In the Room


In the RoomAs the elevator finally made its way down and the bell announced its arrival, the teen to her left remarked to her “Well, that was about the slowest elevator I’ve ever seen.” He stepped to the side and held the door with his arm. “After you.””Thank you,” Christine replied as the doors closed. “What happened to your foot?””I turned it last night in warm-ups for a baseball game. The team is here for a tournament. We made the finals tomorrow, but as you heard, I did not play.” He pressed the “8” and “9” buttons and the elevator began its slow rise.”That is too bad. Were you swimming just now?” Christine was aware of the fact that she was standing just feet from him, her nipples standing at attention and covered by only the thin fabric of her tanktop. She caught his eyes glancing down as he struggled to keep eye contact. Clearly, his attempts at chivalry were not successful as she could see him lock in on her breasts. He found his attention to her body arousing, and she felt a wave of warmth that began between her legs and rose through her body, making her feel flush and hot. She could not believe that attention from this boy- barely 18, if she was lucky- could make her feel aroused. It HAD to have been residual effects from her romp earlier in the night, but she still could not shake the feeling that was overtaking her.”Yeah- I lifted a few weights and swam. I needed to burn off some frustration and stress,” he replied, barely able to avert his gaze.”You look refreshed,” she stated, cocking her head to one side and letting her hair fall slowly in front of her eyes. “How was the water?”He paused for a moment and lifted his eyes to meet hers. “Good,” he responded. As his eyes rose, she began to watch as her slightly suggestive comment and tone had its desired effect. His eyes were not all that decided to rise.The bulge in his mesh shorts betrayed any coolness that he might have had to the situation. He tried to cover it up, but by the time the elevator stopped at the 8th floor and opened, he was at full attention. She watched as he tried tuzla escort to make a sweeping motion with his arm to let her out of the elevator without uncovering his crotch, but it was a futile effect. His other hand-even holding his towel and suit- was pitifully inadequate at covering up what was clearly not a pitifully inadequate erection.She brushed up against him as she stepped out of the elevator, allowing her hand to press into his groin. With a quick squeeze, she sized him up and realized that he was working with substantial equipment. Her pulse quickened and she decided to seize an opportunity.”How old are you?” she asked in a breathy voice.”E-e-e-ight-t-t-een,” he stammered.”Would you like to come with me? I’d like to see something,” she stated, giving his cock a hard squeeze.”My room is right down the hall. I have a feeling that it will only take a few minutes.””Um, sure. Are you serious?””Very serious,” she replied, leading him to the 3rd door on the right. She quickly let them in and shut the door behind them. Wasting no time, she put her purse on the bed and dropped to her knees. Without missing a beat, she yanked his shorts to the floor and unveiled what she could only describe as the biggest, fattest, most beautifully-formed cock that she had ever seen.”Wow,” she remarked, “that is a beautiful cock. I’ve never seen one this big before.””Um, thanks, I guess.” He said, clamoring for words. “I figured that when high school girls said it was big, they just did not have a basis for comparison.””Well, it is big- very big. And just a recommendation- in the future, when some girl or woman is taking off your pants, don’t mention ANYTHING about a past girl!””I’ll try to remember that.”Taking a moment to admire what was staring her in the face, she had a slight pang of guilt in thinking about the fact that she was supposed to call her husband. He did expect her to shower first, though, so he would be fine with a few more minutes of waiting. Besides, she planned to see a shower in no time at all. Her husband had set some hard and fast rules (no tuzla escort bayan pun intended) about what she could and could not do without him around. This random-stranger-with-a-huge-cock thing was on the list, but neither of them had ever really figured out how she’d know that the cock was huge without breaking otherrules about 1-on-1 hookups with random men. Fortunately, this k**’s mesh shorts had allowed her to sidestep other complications.He was at full attention, and she took him in her mouth, barely able to get 2/3 of the shaft in before the head hit the back of her throat. He reached down and tried to pull off her shirt, and she paused long enough to put her arms overhead to allow him to remove it.”Look,” she said “That is it. You aren’t fucking me, and you can’t touch me- but you can look. I am going to do this and you are going to get out of here. Nothing more. Got it?” She started licking the tip and underside.”Yes ma’am,” he replied.She stopped her oral assault and looked up at him. “Don’t call me ma’am.”Not waiting for a reply, she re-engaged he mouth, spending a good amount of time working around the head and underside of the tip. After less than a minute, she could feel him beginning to stiffen noticeably. The head was swelling and the veins were getting more and more engorged. Her own sex was throbbing, but she would wait for him to leave before giving in to that urge.He was so big that she had enough room to get a full hand at the base below her mouth and still not touch his pelvis. She used that handhold as a grip for her right hand to pump him in concert with her oral motions. Her hand was not even close to closing around its girth.Her free left hand played a symphony with his balls, and she could feel them begin to pull up tight to his body. She used her left thumb and forefinger to make a loop at the base of his scrotum and squeezed gently, causing him to thrust his hips into her. Up until then, he had only rocked gently with her movements, using the dresser to support him as he struggled to not let his knees buckle.She escort tuzla slowed her pace and loosened her grip on his sack, using slow strokes that went as deep as she could without choking, then pulling her mouth all of the way out to the tip and running her tongue up the underside, then collapsing her mouth and hand back down the shaft to another penetration.He began to stiffen up again after only a few rounds of this pleasure play, and this time she decided to grant him release. She resumed the squeezing of his scrotum, applying pressure on each inward stroke. She used her right hand to pump furiously, and just as the head flared and his balls clenched up, she removed her right hand from the shaft and gave one last deep drive, pushing the head deeper than it had been before. Simultaneously, her grip on his balls released and with it came a wave of pleasure for him.In an instant, his semen spurted deep into her throat, the head having pressed past her gag point. She could feel it fill her with warm, hot liquid, nearly choking her. She kept her lips tight around the shaft and sucked hard as she withdrew her mouth toward the head, resuming her manual pumping with both hands this time. On her second inward thrust, his second spurt filled her mouth with more thick, salty spluge. She tried to keep it all in, but it was more than her mouth could hold. It burst forth from the corners of her mouth, seeping around his huge member and running down her chin, dripping onto her bare tits.She immediately spit it out while maintaining her pumping motion with her hands. His next few spurts splattered on both her chest and the floor, and his knees finally gave way as he put his weight on the dresser behind him to avoid falling to the floor.She quickly grabbed the towel that he had been carrying and used it to wipe herself off. His sticky seed was all over her chin, mouth, chest, hands, and wrists. It took considerable effort to get the worst of it off, but she managed.As he regained his composure, she handed him his things. She gave one last kiss to the head of his cock, pulled up his shorts, and said with finality “I really wanted to see if it was as big as it looked. Now get out of here, sweetie. I have to take a shower attend to a personal matter between my own legs.”

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