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*** All characters are 18 or older ***


Chapter 1: Chili’s

“Would you like coffee and dessert, or just the check?” asked the tattooed Chili’s waitress of the two women sitting across from each other in the booth.

“I’ll have the molten chocolate lava cake,” said Mary.

“No dessert for me,” said Bonnie while rubbing the small roll over her beltline, “but I will have another Presidential Margarita.”

“Sure thing ladies,” said the waitress as she picked up their empty plates and headed for the kitchen.

“Another margarita,” questioned Mary, “don’t you have to pick Brad up at the airport tonight?”

“No, he texted me today to say he’d catch an Uber home to save me the trip,” replied Bonnie, as she sucked the last bit of tequila out of the ice at the bottom of her glass. “It’s like he engineers way to avoid spending time with me lately.”

Mary finished off the last sip of Merlot and fought the urge to tell Bonnie how similar things were between her and her ex-husband before their divorce.

The overly perky waitress returned with Mary’s cake and Bonnie’s drink, setting each down in front of the wrong person while asking if they would be needing anything else.

“No, just the check,” Bonnie replied politely while pushing the cake in front of Mary and retrieving her margarita. “Maybe if I had a body like that he’d pay more attention to me,” Bonnie said when the twenty-something waitress was safely out of ear-shot. She poured the contents of the plastic shaker into her margarita glass and squeezed the lime garnish into the mix.

“Well, he’s been gone a full week at that conference,” Mary said encouragingly, “maybe you’re in for some good welcome home sex tonight?”

“Doubt it,” lamented Bonnie, then emptied half the glass in a single gulp. “Ever since he got that promotion last year he’s been more and more time at the office. He’ll probably want to do his expenses when he gets home, or say he’s too tired from the trip and pass out.”

“It’s just a rough patch you’re going through,” Mary said while wiping a bit of chocolate sauce from her bottom lip. “You two will make it, I know you will,” she added, then kicked herself for uttering the same trite phrase she heard countless times leading up to her marriage breaking up.

“I just thought things would be different after the kids were out of the house,” Bonnie said, while swirling the remaining liquid in her glass, “I just don’t want to be one of those couples whose marriage can’t survive the empty nest.” She finished her drink and then noticed the pained look on her friend’s face. “Oh shit, Mary, I wasn’t thinking about you and Bob when I said that, I’m so sorry.”

“No worries, Bon,” said Mary, “we go back a long way and it would take far more than that to piss me off.”

The two women split the check and then slid out of the booth. In the parking lot, they shared a quick hug before heading to their cars on the brisk November evening. “Call me tomorrow and let me know how things go,” Mary yelled to her friend as she opened her car door.

“Will do,” replied Bonnie, before she got into her RAV4 and drove off.

Chapter 2: The Pearl Necklace

Bonnie walked into the cold, empty house and was almost immediately engulfed in the loneliness of it. She hung her purse on the knob of the basement door and walked directly to the liquor cabinet. She was vigorously shaking her third margarita of the night and didn’t hear the back door open.

“Oh good, you’re still up,” announced Brad as he entered the kitchen.

“JEEZUS BRAD,” Bonnie shouted, startled at his surprise entrance. She turned around with a perturbed look on her face and saw her slightly tanned husband standing in the doorway holding a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Her face softened into a smile and her eyes watered. “For me?” she asked as she took the bundle of flowers and breathed in their heavenly scent.

“I know how distant I’ve been since taking the Sales Manager job, and this week away really made me realize how much I love and miss you.”

“Oh, honey, you don’t know how I’ve missed you too,” she replied, wiping a tear from her eye as he pulled her into a tight hug. She held the flowers at arm’s length to keep them from being crushed between them and melted into her husband’s strong arms. The warmth of his body next to hers brought back memories of happier times, and her body began to react in kind. “I can’t remember the last time you brought me flowers, that was so thoughtful of you.”

“And that’s not all,” he teased, as he kissed her on the tip of her nose and reached into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. “Close your eyes,” he instructed and waited for his wife to comply. When he was sure her eyes were fully closed, he extracted the long jewelry box from his breast pocket and held it open before her. “Ok, open them.”

The shriek was almost instantaneous as Bonnie peered at the dazzling string of pearls lying inside of the opened box. “They’re beautiful,” bagros porno she said as she pulled him in for a deep wet kiss.

