James Miller part 1


James Miller part 1            We all have our little fantasies and mine just walked in. I’m at my k**s school to sign some paperwork and pay a few fees. Plus, I was there to pick up my oldest.  He had told the teacher he wasn’t feeling good.  As I’m waiting for the secretary to give me copies of the paperwork, a receipt and for my son to come down.                 In walks Mr. James Miller, 6’2, roughly 200lbs give or take a few pounds, a wall of solid muscle and a butt you can bounce a quarter off of . He’s the gym teacher for the school and my dream. Dark hair, thick, wavy and deepest blue eyes. He greets everybody in the office. “Hello ladies. I have a sick student here. I was going by the room and his teacher asked if I could bring him down.”          I finally look behind him in the doorway and see my oldest son. My poor baby looked terrible and like he was going to puke. My son looked up and was about to come to me. But he turned around and made a run for it.  Mr. Miller seeing he wasn’t going to make it grabbed the garbage can by the door and was able save my son from puking in the floor. Here I am lusting over his gym teacher and my poor baby puking his brains out.                  They walk back in and I open my arms for my son. He comes straight to me and lays his head on my chest.       “My poor Boo. You should have told me you weren’t feeling good. Dam you’re burning up Boo” I rub he’s head and back.      He steps back a little and looks at me. “Yeah, but you already have to deal with Marie and Andres being sick. I thought I was ok. Besides I just felt tried this morning. Figured it was from being at the emergency room so late last night.” I kiss his forehead and rub his head.             “It’s ok Boo…” I noticed they didn’t send him down with his bag and coat. “Sit down and I’ll go get your stuff from class.” I turn to let the ladies know. His class is right down the hall behind the office. They say ok and one of the ladies give him a cold compress to put on his forehead. “Poor baby looks ready to drop.” I mumble to myself.        Mr Miller was standing outside the office door. “I’ll walk you to his class if you don’t mind.” All I could do was look at him like some brainless teenager and hope my mouth wasn’t hanging open. I just shook my head yes and took off as fast as my short legs would let me.        Mind you I’m 5’4, size 20, curvy in all the right places. Just wished those places were smaller. Only thing I can say I was blessed with was a cute face and a small waist. I have more junk in my trunk than one person needs. Let’s just say I was overly blessed in the chest area too. To quote one of the guys from my job. I’m lethal because my body is double trouble. Coming and going. My chest was two giant pillows you just want to bury your face because you know they were going to be soft. Yet, you want to bite and lick them like candy. My ass was like two double bubbles asking to be popped. Corny right but a few of the other guys agreed with him. After that my nickname at work become Double Trouble.       Ok! Back to the present. Anyway I’m trying to walk as fast as I could away from him. Hard to do when someone is almost a foot taller than you. “You should probably slow down some before you get hurt. Than who’s going to take care of your k**s. If you get hurt.” That made me slow down a bit. He was right I need to be healthy to take care of my babies.              “Your right, I was just trying to hurry back to Joseph. I need to get him into bed and give him some medicine. Plus, I need to go to the pharmacy and pick up the medicine for the k**s.” I turn and smile up at him. To find him looking down my shirt. I have on joggers and one of those long sleeve shirts that usually comes with it. The one with zipper that on the top half of it. Let’s just say I forgot to zip it all the way up. I had just got out the shower when the school called. I usually wear a tank top or a sports bra, over my bra to try and keep my girls contained. I know he was getting a good eye full.         “Are you seeing anyone right now? Joseph and Marie have said their Dad passed. I was wondering if you were dating?” Trust me I’m sure my mouth was hanging open at that moment but I don’t think he notice. He was looking pretty hard at my chest.           “Hmm.. I need to get Joseph stuff and go. Have a good day Mr Miller.” I hurried I was just two doors away from his class. His teacher was opening the door when I got there. She had Joseph coat and bag in her hand. She didn’t see me and ran right into me. I would have fall had Mr Miller not been behind me.          “Oh!! I’m so sorry about that. I was just getting the k**s ready to head to lunch. I was going sarıyer escort to bring Joseph his stuff. Poor boy didn’t take it with him.” She handed me his stuff and turned back to the k**s. “Come on, line up outside. We’re the first in today. Don’t want to hold anyone up.”          “Mrs Kay, I was going to ask if you could give me Joseph school work for the next few days. I’m sure he has the flu like he’s siblings.” Moved out the way as the k**s started lining up. Wasn’t able to move to far considering Mr Miller was standing behind me still. I got a bit of a shock because I realize just what was pressed into my back.        “I’m sorry but that have to be later. Could you come back before school ends and get his work. I’ll leave it in the office and I’ll tell his other teachers. How many days do you think he’ll be out?” Looking to make sure all the k**s were out the class. She closed the door and started off down the hall. “I’ll have work say for the rest of the week. It’s Tuesday so I’ll give him assignments up to say Monday to be safe. Ok k**s let’s go.”Mr Miller was still standing behind me. He pushed his hard on more into my back and leaned over. “I could always bring you the work myself. That way you don’t have to come back to the school. I have your number and I’ll call, when I’m on my way. What you say is that? Is it, ok, with you, Sahirah? I do love the sounds of your name on my tongue.”       “Yeah, sure. If it’s not to much trouble.” I ran so fast back to the office. Like someone was after me to kill me. I didn’t turn around to see if he was still there or not. When I got to the office Joseph was half asleep. I looked at the clock I was only gone like 5-7  minutes. I put him on his coat put he’s bag over my shoulder. I would have picked him up and carried him. But I didn’t want any of the k**s seeing me do it. He hasn’t had a big growth sprout yet. He was 12 and almost my height. He wasn’t the shortest boy in he’s class but he was the slimmest. I got him to his feet and walked him out to the car.  Buckled him in went to the pharmacy and grabbed some juice on the way home. Lucky it didn’t take long was gone less than 45 minutes.                Marie and Andres were still sleeping. It didn’t look like either had woke up since I left besides to go to the restroom. I have cameras throughout the house. I can monitor them from my phone. They don’t know I have them inside their rooms. Only my mom knows and even she doesn’t know where they all are. I prefer to keep it that way. It keeps people honest for the most part.  Plus I work graveyard shift. My mom can’t always watch them. So my sister or brother watches them when she can’t.        Been back in the house about two hours. School going to end soon. I had changed into some shorts and a tank top.  Mrs Kay called me and said the work is in the office waiting for me. She got the assignments from his other teachers too. Emailed me what needed to be turned in first. She also said she left his laptop with the assignments. He forgot it in his desk. I thanked her and hang up. Went to check on the k**s and see if they were ready to try something to eat. I made chicken noodle soup homemade. Kept it on a low flame to stay warm. They all just wanted something to drink. They’re all cuddled up in Joseph room. He the only one with a full size bed of the three. It’s always like this when their all sick at the same time.             Walking back to the kitchen wondering, if I should tell them. I’m going to stay home the next few days with them. I called my job told I need to take a few sick days. Their mad but who cares. I haven’t took a sick day yet. I work for them for two years and even let them transfer me to graveyard. It was suppose to have been temporary but whatever I wasn’t going to complain. I went from running a department to being over the whole graveyard shift. I make good dam money. They can survive without me a few days. I trained my people dam good.         I headed down to the kitchen. My cell starts ringing I pick it up. It’s Mr Miller. Dam almost forgot about him. “Hello!”  “Hello! Yourself Sahirah. I have the k**s work.I also got Marie work from her teacher””You didn’t have to do that I can get it in the morning. Or even have my mom pick it up for me.””Why do that when I already have it. Besides it’s no problem for me to just drop it off.” The doorbell rang a few times. “Look I have to go someone at the door and I have to get it. I don’t need them waking the k**s up. I’ll get the work from you in the morning. Bye.” I hang up and ran to the door. Open the door and he is standing right there. “I don’t believe I told esenyurt escort you my address Mr Miller. Why are you here?””I told you I’ll drop the work off to you. Besides one of the ladies in the office wrote it down for me. I told her I would bring the k**s assignments to you. Can I come in?” “Yeah, sure come on in. I wasn’t expecting you to actually come over. I thought you were just being polite earlier. You want something to drink?” I ask over my shoulder. I see you are staring at my ass.  