International Relations Ch. 03


This is part of a series of short stories inspired by a love lost for 23 years and now refound.

It was about 3 days since we had our encounter in my house and things were really good between us, we hadn’t managed to repeat our activities but we had spent more time glued to each other’s faces than most of our friends could stand.

Tonight I was hoping for more.

There was a school function tonight, some kind of prize presentation in a hotel in town, and we were all told to be dressed smartly, which mean the boys had to be in shirt and tie – suits were expected where possible, and the girls all had to be in dresses.

You hadn’t expected to need an evening dress on your trip, you didn’t even like wearing dresses so had only brought the ones you were forced to in order not to corrupt the innocent British folk with your usual slightly more gothic/rock fashion sense.

I saw you after morning registration in the 6th form common room as I always tried to do, mainly so I could see you and hopefully to get close and taste your kisses before my first morning lesson. Unusually you look unhappy, I am so used to seeing you bouncing with life and smiling that I immediately come over and sit down with you. Over a coffee and the next ten minutes you explain the problem and that your teacher supervising the exchange Mrs Freeleng told you that if you didn’t dress appropriately that you were not going to be allowed to go to the ceremony. Understandably you were upset.

None of the other girls could help as they had dresses but didn’t have a spare one that would fit you.

The first lesson bell went off and we quickly kissed, taking advantage of having you close I put my arms around you waist and pulled you hard against me then watched your eyes widen as you realise you can feel the hard lump in my trousers pressing against your lower stomach. Your face lights up with a smile and you kiss me back before breaking off and licking your lips very slowly not helping my trouser problem one little bit. With a last glance at my trousers you turn around and head off to your class.

Lunchtime comes and is half way over before I come and find you sitting outside on the grass watching a scrabble of with a couple of kids pushing and fighting to get served at the ice cream van. Again you don’t look happy, I’m not sure if this is because I have been missing for most of the morning or if the evening function is still on your mind, either way I plan to make up for it and suggest we go for a walk. I get a small smile from you as you get up and we walk away from the crowd and I suggest you might not be back in time for your next lesson.

Now I get a big smile from you and you want to know where we are going and slip your arm around mine giving me a warm hug.

Five minutes later we are in town, much to your surprise and mild displeasure but I tell you i’m not going to the function without you so that means you have to have a dress! For the next twenty minutes we go from shop to shop looking for something you like before we find a party section on the top floor of one of the department stores.

I watch you as you pull different dresses holding them against you, turning this way and that, smiling, frowning at your choices. Every dress makes me imagine the fit, will it be tight, figure hugging, bursa escort will there be any skin on show, what is the length, where is the zip….

I get caught in a daydream of you modelling a black dress with a low cut front and you cupping your breasts pushing them up and together to enhance your cleavage, nipples pressing hard against the fabric visible and tantalising….then I realise you are standing in front of me smiling with three dresses in your hand. Blushing I look away and you smile, you know me enough to know what I was thinking and tell me you are going to try these on.

The floor is very quiet and there is only one member of staff, but she seems happy to let you go off and try them on but tells you if they are no good just leave them on the rack and she would put them away later as she had to go and deal with another customer.

You take the three dresses into the changing room towards the corner of the floor, away from the tills and the other customers, you make sure I am with you by taking my hand and gently leading me as the visions from my day dream slowly drift away.

The dressing room is about 4 feet square with a full length mirror a couple of coat hooks and a small bench covered in a red velvet materiel soft and warm. The floor has a new looking plush carpet which matches the heavy and thick privacy curtain across the front of the dressing room.

Taking your dresses inside you tell me to wait while you see if they fit, and you disappear behind the thick velvet drape of the cubicle.

With nothing seemingly to do I sit down in a small armchair just outside the room, not realising that the clothes racks around me now completely hide me from the view of everybody in the store that isn’t in the dressing room.

Inside you have hung the three dresses up and kicked your shoes off, the first of the three dresses is a blue pattern dress, calf length but floaty, coming in tight at the waist with a wide billowing to a wide hem. The body of the dress from the waist up being tight with wide shoulder straps and a large gap exposing the wearers back.

You slip you t-shirt up over your head and hang it on the hook on the wall, looking again at the dress you know the lines won’t be right still wearing your jeans so you unbutton and slide them down your smooth legs stepping out of them and tossing the jeans onto the seat. Picking up the dress you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and run a hand over your flat stomach from the band of you polka dot panties up to your breast and back again, somehow showing enough self restraint to stop your fingers going higher or lower and touching yourself.

“What’s it look like” you hear me ask from about five feet the other side of the curtain which snaps you back to reality and you quickly wriggle into the dress. 30 seconds later you peek out of the curtains to see nobody around apart from me sitting back in my chair almost lost in the upholstery. You step out still shoeless (they didn’t go with the dress) and you ask want I think, your face carefully guarded not to reveal your thoughts on it just yet. You look good, but something isn’t right. The dress is pretty and elegant but it doesn’t do you justice or show off your body the way I would like it too. You smile and tell me you hate it but the open back would have meant no bra bursa escort bayan and tell me I missed out on that laughing and disappearing back into your sanctuary.

