I smooth the flowery dress across my stomach and reapply my lipstick before I knock on the hotel room door. The hallway is quiet, and the resounding echo of the knock forces a blush to my face. You open the door and smile. After that, it all seems easy.

I step past you into the hotel room, your scent whirling around me and enticing me forward. I’m not sure if it’s aftershave or cologne or just the smell of fresh, clean man, but damn, I like it! Stopping in the middle of the room, I turn around, watching you close and lock the door. Locking us in, but more importantly, locking others out. I smile nervously at you, and you move towards me purposefully. Stopping in front of me, you stand quietly until I look up into your eyes, my heels bringing me closer to meeting you head-on but not quite close enough.

“Hello, Darling,” you whisper, and drape your hands over my shoulders. Pulling me towards you, you wrap a hand around my cheek and tilt my head ever so slightly. A warm smile lights your eyes as you softly touch your lips to mine. I sigh against your lips, my hands drifting of their own accord to your shoulders and biceps.

My lips part beneath yours. Your gentle forays deepen lazily, as if you had all the time in the world to enjoy the taste of me. Your tongue darts out, tracing my bottom lip, and my fingers tighten around your arms. A small moan catches in my throat. Arching my back, I wrap my arms around your neck and lean against you. Your palms smooth down my shoulders, sliding across my back. With a firm hand, you pull me closer to you. Your legs widen slightly and you tuck my hips against yours, pressing me against the hardness forming between your thighs.

Dizzy, I pull back, dropping my forehead to your shoulder. A soft chuckle escaped your lips, and I lightly punch your shoulder. Your dry sense of humour always chooses the oddest times to emerge.

In apology, your lips travel to the side of my neck, kissing down to the curve of my shoulder, where your teeth lightly bite my pale flesh. I shudder, arching into you, pushing my breasts into your chest.

“That’s nice,” I whisper. My hot breath warms the side of your neck as I placed open-mouthed kisses against your warm throat. Finding the pulse beating strongly just there, I lave it with my tongue, provoking a reaction as you clench your hands against my back.

You tug on the material of my dress, gathering the slippery folds in your hand at the curve of my back. Capturing your lips, I lose myself in your mouth while you wrap your hands around my lace-clad rear. I clench my buttocks in your hands, and you slap one cheek lightly before rubbing the sting away. Your thumbs trace over my panties, slipping under the scalloped edge in a teasing caress. I drop my hands to your shirtfront, trying to concentrate on pulling the buttons from their holes.

Muzzy-headed glory hole secrets porno moments later, I pull your shirt from your pants, leaving the tails hanging. With a small smile, I dragged my nails down the front of your chest, watching the goosebumps spread outward as you twitched in reflex. Your hands wrap around my bare waist, subtly moving upwards and taking the material of my sundress with you.

I glance up at you from under my eyelashes. “You think I haven’t noticed what you’re doing?”

You smiled in acknowledgement, and lower your lips to my cheeks, kissing across my neck and down to my shoulder. I slide your shirt over your shoulders, pulling and tugging your arms straight so I can drop the shirt in a puddle at your feet. You sigh, then growl at my interference. If you give me your hands in order to remove your shirt, you have to drop my dress back down. I hide my grin at your dilemma.

Impatiently, you drop my dress back into place long enough for me to undo the buttons at your cuffs and leave the shirt on the floor. Your top bare, I step back to admire the view. You follow me, bending to grab the hem of my dress, and pulling it straight up. I laugh and swat at your hands, trying to keep myself clothed. With a growl, you push me backwards, and I stumble in my heels, falling onto the bed. My dress pools around my hips, and you look down at me with satisfaction.

“Are you coming down here?” I ask, raising a finger and tracing it over the spaghetti straps of my dress. You smile and put a knee on the bed. I yank on your hands and you fall forward. Quickly, I roll you over, straddling your hips. My dress floats downwards, covering our joined bodies. Your hands sneak down and push the dress back up my thighs. I grab your wrists and laugh, holding your hands over your head on the bed.

“I’m stronger than you are,” you say mildly, just stating a fact.

“I know that. No touching! Behave yourself!” I chide you.

Sprawled beneath me, you relax, and I smile. Squeezing your wrists in warning, I let your hands go, and they stay in place. Leaning back, I consider your body beneath me. I can definitely feel your excitement between my spread thighs, but I’m not sure just where to start. Absently, I play with the hem of my dress, and the material dances across your abdomen. Your muscles tighten in reflex, and I smile. Deliberately teasing you, I wiggle slightly, grinding down against your hardness. You raise an eyebrow in warning, and I laugh.

“All right. Is this more to your liking?” I cross my arms and grasp the edges of my sundress. Pulling it upwards in one smooth motion, I arch my back and release the dress somewhere at the end of the bed. Your eyes darken with appreciation, taking in my matching lace bra and panty set. Your hands move and I frown.

“Ah ah ah!” grup sex I say, wagging my finger back and forth. “No touching!”