“Turn around,” he said as he pulled the necklace out of the box. Bonnie turned around and pulled her shoulder-length brown hair off her neck. Brad draped the necklace over her chest and then clasped it behind her neck.

“Are you sure we can afford this,” Bonnie said, running her fingertips over the cool, smooth surface of the flawless pearls. “Chuck is graduating this year and Simone is only a sophomore.”

“Shhhhhh.” Brad kissed her neck from behind and said, “I got lucky in Vegas, and rather than give the money back to the casinos, I decided to get something special for my special lady at home.”

His hot breath and soft kisses on her sensitive neck were driving her wild. The unexpected gifts and his undivided attention reminded her of the early years of their marriage, before kids, when they would make love in every room of the house. She turned around and pulled him by his loosened tie into another wet kiss. Their mouths opened and the middle-aged couple stood in their kitchen making out like teenagers.

Bonnie pulled his tie off and started to unbutton his dress shirt, all without breaking their kiss. Brad’s hands were busy undoing the buttons on her blouse and unfastening her bra. The two kicked off their shoes and pushed the clothing off each other’s shoulders. Pants were unbuckled and quickly joined the pile of discarded clothing on the kitchen floor. Bonnie reached behind her head to unclasp the necklace, but Brad stopped her. “Leave it on,” he insisted, with a gleam in his eye.

Bonnie started to lower herself down to her knees, fondling her husband’s semi-hard cock as she moved. Brad grabbed her by her elbows, stopping her descent, and gently lifted her so she was sitting on the edge of the kitchen table. “Ladies first,” he said, as he knelt between his wife’s outstretched legs.

He leaned forward and placed a peck of a kiss on the prominent pussy lips peeking out from behind the thick patch of curly brown hair, which was lightly flecked with grey. “If I had expected this, I would have shaved down there,” Bonnie said somewhat embarrassed.

“It’s perfect just the way it is,” said Brad as he ran his tongue through the surprisingly damp pussy lips of his post-menopausal wife. “It lets me know I’m with a woman, not a girl,” he added, as he went to town on the slippery folds of his wife’s pussy.

Bonnie propped herself up on her elbows and watched in surprise as her husband’s tongue danced around her nether region. Even early on in their courtship, he was a reluctant pussy eater at best, so this was a long-overdue and unexpected treat for her. She marveled at how good it felt and how adeptly he moved around down there. Tracing her labia with the tip of his tongue, sucking them into his mouth, then unleashing a barrage of flicks and licks on her long-neglected clit.

“Jesus, Brad, when did you get so good at this,” Bonnie asked, feeling her orgasm welling up from deep inside her, “are you taking lessons or something?”

Brad pulled his face out of her crotch and joked, “there were actually a couple of breakout sessions on cunnilingus at the conference!” He placed her knees upon his shoulders and dove back in, this time going for the kill. The way her legs were propped up on his shoulders opened her cunt even wider and he returned his attention to her clit. While sliding two fingers into her well-lubricated pussy, he sucked and nipped at her clit until he sensed her orgasm take control of her body.

Bonnie laid back, her arms over her head, and grabbed the opposite edge of the table. She arched her back and pressed her snatch into his eager mouth as the orgasmic white-caps crashed down on the shoreline of her brain. She let go with a primal scream that echoed off the walls of their empty nest and surrendered herself to the waves of pleasure overtaking her senses. Her body shook and vibrated and Brad just kept licking his way through the storm. Finally, she reached down and pulled his face away from her crotch, her totally sated pussy too sensitive for any more licking.

“Take me, Brad, right here, on the fucking kitchen table,” Bonnie panted, looking down at his pussy juice covered face between her legs. Brad stood up and she was surprised to see his cock still semi-hard, dangling disinterestedly between his legs. “Do you need my help with that,” Bonnie offered, rolling to her side to dismount from the table.

“I’m not sure what’s wrong, babe,” Brad responded apologetically, looking down to where his hard-on would normally be. “I think he’s just pooped-out from the trip.”

“It’s okay,” Bonnie replied, a hint of disappointment in her voice. “It’s just you made me feel so fucking good, I just wanted to return the favor.”

“I’ll have to take a rain-check on that if that’s okay,” Brad said, as he started to pick up his clothes off the kitchen floor.

“Maybe after a good bangbus porno night’s sleep, we can pick up where we left off in the morning?”