The dress is quickly removed and hung back up, dress number two. This one is red, shorter and a little looser in general. The neckline is pointed with the v dipping down dangerously deep into cleavage territory, it has half sleeves made from a sheer fabric and the length drops to just above the knees. This one has a zipped back and you quickly put this on but decide to leave it unzipped to tease me.

A quick look out of the curtain again and then a whisper from you asking for help, “can you zip me up” you ask and almost before you have finished the sentence I am standing by the curtain. You half expected this and have already turned around so I can see your back with the two sides of the dress delicately framing your sexy warm skin, my hands reach the zipper but I plant a few little kisses on your neck as the zip comes up slowly. I’m about half way up when I realise you have no bra strap and I suddenly feel blood rushing to my hardening cock. I finish the zip and you turn around doing a little spin to show the dress off.

You look happier with this one it’s a little less formal but much more sexy than the blue dress, plus you seem proud of the way my eyes are drawn to your breasts and shapely mounds beneath the dress material. I take what opportunity I can get and lean forward to kiss you at the same time as putting a hand onto your breast and giving you a little squeeze, you kiss me back and then push me away telling me to behave. The curtain swishes closed again with me still in my opinion on the wrong side of it.

Inside you again strip out of the dress and hang it up, the mirror this time showing your reflection as flushed and almost naked except for your panties, you don’t immediately reach for the next dress as you know your nipples are hardening and long to have some attention. You stand there in front of the mirror looking at yourself, one hand now covering your breast touching your nipple, pulling it gently, squeezing it. The other hand torn between reaching for the dress or going to your panties.

The pleasure coming from you touching your nipple wins the argument and your fingers slip inside your panties directly onto your wet pussy, you press you lips firmly together trying not to let any sound escape from your lips as you move a finger between your pussy lips and press into yourself.

One finger pushes deep inside wetness covering your finger up to the knuckle, a second finger joins it and you curl them inside your pussy to stroke your inner walls. Lost in your own thoughts you push your panties down and slip them off your legs. You sit down on the bench leaning back against the wall so you can bring your knees up and tuck your ankles firm against your ass cheeks before spreading your knees and once again run your fingers over your sopping pussy.

Fingers again start to delve and penetrate your tight hole and your breathing quickens to match your thrusting fingers. The pleasure is engulfing, you have masturbated lots but the feeling of doing this in a public place with someone so close outside is really turning you on – your eyes fly open with the sudden realisation of what you are doing with someone so close escort bursa outside, but too late. I am already in front of you, staring, smiling.

You freeze flushed with a mixture of embarrassment at being could and lust from being so vulnerable, knees still wide apart clearing displaying your aching pussy, juices dripping down towards your ass and your breasts heaving with stiff buds poking upwards.

You watch me as I step forward and drop to my knees my hands moving to curl around your raised thighs and my mouth contacting with your hand still buried in your pussy. Kissing your hand, licking the juices as you slowly remove your hand and allow my mouth to contact your lips. There is no finesse here there is no build up, my tongue is frantically licking you up and down pushing between your lips, delving into your hole, eating you for all I am worth.

Now you lose yourself, my tongue flicking relentlessly against your clit, sucking it, teeth scrapping it lightly. Had you not been so close to orgasm you would have objected to such rough treatment but the pain and pleasure entwine and drive you crashing towards an orgasm, your knees slam together holding my head in place but my tongue doesn’t stop, working hard on your clit, you stifle a scream orgasms rippling through you cum flooding from your pussy, being lapped up and drunk but also coating your ass as it drips between your butt cheeks.

Still I lick, your taste is exotic.

You begin to relax your knees and I press my face harder into your pussy. My left hand moving up your leg to behind your knee, pushing it back raising your ass a little. My right hand sliding to your pussy, inserting one finger easily, slick from your cum still running out of you.

Lubricated with your juice my finger goes down following the trail of cum between your ass cheeks and lightly grazes your asshole, resting there while my tongue continues to circle and flick over your clit. With a little pressure the tip of my finger enters your virgin ass and stops. Sensations you never experienced before flooding over you. More pressure and my finger slowly invades you, you want to protest and say no, but there is no breath or willpower, another orgasm already signalling imminent arrival.

My finger gently probes your ass, my tongue never leaving your clit working you into a frenzy as your body bucks and succumbs to another orgasm rips through you, knees shaking, body jerking and experiencing a complete loss of control at my touch.

Sensing you are exhausted and unable to take anymore I withdraw my finger and release your knee from its held back position, leaning back from between your spread legs at your slumped body breathing heavily against the wall.

I put your knees together and lean over your body to kiss you deeply on the mouth, slipping an arm around your back to hold you close to me for out kiss. Murmurs of delight escape from your lips as we kiss and you begin to gain some sense of self composure again. We kiss again and I move a hand to stroke one of your breasts when a noise outside jolts us both back to reality.

Five minutes later we are fleeing from the store giggling and laughing having been almost caught by the shop assistant.

As we get back to school, you suddenly realise that we never bought a dress and that you wouldn’t be able to go to the function, when I present you with the third dress that you didn’t get around to trying on, the little black one that I liked with the low cut front. You smile and promise to make sure I get my daydream a reality later x

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