Indian co worker


Indian co workerI knew nothing could ever happen between my coworker Jasmine and I, but that sure didn’t stop me and many other guys from checking out her sexy body whenever we could. You see, Jasmine is Indian, and because of her strict upbringing, she would not get involved with any guys that weren’t also Indian. What a shame because the body on this girl was amazing. Standing at only 5’1”, weighing probably less than 100 pounds, her tiny frame featured large firm tits and a curvy little butt. Her ample rack looked like it made up half her total body weight. Her smooth darker skin was creamy and perfect, and I often imagined how hairy her tight little pussy must be. My name is Marcus, and I am one of Jasmine’s closest friends at work. I’m average in appearance, with an average 22.5cm cock which is very thick around. When Jas comes by my desk to visit and shoot the breeze, I have to struggle not to stare down her valley of cleavage. And when she walks away afterwards, I make sure to feast my eyes on her butt as she sashays away. There have been numerous occasions where coworkers have gone to happy hour and I was sure that if the whole ethnicity thing wasn’t a factor, Jas and I would have hooked up, and possibly fucked. It takes her tiny frame all of one or two drinks to become drunk, and when this happens, she likes to hang all over me and be more flirtatious than usual. When we hang out together, Jas likes to talk about her relationships or lack thereof with all of the Indian guys she meets, and I listen patiently and offer advice, even though I’m mentally undressing her and dreaming of injecting her tiny body with my cock. One particular morning at work, Jas came by really upset. She explained how she had had enough with her parent’s trying to rule her life and tell her what to do, and she is sick of being fixed up with these shady guys just because they are Indian. As I listened to her venting, I watched her bosom heave as she spoke, which was getting my cock excited. We agreed to go out to the bar after work, just the two of us, to drown our respective sorrows. Looking forward to our meeting was enough to get me through the day, and finally it was time to go. I met Jasmine at the bar down the street, and we grabbed a little booth in the back corner so we can talk and be left alone before the bar got crowded. A few random guys walked by us, and I noticed each of them check out Jas up and down. I couldn’t buca escort blame them, she sat beside me in a low cut beige top showing off enough cleavage to convert a gay man. Her tight black pants showed off her sculpted little legs and ass, and her face was stunning. About two drinks in, Jas went to pee and when she came back, she sat right next to me on the bench instead of across from me where she had been sitting. She would rub up against me for the next several minutes and I was sure it wasn’t accidental. Right then, I decided ( with the assistance of my hard uncomfortable cock) that I would make some type of move on my friend and coworker. I knew that if she rejected me, I’d have ruined everything but I didn’t care anymore. It was her fault for being so flirty and touchy feely with me, even if it was from the liquor.I turned to Jasmine and placed my hand on her leg, and told her I think she should be able to hook up with any guys she wanted, and her parents can’t control her forever. I told her it wasn’t fair of her parents to deny guys that truly wanted to be with her just because they were not Indian. As I started to blurt out more of my BS, Jasmine leaned forward and kissed me full on, tongue and all. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her back, slipping my tongue inside her mouth and twirling it with hers. My hands stayed on her leg but I got more daring as I ran them up her legs toward her pussy. Her small hands landed in my lap and were massaging my package through my pants. I was pretty sure I could smell her sweet pussy, and I simply had to fuck her and soon. We continued to make out for a while, our hands all over each other. I grabbed her hand and led her out of there to my car. I sped home to my apartment, about 5 minutes away from the bar, while Jasmine rubbed my dick through my pants the whole time. I fumbled to unlock the door as Jasmine continued to rub my dick, and as we got inside, I ripped off her shirt and squeezed her big titties through her silky bra. I don’t know how she managed to grow such big and firm tits but I was definitely not complaining! I squeezed them and pushed them together and as I did so, Jas unzipped my pants. They dropped to the floor, and I kicked them aside. I then grabbed Jas by her ass and picked her up until she straddled her legs around me. With her chest thrust at me, I buried my face in them, licking the deep buca escort bayan valley between them. She freed those gorgeous puppies and tossed the bra to the ground, and I took turns sucking