Out of habit I say. “Take a picture it last longer. It’s not nice to stare either.” “I was just thinking those are some nice shorts is all. Can you honestly blame me for looking? Those are some little shorts. Your ass is amazing.” He adjust himself and from what I can see it’s a lot to adjust. He still has on what he was wearing earlier. He has on a heavy black tracksuit with white t shirt and gym shoes of course. Only thing he added to this is a skull cap. Which he takes off as he follows me to the kitchen. He sets the k**s school work on the table. “Well, Mr Miller. I would appreciate if you would quit staring so hard. It makes me uncomfortable.” Actually it was making me very wet. My nipples were getting hard too. I’m sure he would notice once I turned around. “You want water, juice, beer or a glass of wine? Forgot the wine I haven’t opened a new bottle yet. But I do have some Absolute in the freezer. Would you like a mix drink instead?” I bend over to grab the bottle from one the bottom shelf in the freezer. I had to move a few things out the way to get it. “Dam woman you trying to kill me?” I turn my head around to give him a look of serious. Not realizing my shorts had moved up higher. Giving him a good look at my pussy. See I like enjoy the feel of going commando. Especially in these shorts, the material is so soft it caresses my skin. I have brought a few pairs to wear around the house and to sleep in. He walked over to me and ran his fingers along my pussy and ass. I froze in place. I know I’m dropping wet. I was the instant I seen him. He slipped a finger in between my pussy lips.  “Where are the k**s?” “They’re all sleeping in Joseph room.” “Good.” He steps closer and pulls me back against his hard cock. I don’t know when he pulled it out but it felt big. He rubbed it against my pussy a few times. Teasing me he stepped closer and pushed his tip in. He just started right there not moving. I tried standing up but he pushed me back down. This caused him to go deeper in me. It felt so good I pushed back on him more. That was all the permission he needed. He reached behind him and grabbed a chair. As he sit down he pulled me with him. Never slipping out of me while doing this. All I could do was moan. He was deep in me and shit he was big. He kicked the freezer door closed. Grabbed my waist holding me down on his lap. Started too slow grind me.”Where is your room?” I point to the short hallway. “Are the k**s rooms next to yours?” I shake my head no and point in the other direction. “Perfect.” He stands up to take me to my room. I stop him. “I can’t leave the stove on. Even on low. I need to turn it off.” He carries me into my room like I’m weight next to nothing. He leans forward give me a real passionate kiss. I’m like super turned on. Shit you have any idea how long it been since someone picked me up like this. He walks to my bed and drops me in the middle of it. He walks back to my door and locks it. He starts stripping his clothes off I must say it is amazing sight to behold. All that muscle rippling with every move. I sit up to take off my tank top. “No I want to undress you myself. I want to taste you as I do it.” “I just want you to know that I do have cameras in my room. This is being recorded right now. I have cameras all over the house. Letting you know before you take anything else off.” He dropped his pants and hewas commando. Well, almost he had long shorts under his track pants. Dam he was huge everywhere. Oh my! I was about to enjoy this ride for real. Was very likely to be sore as hell afterwards. I’m sure it be worth it thou. “Sahirah, you have any idea. How long I been wanting to get me hands on you?” He strokes his hard cock as he walks over to the bed. Just looking at him I’m ready to cum. “That first day I seen you. You were waiting for your k**s on the playground. You had on all black head to toe. Looking like you stepped out of the pages of a biker magazine. You looked around and smiled. I thought you were looking at me. I was about to walk your way. When I realized it wasn’t me that smile was for but for Joseph. He coming running over to you. Give you a hug and you kissed his forehead. avrupa yakası escort You put your arm around him and I guess you were asking him about school. Than Marie come out and you let go of Joseph to give her a hug and kiss. I had started walking forward and realizing it. That’s when I notice your little one. You had his hand but he wanted to walk with Joseph. After that day I made a point to try and be outside early.” While he talked to me I did take off my tank top. He pulled me towards the end of the bed and grabbed my shorts. He took them off and kneeled on the bed. He laid his body over and started kissing me. Rubbing his hands over my body. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh dripping. I broke the kiss.”I have condoms I believe in my night stand. I’m not on any kind of birth control. Didn’t see a need for it you know.” He glanced over at the night stand. Went back to kissing me. Moving a little to his side he reaches between us. Buries two of his fingers in my pussy. Using his thumb to rub my clitoris. I moan into his mouth. He moves down a little and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth. He’s working my body like clockwork. Not missing a beat with his fingers and tongue. He had me cumming like crazy. I’m almost ready to hit that high note. He’s kneeling in between my legs. This whole time I can feel how hard he was against my ass. He had been pushing against my anus this whole time as he finger fucked me. It was feeling good to. At some point I lift my legs up. Giving him better angle to penetrate my ass. He just had about two inches in. Swallow fucking me. Right before I hit that high note he pulled out my ass. Slammed right into my pussy hard. Grabbing my legs so he could pound the shit out of me. He was pounding me so hard, all you could hear was a clapping noise. I hit that high note few times before he was done. He flipped me over and started fucking my ass. This time burying all 9 1/2 inches deep.  I could just feel him shooting his seed deep in my bowels. He keep pumping into until every last drop was emptied from his balls. Still inside of me he wrapped his arms around me. Pulling us both to our sides. “Let’s just stay like this for a bit. You feel so good I don’t want to pull out. Can you feel how hard I still am.” He rocked his hips to prove his point. I enjoyed the feel of how hard he stayed. I started rock my hips back against him. He grabbed top of my leg an started fucking my ass again. Slow at first than hard. “Turn on your stomach and as you do. Keep your ass up as high as you can. Keep your legs spread, too.” I did like he wanted turned on my stomach. Put my head on my arms. Raised up as high as I could get. I can feel his about to cum again. He pulls out and slams into my pussy. I jump a little not excepting him to do that. I don’t know how he managed it. But he shoots a ton of cum into my womb. I orgasm hard feeling my insides painted with his seed. This time he pulls out and lays on his back. “Once I catch my breath… I’m going to kill you.” I lay my head down. Fuck what was I thinking. I take a deep breath. My body is still throbbing. I could feel his cum running out my pussy. I get up on my knees and look at him. He has his eyes closed with a smile on his face. This just pissed me off even more. I pull back my arm and punch him in the side of he’s head. “What on Earth were you thinking? Like seriously you cum in me? You want me to kill you right?” I punch him a few more times. He holds his hands up laughing. “Baby don’t worry I take care of mine. I can just see you getting round with my first baby. I hope it’s a cute little girl just like your Marie.” “You’re crazy….. you know that right? While you were making these plans in your head. Did you ever think how I’ll feel about this or if I wanted another baby? Speaking of k**s I need to check on mine.” I grabbed shorts and a shirt. Putting them on before I left my room. The k**s were still in bed watching TV.    “How are you guys feeling? So you want or need anything?” k**s are giving me a crazy look. I didn’t realize my hair was all over my head. They were wondering who’s clothes I had on. “Mom..ahh mmm. Who’s clothes are those and why do you have them on?” Joseph asked and the other two knotted in agreement. I looked down realizing I put in James clothes. “Don’t worry about that. Are you guys hungry? You just need to chew the pill the doctor give you. So you can keep your food down. I made my chicken noodle soup.” They all said yes. “Ok I’ll go make you some bowls. First I’ll grab the pills from me room. Meet you in the kitchen in a few minutes ok.” I head back to my room. “We need to find away to get you out of here before the k**s see you. I’m in no mood to explain why you’re here and why I had your clothes on.” I take off your shirt and shorts and throw them at you. You get off the bed and walk towards me. Can’t help but watch you. Your muscles ripple like waves over water. I hear the k**s in the kitchen. “Dam, how I’m get you out of here. To be continued….

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