“No can-do, babe, I have an early tee time with Mr. Simmons, who will want to hear about all the prospects I met at the conference.”

“OK, I guess,” said Bonnie, as she slid off the kitchen table, suddenly feeling very naked and exposed in the brightly lit kitchen. She collected her clothes from the floor and followed her husband up to their bedroom.

Bonnie ran the shower in the master bathroom and stepped in after the water heated up. “There’s room for two,” she offered, holding the curtain open for her husband.

“No thanks,” replied Brad, “I’m just going to wash my face and brush my teeth and hit the sack.”

After Bonnie dried off and slipped on her satin nightshirt, she walked into the bedroom to find Brad sound asleep on the right side of the King-sized bed. She slid under the sheets on her side of the bed and flicked off the lights, once again being overwhelmed by the feeling of loneliness in the cold, empty house.

Chapter 3: All That Glitters

Brad left for golf on Saturday morning before Bonnie was awake. She sat at the kitchen table having her coffee, alone in the four-bedroom Colonial in the suburbs. She ran her hand over the spot of the table where she had been the previous night, as if looking for evidence that it actually happened, convincing herself that it wasn’t just her imagination.

The ringing of her mobile phone snapped her back to reality and she swiped right when she saw that it was Mary.

“So…how’d it go last night?” Mary asked with a lilt in her voice.

“Much better than expected,” replied Bonnie enthusiastically, fiddling with her new necklace as she ran the events of the prior night through her mind.

“Don’t be coy with me, bitch,” Mary joked, “you know I’ve been on a dry spell too, so I need details, girl.”

Bonnie began to recount the events of the previous evening, from Brad surprising her with flowers, to the gift of the beautiful necklace, and of course the activity on the kitchen table. With each word and sentence, Bonnie got more excited and hopeful about what it all meant. The ice was finally broken and the old Brad seemed to be back. Bonnie was talking so fast and so excitedly that she hardly noticed that Mary didn’t interject much more than an “uh-huh” here and an “I see” there.

When she got to the part about them removing each other’s clothes, Bonnie felt a familiar tingle returning to her crotch and wondered if she was going to orgasm twice in her kitchen in a little less than twelve hours. She actually lowered her voice, even though there wasn’t anyone else in the house, and gave Mary a detailed account of every lick and nibble that brought her to the first orgasm in almost six months that didn’t come from her own hand.

“The appetizer sounded fabulously delicious,” Mary said with a giggle, finally able to get a word in edgewise. “So was the main course also served in the kitchen or did he take you up to the bedroom for that?”

“Sadly, that was it,” replied Bonnie, as she tried to ignore the knot that returned to her stomach. “He said he was really tired from the trip, and that he’d give me a rain-check.”

“Oh, no,” exclaimed Mary, a little more emphatically than she wanted to.

“It’s okay,” replied Bonnie, “he’s been under a lot of stress lately, and he’s almost 50 you know.”

“Well, what are you doing on the phone with me?” Mary asked encouragingly, “hang up and go cash in that rain-check, girlfriend.”

“I would if he were here,” Bonnie replied, subconsciously rubbing her tummy. “He had an early tee time with his boss.”

“OH, NO,” Mary exclaimed again, even more emphatically than before.

“What?” asked Bonnie, unsure if she really wanted an honest response.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” apologized Mary, “forget I said anything.”

Bonnie’s well-developed sense of denial kicked in and she let the conversation drop. “I have a spa appointment at 11 o’clock,” she said, changing the subject. “Mani, Pedi and a long-overdue waxing. I made reservations for us at Morton’s tonight, and I hope Brad and I can pick up where we left off when we get home.”

“Sounds great,” Mary replied, unconvincingly.

“Talk to you later, Mare.”

“Take care of yourself, Bon.”

Chapter 4: All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

Bonnie loved going to the spa. It was a place where she could escape the stress of everyday life and spend some time pampering herself. The soft and cerebral Asian music filtering through the air. The melodic sounds of the workers chatting in their native tongue. The warmth of the footbath and the hypnotic movements of the large koi fish in the oversized tank. Yet today, anytime she felt her body was about to succumb to the serene environment, the nagging knot in her stomach would return and snap her out of relaxation.