each of her fat, half dollar nipples that were a darker brown than her smooth skin. My tongue was having an affect on her as she moaned in pleasure. I was losing my grip of her small body and I managed to backtrack to the couch and fell down onto it, with Jasmine on top of me. I didn’t ever want to let go of her but I tossed her off of me so I could remove my boxers and so she could slide off her pants as well. She wore a silky pair of panties that matched her bra and I took a minute to soak in the beauty of her fantastic body. Her pussy was drooling her girl juices and I could smell her arousal. As she slid off those sexy panties, my suspicions were confirmed. Her pussy was covered with a thick patch of jet black hair, making my hard cock grow even harder and thicker. I pulled her close to me by her ass, and as she stood hovering over me, I couldn’t help but bury my face into that forest of pubes. Her scent was making me crazy, and I shoved my tongue deeper and deeper into her tight little hole. I used my fingers to pry her lips open for better access to her honey pot, and then I added two fingers into her snatch. She was so tight that it took effort to get even two fingers inside her, but when I finally did, she was in ecstasy. I finger fucked her small cunt fast and hard while my tongue continued to eat her sweetness. Her cunt cream leaked out onto my face as she orgasmed. I could have kept eating her out all night long but it was time for something else.I pushed Jasmine down to her knees so she was face to face with my thick hard cock which was oozing precum. My balls were full and hanging low, and Jas took a minute to play with them in her tiny hands. I was sure she had very little, if any, sexual experience because of her upbringing, and that made me even hornier! She slid my cockhead into her mouth and began to lick it like a popsicle. She used just the right amount of teeth, tongue, and hands as she worked me cock. Maybe she has done this before then, I wondered. But either way, I KNEW she had not fucked before, and I just could not wait anymore to change that.We were so hot for each other, both of our crotches were sticky with desire, and I helped Jasmine climb onto me, legs escort buca spread apart over mine. She took my cock in her hands and aimed it at her hole and when she tried to sit down on it, it was too much to fit into her at once. She was so slick from her juices, and I decided id get this over with quick so we could really start fucking. I held her up off of me by her hips, lined up my cock under her, and dropped her onto it as I thrust up hard inside her. She shrieked out as the pain of my meat pierced her hymen, and I felt something more than cum dripping out of her. I kept up my rhythm, fucking up into her small snatch until she finally got more comfortable, her lips spreading wide to engulf my girth. She started to ride me like a mechanical bull, bouncing up and down on my cock. I felt my heavy balls smacking her smooth ass as she came down each time, and I could see in her face how much pleasure she was feeling.I wanted to cum so fucking badly but I also wanted to show Jasmine more pleasure first and show her other positions before I came. I helped her climb off my cock, and I had her sit on her knees facing away from me, her sexy butt sticking up in the air. I stood behind her, my dick positioned at her hole, and I worked it into her hairy pussy as she screamed aloud. I pumped her body in and out, sometimes really hard and furious, and then slowing down. Her tits flopped below her as I fucked her, and I reached under her to hold onto them and squeeze them. All of a sudden, I felt the warmth of her girl juices leak out onto my cock and I quickened my pace. I fucked her for all I was worth while I held her ass for support. Her yelps made me thrust harder, and I felt the cum boiling inside me, ready to shoot. I asked her if she wanted to taste my cum, and she screamed out that she did. She would have agreed to anything at that point, and I turned her around, her gorgeous face right in front of my dick. I jerked myself a few times, while she tongued my shaft and my balls. Within seconds, I yelled out and released such a huge load of cum all over her little body. It landed in her dark hair, her face, her big tits, her mouth. I watched it drip down her body toward her soaking wet hairy bush. She licked me like before, only this time she made sure she sucked down as much of my cum as she could. I was so turned on as I watched her reach down to her tits and scoop up some of my jizz before sucking it all up out of her hand. As our fuckfest subsided, we both fell asleep on my couch, her naked body curled up into me so I could feel her awesome titties and her bushy cunt grinding into me as we slept. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep for long, as I was ready to go again shortly.

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