In His Truck


Matt looked at me, a smile on his face as he stopped his truck at the red light. “You know, you look really amazing tonight,” he said to me, his eyes looking up and down my body.

I smiled innocently. “I know I do. And you know what the best thing about this dress is?”

“That it shows off your every curve?” I smiled again and leaned over to whisper into his ear, “No. It’s that I don’t wear a bra with it.”

At that, I saw him shift in his seat as a grin crept across his lips. I knew exactly what that smile meant. “Are you hinting something, Rose?”

” Not at all. Just thought you might like to know that.”

He nodded in silence as he took off from the light. Wanting to tease him, I laid my left hand on his thigh, stroking it slightly. With my right hand, I moved my long hair to my right side to give him the perfect view of my breasts.

His eyes kept wandering from the road to my body. I could tell he wanted me. I wanted him. But of course, I had to tease him just a little more before I completely gave in. So, I slid my hand higher up on his thigh. He shifted again, this time taking one hand from the wheel to adjust his pants.

“Getting a little excited are we?” I whispered into his ear, gently licking his lobe with my tongue. He moaned in reply.

“Do we really have to go to this club?” he asked, looking at me like a hungry dog.

I shook my head, moving my hand even higher up his leg. I wasn’t even an inch away from his semi-hard cock. It took all the strength I had not to rub my hand over it to make him even harder.

Instead, czech taxi porno I moved my body closer to his, thanking him silently for having an old truck that had the full connected seat. I let my leg barely touched his as I rested my head on his shoulder. “Where else did you have in mind to go?”

He kissed my forehead as he turned off the main road onto a small, unlit, dirt road. He drove on for a little while going farther away from the main road. No one would be able to see his truck parked as far back as we were.

At last he stopped and killed the engine. Then, Matt looked at me, and I knew there was no turning back. Lust was in his eyes.

Without waiting for him to act, I kissed his lips gently. He parted my lips with his tongue, forcing it into my mouth. I kissed him harder, massaging his tongue with my own. He moaned with pleasure.

I shifted my legs, and moved to sit in his lap, my back facing him. “Touch me,” I whispered, caressing his face with my hand. I could feel his cock getting even harder beneath me.

Matt kissed my neck, tracing small circles on my skin with his tongue. His left hand traced a line from my neck until he reached my breast. He rubbed it on top of my dress, making my nipple erect. My pussy began to get wet and I squirmed in his lap feeling his cock pressing against me. I moaned, giving him the sign he wanted. He moved his hand, this time going under my dress, instantly making me moan even louder.

He gently rubbed it, then began tracing circles around my nipple, defloration porno pulling it to make it even harder. I then felt his free hand sliding up and down my thigh, each time getting closer and closer to my wet pussy. He finally reached it and began stroking me through my thong, feeling me. I moved my hips, begging him for more. Matt obliged, and moved my thong over and began rubbing and pulling on my clit.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally left my aching clit alone as his fingers drifted to my opening, tracing circles around it until at last he entered his fingers inside me, sending a burst of pleasure through my entire body. He pumped his fingers inside me as I moved my hips, fucking his fingers. I felt an orgasm building, and just as I was about to come he pulled out of me.

“Not yet,” he whispered, kissing my neck. Grabbing the hem of my short dress, he lifted it off of me, leaving me naked except for my red thong. He moved me away from his lap, forcing me down onto my back. The seat was barely long enough, but it was just perfect. He kissed me hard his hands running over my entire body. He moved his kiss away from my lips, down to my neck, down to my left nipple where he stopped to suck at it, flicking it gently with this tongue, while his hands pulled my thong down my legs. As soon as he had it off, I gently nudged his head lower, and he easily got the hint. Matt kissed a line down my stomach until he reached my pussy.

Spreading my legs wider, he licked and sucked at my clit while tracing a line fake agents porno around my hole with his finger. I moaned again, moving my hips, wanting his tongue inside me. He flashed his eyes at me before shoving his tongue deep inside me, lapping at my juices. Only a few moments later an orgasm erupted through me. Matt eagerly licked away my wetness, tasting all of me.

I moved his head away from pussy, forcing him to kiss me again so I could taste my sweetness on him. His hard cock rubbed at my thigh. I couldn’t wait any longer. I unfastened his pants, reached through his boxers, and pulled his throbbing cock free of constraint. I stroked it, pulling it gently, wanting him even harder. His tongue searched inside my mouth as I began to pump him harder and faster, bringing him to the point of orgasm.

But, instead of finishing the job, he pushed my hand away before sliding his cock into my aching pussy. He slid it in slowly, until he filled me completely. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he began pumping into me. His movements were gentle at first, but then he got faster and harder, making me moan. I moved my hips to match his rhythm as we fucked.

As he pounded me even harder, my orgasm mounted and I bit into his shoulder to stifle my scream as it flooded my senses. A few seconds, he thrust into me as hard as he could, holding me onto him as he came inside me, sending another orgasm rippling through my body. I let my scream out this time, and I heard him moan in his own pleasure.

Matt lay on top of me for a few moments, his head resting between my breasts. Then, he slowly moved off of me, and helped me back up. I slid my dress over my head as he fastened his pants. I looked over at him, smiling, feeling more satisfied than I had ever felt before.

“You are one hell of a girl,” he said as he started up his truck.

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