JAN AND TED Part 3By the time he reached the landing, they were already in Ted’s bedroom. He slowly walked towards the door, then stopped as he heard Jan give out a sigh. “Yes, “ he heard her say “yes, yes!” Her moans and sighs were turning him on so much, he decided to stay outside a little longer and listen to the highly erotic sound of his wife’s moans of pleasure as she had her cunt licked by another man. He held his breath, squeezed his rigid cock through his trousers, and listened. He’d often fantasised about this…….they both had, in fact…they’d masturbated together as they talked through such fantasies…….Jan would be blindfolded and lightly tied to the bed (her suggestion) and he’d be a well presented, nice smelling young man of about 25 who Mike had met at the Sports Centre ……very much like that tennis coach they’d met in Greece a couple of years ago that Mike had teased her about……….Mike would bring him upstairs….but he’d never in his wildest, most erotic fantasies imagined that it would be her 75 year old uncle who was doing the licking! And doing a very good job of it, judging by Jan’s vocal responses! Unable to contain himself any longer, he walked into the bedroom. Jan was laid on the bed, eyes closed and legs open, and Ted was knelt between them, his head moving gently up and down in perfect rhythm as he pleasured his niece with his tongue. Mike knew how much she loved being licked, and he could tell by the flushed looking skin around her neck and chest, as well as the way her fingers and toes clenched and unclenched, that an orgasm was approaching. Mike had only been in this position once before…watching another man give his wife an orgasm. He didn’t want to break the spell, so he hung back and watched and listened in silence. bursa escort Her breathing quickened, her moans intensified, then her thighs began to spasm as the orgasm built, and then ripped through her body. She bit her lip and her eyes screwed up at the sweet pleasurable pain of it. A long, low moan escaped, followed by a whimpering sound as it subsided. She slumped and lay still for a while, then opened her eyes and saw Mike standing there. She smiled, then stroked Ted’s balding head. “You old devil, you!” she whispered. “You can certainly use that tongue!”“I’m not finished yet” Ted said,with a new note of confidence in his voice. “There’s plenty more where that came from!”“In that case, let’s move around” Jan said “So I can do you at the same time!”They shifted positions, and Jan spread her thighs and lowered her sopping wet cunt onto Ted’s face, while she took hold of his rigid hot dick and lowered her head to take it in her mouth once again. For a few highly charged, incredibly erotic minutes, Mike watched them arouse each other with their mouths, the occasional lapping or sucking sound accompanied by quiet moans of intense pleasure, intensifying his excitement. He could resist no longer. He unzipped his trousers, released his aching, throbbing cock and began to slowly wank. “Jan,you’ve certainly blown me away this afternoon!” he thought. “Acting like a complete slut with your uncle. Oh, you wonderful, sensual dirty bitch!”But Mike was in for a further amazing and unexpected surprise. Ted pulled his head away from Jan’s cunt …Mike saw his wife’s juices on his lips and chin…and called softly “Jan!” she turned and swivelled round, rubbing her tits all the way up his body. He whispered something..very quietly, inaudible to Mike. She paused, then nodded. “What bursa escort bayan did he say…was it….oh……” Mike pondered. Jan laid down beside Ted, and he climbed on to her. She opened her legs.Ted climbed on to her, and positioned himself. “She’s letting him fuck her!” Mike’s brain was in turmoil as he watched. Ted lowered himself and Mike heard that oh so familiar sigh that she always gave whenever his cock entered her. He watched Ted’s arse begin to move in and out, as he began to fuck his niece. He heard Ted’s moan of pleasure, as his heavy balls grazed Jan’s inner thighs and his cock reached as far in her warm wet cunt as it could. Then he began a rhythmic fucking, which Jan soon was in time with, eagerly sucking in his hard cock. She was in some ways too far gone to appreciate anything other than the expert fucking that she was receiving from Ted.Of course she realised that her husband was watching her, and that the man pleasuring her was the 75 year old brother of her Dad, but her a****l instincts for sexual satisfaction were now paramount. She opened her eyes as his cock pumped into her, and saw him looking down at her and smiling. She smiled back at him, then closed her eyes again, and silently mouthed the words ..”Fuck me!” He quickened up, and she realised that she had, with those two words, sent him over the top, and that he was heading for an orgasm. She wasn’t ready yet, she knew she wasn’t, yet she realised that there was no stopping him. He groaned loudly, she opened her eyes and watched his face contort, and then felt the spasm shoot through him as his warm sperm erupted into her. His groans and spasms subsided, and he slumped against her body and lay still on top of her. “Sorry, Jan, I’m so sorry. I’m out of practice.” He murmured into escort bursa her ear after a while. “It’s OK, don’t worry, it’s understandable.” she replied. She looked at Mike over Ted’s shoulder, and saw the expression his face…one that she would never forget. One of fascination, surprise, incredulity….and lust. And then she saw that he had his stiff cock in his hand. She wasn’t finished. She gave a little gesture with her hand to indicate that she wanted him. “Ted” she whispered “Lay back now, you’ll be more comfortable.” He rolled off her, and lay beside her, spent and exhausted. Mike took his place in between her legs, his throbbing cock desperate for her. He slid into her easily, her cunt being well lubricated by the love juices of her and Ted. He fucked her. Hard. Mercilessly. Like a boar rutting a sow. And she squirmed and squealed and whimpered like never before. Everything had taken them to a new sexual high…Ted, the old man laying beside them, watching…Ted…..the teasing that had turned into touching, then sucking, then fucking…the unexpected, sheer lustfulness of the whole situation. And suddenly, she was coming, her face and chest flushed, her whole body contorting with the painful pleasure that was ripping through her. She let out a muted scream as the orgasm hit its peak, her lips forced against Mike’s. She held the kiss as the sweet afterglow of the intense orgasm slowly subsided, kissing with a passion she hadn’t felt for a long time. Then she fell back and lay still. She realised that Mike hadn’t come…she ‘d been too eager for release. But now, just for now, she was spent. Later, at home, in their own bed, they would relive the day and………She looked at Ted. He was watching her, lovingly, a face of utter contentment. She smiled, and reached out a hand and squeezed his, then reached down to his thigh and raked it with her nails, then cupped his big balls and squeezed them, before gently slapping his flaccid cock a few times to show her appreciation

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