She walked out to her car feeling beurette tour porno like a million bucks. A fresh coat of polish on her fingers and toes, and the jungle between her legs tamed back to a manageable triangle above her clit. She started her car and was gingerly trying to put on her seatbelt, without smudging her nails, when her cell phone vibrated in her purse.

She reached in with both hands to extract her phone, again concentrating on preserving Mai Lin’s handiwork, and carefully unlocked the phone with the pad of her thumb.

“Don’t hate me,” started the text from Brad, “but Simmons invited me to stay for dinner at the club. Strategizing approach for new clients. Will be home late. Sorry.”

“FUCK!” Bonnie cried out in the car and threw her cell phone back into her purse. She pounded on the steering wheel, momentarily forgetting to protect her nails, and felt the blood rising in her face from both anger and embarrassment. She suddenly felt ridiculous for anticipating a romantic evening with her husband. Talk about all dressed up with no place to go, she said to herself, before driving herself home.

When she got in the house, she tried calling Brad but the phone just rolled over to voicemail. “The bastard has turned off his phone,” she said out loud, as she poured herself a vodka and tonic.

Several hours later, Bonnie woke up on the child-worn leather couch of their family room, the remnants of the third vodka tonic still in the glass in her hand. She put herself to bed around midnight, and Brad still wasn’t home.

As expected, Brad spent Sunday in front of the TV, doing his expense reports and getting ready for the week of work, all while watching the full slate of NFL games. Bonnie busied herself with errands, laundry, and her latest book. She tried calling Mary, but she was working double-shifts at the hospital this week so she wasn’t available either.

Chapter 5: Many Happy Returns

By the time Bonnie got back from her spin class, Brad had already left for the office. She took a long hot shower and tried to let the water wash away her angst. She towel-dried her hair as she walked back into the master bedroom and sat at her vanity to put on her makeup.

As she applied her mascara, she caught a glimpse of the sparkle from her new necklace, which was sitting in the box, and seemed to be taunting her. She loved the necklace when Brad first gave it to her, but over the past couple of days, it had just become a reminder of how distant he has been and the overall rocky state of their marriage.

“Fuck you,” she yelled and slammed the box closed, which caused it to flip up in the air and onto the floor. When she bent down to pick up the box, she noticed the jeweler’s name and number on the bottom. She paused for a moment in thought, then punched the number for the Las Vegas jeweler into her phone.

“Jackpot Jewelers, how may I help you?” Bonnie could picture the bleach blonde hair and fake tits just from the overly bubbly voice on the other end of the phone.

“Yes, I’m calling to find out about your return policy.”

“You’ll have to speak to my manager about that, can you hold?”

“Of course,” Bonnie replied, and was pleasantly surprised when the bimbo successfully transferred the call without disconnecting it.

“This is Mr. Hartunian, I understand you wish to return something?”

“Yes, my husband was there for a conference last week and bought me a beautiful pearl necklace. I’m just afraid it’s more than we can afford right now, so I’d like to send it back if I could.”

“Of course ma’am, we get that a lot, as you can imagine. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so as long as the merchandise arrives back in the same condition as it left the store, we can provide a full refund. May I have your husband’s name?”

“That’s wonderful,” she said, “his name is Brad, Bradley Graham.”

“One moment Mrs. Graham while I pull up his invoice.”

Even though she did it out of anger, Bonnie immediately felt good about deciding to return the necklace, already thinking about how the money can be better used for their son’s graduation party this Spring. She listened to the clacking of the keyboard on the other end of the phone and waited patiently.

“Ahhh, here it is,” said Mr. Hartunian, shortly after the clacking of the keyboard noise had stopped. “Will you be returning the matching earrings as well?”

“I’m sorry?” asked Bonnie, a little confused by the question.

“Oh, right, just the necklace then,” said Mr. Hartunian, a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

“Wait, are you saying he bought earrings too?”

“It’s really against company policy to discuss purchases with anyone else but the customer,” Mr. Hartunian replied, realizing his mistake.

Before she could press the issue, Bonnie’s phone beeped, alerting her to another incoming call.

“I’m going to have to call you back, Mr. Hartunian,” Bonnie said, as she disconnected the call.

“Hey, babe, I’ve got a huge favor to ask,” said Brad, when Bonnie picked up the second call.

“What do you need,” replied Bonnie flatly.

“I forgot my expense folder. It’s on the kitchen counter next to the toaster. Can you be a dear and bring it down to my office for me?”

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