Is My Butt Too Big?

Big Dicks

“Bill,” I hear my name from somewhere. The sound of my name has never sounded so musical, so wondrous, so sexy, yet so far away.

“Bill,” my name repeats itself; it sounds like it is hanging in the air below a blue sky on a magical spring morning. I can almost hear bees trying to locate it.

“Bill.” My eyes slowly open. I’m back on earth or am I? Standing at the end of the couch where I was taking a nap stands an angel. Five feet tall, black hair down to her ass. A face so angelic that a dying man looking upon it would soon forget all thoughts of Jesus.

“Bella,” I breathe out her name. Her name seems to fade to musical notes as it leaves my lips. A smile slowly spreads across my lips, face and eyes. “Bella,” I sing out her name and my lips tingle with the sound of it.

“Bill, is my butt too big,” Bella ask as she turns around to show me her butt. She is looking over her shoulder at me waiting for my reply.

I look at her butt encased in cut-off jeans shorts. My hearts beats faster at the sight of it. Is it too big? How can you tell someone about something so perfect that size is not an issue and never will be.

Never taking my eyes off her ass, I sit up. “Bella, darling, I will need a closer look to give you that answer.”

I spread my legs apart and she backs into them so I can see her ass close up. Perfection purrs across my mind. My hands reach out to each cheek encased in cotton and I touch that ass. Energy flows up my arms to warm my heart with that simple contact. I lick my lips, “Bella, baby, I can’t really tell. I mean the shorts have to come off.”

“K,” she says as she unsnaps her shorts and pulls them down. She is wearing white French cut silk panties with lace in some sort of intricate patterns around the edges, and they stay in place as bahis firmaları her shorts drop to the ground. White lace and beautiful brown skin, I almost want to cry at the beauty of it.

Slowly I reach out with my hands and run them over her ass. The difference between bare skin and fine silk on my finger tips are both magical. I bring my body forward and let my face rest against her ass. Slowly I move my face around that wonderful fine ass, just like a cat rubbing against the corner of a couch. But instead of marking I am being marked forever with the feel of perfection. My mouth is dry, but I am able to mutter, “Bella, sweetness, the panties need to come off ’cause I need to look at all of your butt.”

“K,” Bella whispers. Down the panties go, with a shuffle of feet panties and shorts are gone.

Looking at this fine ass, tears start to slowly roll down my face. Beautiful. Just to fucking beautiful. I lick my lips as my hands again move forward to grasp perfection. My face moves forward and it to is once again in contact with…, heaven? I can’t describe what my face feels, but it is good. My tears fall from my face to Bella’s ass. I trace their trails with my tongue and Bella trembles with the contact.

I plant sweet gentle kisses to Bella’s ass, all of it. She trembles; it is almost like kissing a slowly moving vibrator. My kisses turn to gentle nips with my teeth. With each bite there is a sharp intake of breath from Bella but she does not attempt to pull away. I tattoo my love across her ass, till it is red, all of it. I feel the heat of her ass on my face, and breathe in the smell of her lust. My mouth starts to water with hunger.

Using my wet tongue I lick my beautiful Bella’s ass, till the red has faded to pink. I change tactics and start moving my tongue kaçak iddaa up and down the crack of her ass. Deeper and deeper I go with my tongue, till I cannot go any farther. Using my hands I pull Bella’s ass cheeks apart and watch as my saliva falls into this crevice of heat. I imagine that I hear my spit sizzle as it slides down the curve of her ass to her pussy.

“Bella, angel, I need you to move forward a little bit,” my voice cracks with desire.

She shuffles forward slowly and I go to my knees but my eyes never leave her ass. “Bella, honey, I need you to use your hands to keep your ass pulled apart as I examine you fine, sweet ass.”

Bella follows my instructions and bends at her waist allowing me to view all of her. I move my head forward and breathe in the heady aroma of her lust. Without my thinking about it my tongue extends itself and I lick from her clitoris, moving slowly upwards dipping into her soaking vagina, then upwards to her asshole. With my saliva and her vaginal secretions on my tongue that little red serpent quickly enters her ass. With a sharp intake of breath Bella thrusts herself backwards to get more of my tongue up her ass.

Using one hand I grasp Bella to steady myself, and the other hand I put a thumb up her pussy while the fingers dance across her clitoris. Using my hand and tongue I play Bella like a fine musical instrument. And Bella dances. She dances the dance of lust that women have danced for eons and for eons yet to come. Bella cums and then crumbles to the floor in a motion so beautiful a cat would be envious.

I lie down beside her and Bella melts into my arms. I think that I can almost hear her purr. I tell her, “Bella, my love, you butt is perfect. Not too big or too small. Pure fucking perfection.”

Bella kisses me. She kaçak bahis sticks her tongue down my throat so far that I think I feel it in my toes. Then she sucks my tongue down into her mouth and I fear my toes will be pulled up and out of my mouth into hers. Her fingers fly across my body down to my shorts as she fights to get them off. Breaking her kiss she yanks down my shorts and underwear, exposing Lucifer to her eyes. He stands tall and proud. His one eye glistening with wetness for her, extending her tongue she licks the wetness from that eye, and it is my turn to tremble. She engulfs Lucifer while lathering him with her saliva then in one movement she remove Lucifer from her mouth, straddles my body, using her hands she guides Lucifer to her ass and slowly lowers herself till she can go no further.

Pausing for only a moment to allow her ass to adjust to Lucifer, Bella starts to slowly move upwards and then downward. Having Lucifer encased in Bella’s ass has to be nothing short of a taste of heaven on earth, the heat and tightness that is grasping Lucifer is slowly pulling all of my being to my prick. All I know is what Lucifer feels and it feels so wonderful.

Bella is moving faster and faster, up and down. Her eyes are locked into mine. She bites her lower lip as one hands strokes her clitoris while she uses her other arm to hug her huge breasts to her torso. There is a whine coming from her mouth that starts out low and builds higher and higher. And to my amazement I find that same sound is coming from my mouth. We are singing together, our song of lust! The tempo increases, we jump from higher to higher key, the crescendo builds and builds till I explode into Bella’s bowls and she cums around Lucifer. Then Bella collapses atop of me. Somehow I can still use my arms and I hug her tightly to me. Tremors still rack the both of us and our hearts still race together, but we are still alive. The “little death,” did not take us this time.

“Oh Bill,” Bella sighs.

“Oh Bella,” I sigh back.

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