Into the woods we go.

Into the woods we go.This story was written for an old play partner in the hopes of getting her back playing again (we’ll see how it plays out).It started as an innocent plan. Lets go to the woods wear a nice dress and we’ll go for a walk. While driving to the woods I make a couple of requests remove your underwear. You look side ways at me but obey taking them off and leaving then on the back seat of my car. Once we get there we see a few cars around the car park but all is quiet. We start chatting casually and head off down one of the footpaths. It’s been 10-15 minutes now and we’re quite deep in noone seems to be around and you notice I’ve gone quiet.I come up behind you, kissing the back of your neck biting it, my hand grabbing your neck choking you just slightly, as my other hand runs up the inside of your thigh hiking your dress up. I gently run a finger over your clit causing you to breath louder your chest rising up and down. I start to rub your clit some more I can already tell your getting wet.”I want you now”. I say in your ear with a slight growl, I squeeze your neck once more before pulling the dress right off. You gasp out you know it was a possibility but you weren’t sure if I would do it. I step back away from you leaving you facing away from me in only your shoes. “Turn around”.Slowly you do looking down at kaçak iddaa the ground your arms by your side I can see how wet you are from here a glistening line is slowly running it’s way down your thigh. Come here I command. You’ve got over your shock of being naked so suddenly and with a sly grin walk over. I kiss you deep grabbing your hair as I do so I pull your lips off mine and look you in the eyes “get on your knees”, I say with a slight downward tug. You put up no resistance dropping quickly onto the dirt. Knowing what is expected of you in this position you unzip my shorts and pull them down, you bite your lip as you see my cock is already getting hard popping out from my underwear.You run a hand up the inside of my leg gently grasping my balls while your other hand takes hold of my shaft pumping it slightly before your lean in taking the head in your mouth. You look up into my eyes as you keep stroking me popping it out of your mouth before licking it all over getting it nice and wet licking the head of my cock. You put it into your mouth again taking it deep covering it in your saliva using it to help you work my now rock hard shaft.I noticed you’ve stopped playing with my balls and looking down see your other hand is now working your clit, “You can keep doing that but you’re going to regret not asking permission bets10 first.” I say as I grab your hair, lets really use that throat of yours I say before forcing your head down on my cock, I pull you off quick but thrust in again harder this time pushing deeper, you adjust yourself to try and take me better my cock slips further down. I begin to fuck your face hard driving into your mouth making you gag and splutter you push away a few times almost being sick leaving thick ropes of spit dripping down your chin onto your breasts. I keep fucking you eyes begin to water but your hand is rubbing faster. I pull off my cock you speak for the first time since I striped your clothes off “please fuck me”.I pull you onto your feet pushing you against the nearest tree it’s rough bark marking your back I shove two fingers deep into your pussy running them over your g spot my palm hitting your clit, “fuck me” you beg. I turn you around pushing your head down you put your arms up against the tree for support in seconds I’m buried deep inside you normally I enter slowly but on this occasion I slammed in deep. You moan out it hurt but you needed this, I hold myself there knowing you need a second to relax around me, I pull out to just the head then push in again. There’s much less resistance this time, not wanting to wait another bets10 giriş second I begin to slam into you hard grabbing your hips pulling you onto me with each thrust.This isn’t quiet your moaning out loud and the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other was clearly travelling but you didn’t care. “Harder” you screamed. I smack your ass it echoes through the trees before I pull your hair using it to pull you onto me your rubbing your clit again, loud guttural moans escaping from your throat as you are fucked over the edge into a body sharking orgasm you struggling to keep standing but I hold onto your waist again. Your body is clenching in pleasure gripping onto me tight I can’t hold it any longer with one final thrust I bury myself deep inside you unloading several thick streams off cum into your dripping pussy.I slowly pull out and you dropped to your knees, I lean against the tree for support “clean me” you gently lick and suck my cock enjoying the mixture from both of us. you stand up shakily I pull you into me holding you tight kissing you softly on the lips smiling. “Good girl”.With this I slowly pull your dress back over you, I look you over and can see your hair has been messed up, your knees dirty, dried spit visible over the line of your dress and scratch marks down your back. I hold your hand for support as we make our way back to the car, on the way we cross paths with another couple who can clearly tell what we have been up to, you look up at me kissing my cheek with a smile as you feel my cum start to run down your leg.

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