness, and playful attitude always makes the pulse of my cock beat. I sometimes wonder why she is with me. I am in my late twenties, and by all means, not a bad looking guy, but we are very different in energy. She loves to dance salsa, and I listen to classical music; she goes out to hike and play tennis, and I go to museums and opera shows. With that said, we make it work, because I do everything I can to please her in bed. I worship her like the Empress that she is and I write a poem to her everyday, which she loves a lot. I also have agreed to let her have sex with other guys, so long as It’s not in out home. I am a nerdy, beta male type of guy, so a girl like her needs to be with an alpha male. I want her to be happy, so why wouldn’t I want her to be pleasured by other men? I am pretty liberal to begin with and I have never been the jealous type.We go to a club in the city to let loose and have fun. Gina is wearing a blue mini-skirt, a black and white sleeveless shirt, and 6 inch high heels. She is looking very provocative and makes me feel like the most important man in the world when our arms are locked together in public.As we enter the club we order a few drinks and just observe the entire club. After 15 minutes we start to dance and let loose, and I start to notice two black guys standing at the bar just observing Gina as she dances. We eventually go back to the bar and order a few drinks. We stand around waiting as a few people start to walk away from the bar. All of a sudden we are both standing next to the black gentleman that were staring at her while she was at the dance floor. Gina gives them bursa escort a look as the three of them smile at one another. Both men were taller than me. I stand at 5’8, while both guys were just about six feet tall. One was dark skin with braids, while wearing a tight black shirt showing off his muscles. The other had a bald head, was jet black, and was wearing a tight fitted suit, showing off a heavy bulge. Gina kept staring at his bulge as we waited for our drinks. “Honey, can you please not do this,” I say to her with a worried look.”Baby, relax, I am just being nice.”Our drinks finally show up. As I am reaching for my pocket, one of the black men pays for Gina’s drink. I looked very shock at how aggressive they were being towards us, but before I can object, the braided negro grabs Gina on her ass and directly says to me, “well take it from here, little man,” as they both start to walk away with her. Gina just gives me a “sorry babe” type of look as she sips off her drink and moves with them. The female bartender just stares at me as If I am a worthless cuck.Gina is now sitting with the two black men in a table for three. I find a way to insert myself in by grabbing a chair so I could sit next to her. Because of the loud music playing I have to speak into her ear so she can hear me.”Baby, I don’t think you should talk to these guys.””Honey, stop it! You know the deal between us. Why would you say this to me?””I know, but… These guys? They are black. They look like thugs!””I don’t like racism at all, so please don’t talk that way. Besides, I have always wanted to be with a black guy, or in this case, guy’s.” :)Before I could finish speaking to Gina, the bald headed black guy gets in between us and gets close to my face. He puts his arm around Gina and starts talking to me.”Look at me and my boy, and look at you. Do you really want to see us angry? I promise you, it will not be pretty.””Excuse me?” I ask.He starts to rub Gina’s legs and then starts rubbing from the inside of her skirt. He clearly is rubbing her pussy right in front of me to show show me his dominance. The other black guy stands behind me. I am getting kind of nervous now.”Were going to fuck this Latina slut. We are black men and the least you can do is lend her to us for the sins against our ancestors during slavery.””Um… Ah, okay. What are you’re names?””I am Rasha and the guy with braids behind you bursa escort bayan is Jacob.””Ah… Okay.” I say as I shake.He is still rubbing Gina’s pussy. She doesn’t even know that I am here. This is so hurtful to me.”Thanks, little man!” Rasha says to me. I feel so emasculated in front of my wife. I want to do something, but what could I do?I am sitting there as I watch Gina dancing with both these men. She is grinding on Jacob’s cock and Rasha is grinding on her from the front. I am just sitting there watching these men feel up on my wife in front of a bunch of people. About 20 minutes pass by and Gina is getting more sexual with the black guys. I finally go up to her and try to get her a away from them. She shouldn’t be with black guys to begin with. This is not okay with me.”Gina, let’s go!” I say to her as I grab her arm.Rasha & Jacob both grab me and get me away from her in a very aggressive manner. “Are you fucking stupid, cuck?” Jacon asks me.Two black bouncers show up to defuse the problem. I try to tell them that me and Gina is an item, but they won’t believe me. “Gina, baby, please tell them,” I plead to her.”I don’t know who this creep is. Thes are my two lovers and he is a racist stalker,” she says to them. I am horrified over this.The bouncers both escort me out of the club. Rasha & Jacob are just smiling in a smug manner at me. I am standing outside all alone. I am contemplating getting in the car and driving home. Clearly Gina wants to be with these guys. What can I do? But just like that I get a text message from Gina. She told me that she was sorry and that I was messing up her flow with those two bulls. She also told me to please wait for her. I wait in the car for almost 2 hours. She finally comes out of the club, but to my shock, she is with both Rasha and Jacob. The 3 of them just stood outside of the car without trying to make an attempt to get inside. It’s as if they were waiting for a servant to open the door for them. *Sigh* “I guess I have to get out,” I say to myself.I get out to open the door for all 3 of them and I notice cum on Gina’s lips. She is not even looking at me as they all sit in the back of the car. I start to drive and I quickly start hearing the sounds of their heavy kissing flood my ears. “I can’t believe this is happening!” I think to myself. It’s a 40 minute drive back home, so I am stuck listening to these black men escort bursa having their way with my beautiful blond wife. 12 minutes pass by and Gina puts her left leg on my shoulder. As I am driving I am feeling the passion she is having. I see Jacob feeding her his BBC, while Rasha is licking her beautiful titts. I start to lick her toes as this is happening. What a cuck I am, no? They get my woman’s body, and I get her toes. 30 minutes into the ride, Gina places her face in my shoulder. She is getting double penetrated by these two guys. Her pretty face is just laying on my shoulder as I drive. She is so angelic; she is so pretty and beautiful. That yellow hair is just resting on me as she is taking a soft, but harsh pounding. She is moaning into my ears as I stop at a traffic light. I feel the way they are pounding her with every bump her body takes towards me, with every moan into my ear. As I look into her eyes, I start to think to myself.”I wish I had a big dick like these guys. Why couldn’t you make me as big as these guy’s, God? My 7 incher is nothing compared to them. I wish I could make my wife moan and groan like this. I wish I could make her orgasim the way they do. I have to much envy over these men!”We finally get home. Gina still doesn’t talk to me, as If I am a ghost. At this point, neither is Rasha or Jacob. We get into our apartment and the 3 of them quickly go into my bedroom. Before I can get in I hear the door lock. I am forced to sleep in the living room where I listened to these men fuck my Gina for 3 hours. “I want to have your babies!” She screams at them. I go to sleep hoping for this to end when I wake up.I wake up at around 1 PM. I get up and go to the room to see Gina. She is not there. No one is in the apartment. I find a note on the table. It reads -“Sorry baby, but by the time you read this letter, I will be on a plane to Zimbabwe to start a new life with Rasha & Jacob. I am going to be their sex slave and breed for them. They are too much man for me to turn down. Besides, they have ruined me for you and other white guys. I do love you, but…. I just love their cocks more.”Love, Gina.Rasha sends me pictures vial e-mail on the vacations Gina is on with them. Apparently they are royalty in their tribe and have lots of money. They showed me a tape of them fucking Gina in a German penthouse. Of course I am sad. I cry for her everyday. She now has given them both k**s. I am now living an asexual life.I look at a picture of Gina blowing Jacob in a beach in some unknown tropical island. With a soft tone and a tear coming out of my eye I say “I love you, Gina. I will always love you!”

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