injured stepson


injured stepsonI’m susan,35, pretty and i have a very nice body for a 35 year old. I am married to john,50. It was my first marriage and his second. we’ve been married for just 2 years now. John and his first wife are divorced. john has a beautiful son,Greg, who is 18 years old. he’s tall and slightly built. He’s a football player and a very active boy. he also loves motorbike racing.I have always wanted to fuck a 18 year old. Young studs got a lot of stamina and unlike my weak 50 year old hubby, they can give me give me more pleasure and a deep long fuck. Well, i always fantasized having sex with my stepson. And as i was about to conclude that my fantasy will always remain a fantasy, i got a news that Greg was involved in a minor motobike accident and he fractured his right leg and sprained his left arm. Poor boy, he wont be able to care for himself and i had to do everything for him. well, that was a blessing in disguise for me. Greg was discharged from hospital after 1 week. His dad took him home in a wheelcair. John said to me ” Susan, im leaving for europe this evening. Take care of Greg, okey.You are everything to him now.He cant even bathe on his own. You help him with that will you?” And just before i said i will, greg interrupted and said ” it’s ok dad, susan, i can do my own bathing.” It was obvious that greg was shy being bathed by his stepmom. what he didnt know is he would be getting more than a bath from his sexy step mom. Well John got upset when greg refused to be bathed by me. He gave him a big tongue lashing and finally Greg agreed. Greg loves his dad a lot and thats why he chose to stay bursa escort with his dad rather than his mom when they divorced.Well that evening, John wished us goodbye and left for the airport.It was 5.00pm in the evening. Then i went to Greg’s room and asked him whether he wants to take bath. He took a long look at me and finally said, ok. Then i took his towel and went into the bathroom. At that time he was not wearing any t-shirt on. he was only wearing a short pants. That moment wild thoughts were running inside my mind. I knew this was my best chance to seduce him. So, i quickly went into my room, took off all my clothes and put on my bathrobe. then i went again to the bathroom. there was a bewildering look on his face after he saw me in my robes. i just smiled at him and said ” i dowana my clothes to get wet, if you know what i mean”. He just smiled and nodded his head when he heard i said that. Then i opened the tap to fill the bath tub. Then i asked greg to take off his pants and leave only his underwear on. “Its ok susan, this would be just fine” he said. “your wish son”i replied. He was shy to take off his pants understandably. When the tab was full,I scooped the water and poured it on his body. Then i sat on the tub and pulled his wheelchair closer to me. Then i took the soap and began to apply them on his body. At the same time i noticed that his eyes were peeking at my cleavage. Noticing that, i purposely bend my body even lower so that he can have a better look at my boobs. Then his eyes rolled down towards my partially exposed thigh. I must admit, i was turned on by his stare. Having my 18 y.o stepson bursa escort bayan staring at my boobs and thighs made me damn horny. then i purposely spread my legs and let him get a glimpse at my silky smooth inner thighs. Upon seeing my inner thigh i noticed a big bulge under his short pants. I can feel how thirsty his cock must be and how bad his cock wanna piece of my wet clean shaven pussy! I knew this was my best chance to make a move. after applying soap to his body, i moved on to his legs. i started from his toes and all the way to his thigh. once i reached his thigh, i looked at him and his eyes were closed and he was shaking a little. Probably nervous coz he knows his stepmom is up to something naughty. Then i continued and this time i slipped my both hands inside his pants from the bottom touching his balls first. Then i proceded to his erected cock. on the pretext of applying soap, i stroked his cock slowly. his eyes were closed and he was blushing and the same time his body started to shiver a little harder than earlier. Knowing that he was enjoying it although reluctantly, i pulled down his pants slowly down to his knees. then i took more soap into my hands and started stroking his cock still on the pretext of applying soap. then i stopped and got up. Only then he opened his eyes. And to his surprise, i took off my robes and revealed my precious nude body to him. His eyes were rolling up and down between my boobs and my pussy. Then he turned away pretended not to look. Then i went closer to him and held his chin in my hand and turned his face towards me. Then i planted a kiss on his juicy escort bursa lips. A normal kiss then turned into a french kiss. i rolled my tongue into his tongue and we kissed for about 5 mins. Then i stoppedkissing him and continued bathing him. aft i got all the soap removed from his body, i knelt down before him, held him cock in my hand and slowly moved my face towards his 7inch cock and very slowly put his cock into my mouth and started sucking it. “mmmm oh mmmmmm” i moaned. it tasted so good i swear! then i started to suck harder and harder. unable to resist my passionate sucking, he wrapped his right arm around my head and shoved his cock deeper into my mouth and eventually deep into my throat. i almost choked by his enourmous cock, but it was worth it! then i continued stroking his cock with my mouth and tongue. then i took out my mouth from his cock and started to suck his balls.” oh god! oh susan, that’s lovely! Suck harder!” he ordered. “Ur wish is my command, master!” i teased. then i started to suck his balls harder. then i put his cock back into my mouth and started sucking it wild. “oh yeah oh yeah, im gonna shoot!” her shouted. “its ok son, shoot in your stepmoms mouth, i wana drink your cum.” then he ejaculated into my mouth and his hot creamy cum tasted so good that i swollowed all of it. then i got up and gave him a tight kiss on his lips. Then i went closer to his ears and whispered ” do u wana fuck me?” he said “oh u bet i do!” i just laughed and said ok we fuck after u get well. there was a disappointment on his face. then i said ” well, as a substitute for a fuck, i’ll give u another blowjob now. he smiled and pulled me towards him, gave me a deep kiss and pressed my head towards his cock and shoved his erected cock into my open mouth again for a deep-throat mouth fuck. And the rest is history……

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