iSummer, chapter 2

Double Penetration

iSummer, chapter 2iCarly – iSummer, chapter 2After the party, Sam went looking for Melanie who had disappeared. She found her upstairs in the old iCarly studio which Spencer kept the exact same way the girls had left it.”What goes on?” Sam asked.Melanie looked up from the red bean bag chair she was sitting in. “Nothing, just thinking.””About what?” Sam asked as she pulled the other bean bag next to Melanie’s and flopped down in it.”This and that.””Wow, Spencer left it the way we left it.” Carly said as she walked in. “Oh hi guys.” She said as she noticed Sam and Melanie. “I’ll let you two catch up.” She added before walking back out.”Sam? I can tell you anything, right?” Melanie asked.”Why? What did you do? Have you done something bad? This is great!” Sam spoke with excitement.”It’s nothing like that exactly.” Melanie said as she took a deep breath. “I’m a lesbian.””No you’re not!””Yeah, I am.””What about the time you made out with şişli escort Freddie at the under 21 dance club?” Sam asked.”That was a long time ago.””You’re serious aren’t you?”Melanie nodded. “Sure am.””Wow. I never would have thought that. So have you been… you know?””With another girl?” Melanie finished for her. “Yeah one.”Sam took out her phone. “I have to tell Carly about this.””No! You can’t tell Carly.””Alright, I’ll get her back in here and you can tell her.””No Sam, I’m not ready to tell Carly yet.””Why not?” Sam asked.”Just because. Okay?”Sam put her phone up. “You expect me to keep this from my best friend?” She asked.”Yeah I do, you’re my s*ster and I trust you with this as your s*ster.”Sam groaned and shifted in the beanbag chair. She started pushing buttons on her phone again.”You can’t tell Freddie either.” Melanie added.Sam looked up and started erasing the text she was writing and groaned again. “So I can’t tell şişli escort bayan anyone?””I will tell everyone soon, okay?””So… do you currently have a… girlfriend?” Sam asked.”No.””You like anyone?””Yeah.””Who?””I can’t tell you that.””No way. It’s someone I know isn’t it?””No.” Melanie said.”Yes it is. Now come on, tell me.” Sam pleaded.”Sorry.” Melanie said, standing up.”What? Wait. Where are you going?” Sam asked, getting to her feet.”Sam, I don’t want to tell right now.””Geez, fine okay? It’s actually none of my business.” Sam said, defeated. “Is it someone here in Seattle?””Sam!””What?”The two s*sters walked out of the iCarly studio and back down the stairs to the living room. Sam went and stood next to Freddie who was on the computer and Melanie sat down in the chair across from Carly and Spencer who were sitting on the couch. Everyone else had left.Carly noticed that both Sam and Melanie were being too quiet mecidiyeköy escort bayan and wondered to herself what had happened upstairs. Did they have a fight or something? She noticed Melanie smiling at her and she didn’t seem upset with Sam. Carly had seen them in the middle of a fight before, and this wasn’t like that after she thought about it.She looked over to Sam who had that look on her face like she was trying to figure something out. Either that or she was hungry. Carly stood up. “I’m going to make some of my special lemonade. Who wants some?” The whole group moaned and made vomiting sounds, except Melanie.”I want some. I’ll help you.” She said as she started following Carly into the kitchen. Sam stopped her though and whispered, “What are you thinking? Everyone hates Carly’s lemonade.”Melanie smiled. “I don’t. I’ve always liked it.”Sam took a step back.”Oh no.”Melanie didn’t respond, and just went on into the kitchen to join Carly.Sam walked back over to Freddie, who just noticed the look on her face.”What’s wrong?” He asked. “You look like you just found out someone ate all the bacon.”Sam didn’t respond.”Someone really did eat all the bacon, didn’t they?” Freddie asked.

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