You subside, but I know I haven’t got much longer before you’re going to take control of the situation. Unconsciously, I rotate my hips and press against your shaft, and you growl in warning.

Raising my hands, I drop my head back and close my eyes, trailing my fingers gently downwards from my own shoulders, tripping lightly over the raised lace covering my breasts and continuing down my stomach. You arch your hips ever so slightly upwards, but your arms stay immobile, relaxed above your head.

“Are your nipples hard?” You ask, your drawl thickening with your desire. “Take off your bra.”

I shake my head, wondering how long you’ll be patient. In a conciliatory gesture, I slide the cream-coloured straps down my shoulders, and gently lift my breasts out of the cups, leaving the material bunched under my nipples. This action thrusts my breasts upwards and my nipples react to the cool hotel room air. I feel your root twitch beneath me, and your eyes become heavy, half-closed as you watch me.

“Play with them,” you order.

With a slow, sensuous smile, I trail my fingers upwards, across my stomach, tracing the curve of my waist. Goosebumps follow my fingers, and you buck upwards impatiently. Your breath catches in your throat, though, as I trace my fingers lightly over my breasts, outlining the curve of each with a gentle finger. I watch my own hands move as intently as you do. When I lightly touch a nipple, you gasp with me. Without thinking, I bring a finger to my mouth and dampen it with my tongue before tracing the wet digit over my hardened nubs.

“Pinch them.” Your voice is strangled, and your fingers flex above your head. Heat pools between my thighs, and I feel the slick wetness seeping through my panties. A small dark patch appears on your pants, proof of your own desire. In a haze of desire, I gently squeeze each nipple in turn, pinching lightly, then harder as I meet your gaze.

“More,” you whisper. Using just my nails, I pluck the aroused flesh to the point of pain, and spasms of heat streak downwards, coiling around my dark tunnel. I throw back my head and moan, cupping my swollen flesh in my hands.


Your palms wrap around my breasts, shoving my own hands out of your way. Your fingers are deft, quick, as they pull and tease at my aroused nipples. My breath hisses between my teeth as I thrust myself towards you, eager to feel a strong, sure touch.

“Come here, Darlin’.” You tug me forward, your mouth unceremoniously latching onto a nipple. I start and cry out, thrusting my hands to the bed to hold myself upright over you. Your hand fumbles between our thighs. Your belt comes loose, and I hear the rasp as your zipper gives way. In hd porno an instant, hard, hot flesh presses against the lace barrier keeping you out. I rub against you, like a cat seeking affection. Proof of my pleasure leaks from my core, christening the heated length of your cock.

Your mouth switches to my other nipple. One hand resumes play with its damp mate, twisting and tugging, mimicking the actions of your teeth. The other hand grasps the edge of my panties, pushing them to one side. A finger slides directly into my wetness, and I gasp and press down, eager to be filled.

“You’re ready.” You state the obvious, your breath sliding over my sensitive nipple as I shudder. Your finger slides slowly out, then thrusts back into me. Colour blossoms in my face and I moan. In answer, I slide against your cock, my swollen labia surrounding you. A drop of precum oozes slowly from your tip, and I catch it on the end of a finger, balancing on one hand as I pop the digit into my mouth. Your eyes follow the movement, watching as I slide my lips around the finger, hollowing my cheeks as I suck it clean.

Without further ado, you pull your finger from my pussy and adjust your shaft. Pressing my panties to one side, you slide your cockhead over my lips once, twice, before holding it straight up. Grasping your meaning, I sit up, balancing my hands on your chest. In one slow movement, I sink downwards, engulfing your cock in my hot cunt. Your eyes closed, you groan in pleasure, welcome heat surrounding you. You pulse inside me, excited by our foreplay. I’m not in the mood to wait.

Grasping your hands, I put them back on my breasts, wordlessly asking you to pinch and pull my nipples. Leaning back, I slide up and down, working your shaft in and out of my tunnel in a steady rhythm. You plant your feet on the bed, and I lean back against your raised khaki-clad legs. One hand drops from my nipples, and you circle my swollen clit with a finger.

It doesn’t take long before I moan, slamming down on your cock as your finger teases my swollen nub in ceaseless circles.

“Keep going,” I hiss, not sure if I’m talking to you or myself. Alternating back and forth, your free hand pinches my nipples hard as I ride your cock. I bite my bottom lip and groan, lost in the pleasure swamping my senses. I feel you start to thicken, your shaft pressing against my inner walls. Your finger quickens its pace on my clit, and I rush head-long towards the end of the earth with you.

I feel your cock tighten and your balls draw tight against my ass, just as your finger completes one last circle that thrusts me over the edge. Your climax slams into mine, causing a confusing maelstrom of carnal sensations. Your fingers tighten on my nipple in a painful fashion as I dig my nails into your raised thighs. Head thrown back, you clench your teeth and buck upwards, driving your cock as far into me as you can. I ride the wave, milking the pleasure from your body, until the final shudders separate and ease.

Rolling my neck back and forth, I ease the stiffness in my body and smile down at you.

“Maybe next time we can get fully undressed?”

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