In the stables… A dream

In the stables… A dreamHmm … I’ve dreamed of straight run to have and to discover in the darkness of a barn, far out into the light is still burning …When I try through one of the discs inside look I feel a shock and I will black out … when I come back to me I’m naked on a fixed type bracket / stand and my eyes are connected. Hear different voices around me, men and women. It smells of barn, dust and old hay.Lubricated I feel like a slightly tingly, hot pregnant cream on my asshole and my pussy is … then the lights go out. A howling goes through the crowd …The next moment, kayseri escort my blindfold removed and I see a black stallion in front of me. The people around me wearing all black hoods and are otherwise completely naked. Then the horse is out to me. Two of the women approached him and jerk his cock hard. My pussy literally glows from the gel, my juices running down my thighs.I lie helpless in this frame resembles that of a mare only because where else would the rump of the horse is, I am completely fixed.I can not touch me and my tongue is numb and I can therefore escort kayseri give no sound from me. People come closer I can smell her body … it smells of sweat and sex …Then the colt out on me up and rammed his huge cock deep into me. I whimper rings on the air but can do nothing. He fucks me mercilessly with his thick veined black giant cock through, first in my tight pussy to date, which is closed when he jerks off with a kind of plug. The crowd hoots, I see people who play around in tails and pussies, but all are racy on me.When I’m pumped full complete with the kayseri escort bayan stallion semen, will I be lifted out of the frame and lifted over a kind of tub, the plugs are removed. The semen clap in the trough, in which I will then also left down. Me wallow in it in the tests come out, but they must have given me something, my muscles can not tighten / check properly. Paddle back in the pack so he always cum to me then 2 guys and me as slippery as I get out there. They engage me in a way lying Andrew’s cross. Then the trough pulled a hose is connected and I get the rest of the cum ind drummed his neck. How to command the people start coming closer to me begrabschen to fuck my fingers to …Men and women, young and old, fat and thin, clean and unwashed … all react off of me and at some point it was dark and the dream is over …

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