Indian husband cuckolded by feet.

Indian husband cuckolded by feet.I married my my wife simran 2 years ago. I have a foot fetish and I used to lick her feet whenever I get time. As time passed, my wife got bored of me and wanted to Have more sex. I was unable to satisfy her desires as I have a small dick. Suddenly a major change came in my life. My college friend prashant contacted me for a job. Prashant used to bully me and was a hot muscular guy. I used to lick his feet. He said He had no place to live currently and wanted to live at my house. I asked my wife and she wanted to see his picture as how he looked. I showed her the picture and she Agreed to let prashant live at our house for some days. He came to my house when simran was not at home. Being a bully, he asked me to keep his luggage in his room and get him some water. He sat on the couch with his feet Crossed up on the table. I gave him water and sat near güvenilir bahis siteleri him. Being a bully, he asked me to show him my wife’s pic. I showed him my wife’s pics and he said “she looks Hot, I’ll definitely fuck her” I said “yes master, your wish”. Then he asked me to remove his sneakers and his sweaty socks and lick his feet. I started licking his Feet. Suddenly the gate opened and my wife saw me licking his feet. She started laughing and gave a smile to prashant and went on to change her clothes. I had mixed Feelings of shamefulness and arousal. I kept licking the soles of prashant feet and after 2 minutes my wife came back and gave prashant a kiss and sat with her feet crossed on the table. just like prashant. I was in total shame. but also had sexual arousal. I had those feet in front of me which I had been worshipping for years. Then my wife said” tipobet Let’s tell him what we have planned” prashant said “go on.” my wife said “I met prashant after u told me about him. we chatted 2 hours and talked about what you used to do to him and what you do to me. I realised that I have married a sissy looser who deserves nothing. So guess what I did? I had sex with prashant” hearing this my heart sank. I was About to cry. I was very ashamed. She continued” we have decided that you’ll be our slave for the rest of your life. You’ll lick our feet daily and do the entire house Chores. We will also be having sex. So be prepared. prashant has a dick better than yours”I was able to say nothing. I was full of shame. I sat silently in front of their feet full of shame. They ignored me and started watching TV, prashant started flirting with Her, they were giggling, kissing, tipobet güvenilir mi I was just watching them. My wife said why are you sitting alone. Lick the soles of our feet. I started licking their feet. I sucked On their toes. after that day my life has completely changed. I go to work. and my wife and prashant enjoy on my money. They both stay in the house and I have to wake them up everyday Licking their feet. After that they both spit in my mouth and go to bathe together. I see them laughing on me. Sometimes they both play with my dick using their feet One day, prashant asked me to clean his shoes. I was not able to clean them as I had some office work to do, prashant and my got angry. My wife asked me to strip naked and lay Down near the sofa. they both then pee-ed in my mouth. lAter they played with my cock using their feet. They even gave me foot job both using one of their feet. They Both squished my cock using their feet and rubbed up and down. One day they both went barefoot to the terrace and later rubbed the soles of their feet on my tongue to Get their feet clean. My life has changed. I am now a slave of my wife and prashant.

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