Jane’s Dream


We reach our room at an adult themed-room hotel and check into our jungle bungalow, complete with steam from the “river.” I hold the door as you walk in first. We kick off our sandals. Then, I wrap my arms around you from behind – one across your shoulders and one around your waist. I softly kiss your neck.

I unbutton your shirt from the bottom up, still behind you, still the occasional kiss. Taking off your shirt causes you to turn around. I take your face in my hands and our closed-mouth kisses are gentle and sweet. One hand slips from your face and the other to the back of your neck and up your scalp as our mouths open and our tongues intertwine.

With my free hand, I release your bra, remove it and continue to caress your back. We continue to kiss as I back slowly towards the bed. I sit on the edge, which lowers my head to the same level as your breasts. I flick my tongue across your nipples and begin to unbutton your jeans. I suck in one nipple and flick my tongue across it inside my mouth. Your zipper is down and I slip my thumbs inside your waistband, sliding your jeans off your hips. My palms flat against your red satin panties, I knead your ass once before trailing my hands down the back of your legs, pushing your jeans the rest of the way down. The scent of your wetness smells so sweet.

The steam has us both sweaty already and my raging hard-on strains my tight jeans. I slide my hands into your panties and hold your butt, kiss your stomach and push your panties down. I lean towards your soaked lips as you step out of your clothes, but you push my head away and sit on the edge of the bed. I stand and face you, as you reach for me, I brush your hands away. I back away a few steps and undress for your viewing pleasure. Slow and seductive I pull my shirt over my head and then undo my belt, the button on my pants, the zipper, I pull the pants down and my hard cock spring up & flops around in my midnight blue silk boxers.

I slip into the fog and shadows czech gangbang porno and as the jaguar sound effect growls. I start to stalk towards you. I can tell by the look in your eyes that you want my cock, but I have other plans.

You are lying back with your legs spread and I stop just as my hands reach over your hips. I lower my head and lap cat-like up your damp pussy lips. The disappointed look on your face morphs into a look of pleasure. I continue with the lapping and a low moan emits from your lips. Then I zero in on your clit. Now you are getting into it. Your hips undulate slightly and your noises continue. You curl forward to pull my head harder against you, but I pull away. The teasing of my tongue has you soaked but the teasing of not letting you be in charge has you wanting me even more.

My right hand goes between your legs; two fingers slide in easily and my thumb continues to stimulate your clit. I crawl around your right side and kiss the sensitive spot between your crotch and your hip.

Your right hand reaches under my body to help my free hand pull my boxers off. My cock is swollen almost painfully large. Then you let out a whimper as I pull my hips away. With soft kisses, I work my way up the part of your torso that is between your front and your side, around the outside base of your right breast, across your collarbone and up your shoulder, the muscle in your neck that is right below your ear. Pausing to let a gentle, warm breath tickle your ear, I turn the trail of kisses so that it traces the same kind of path down your jaw and linger at the juncture of your jaw and chin.

Your right hand has been rubbing across the hair of my chest and stomach. I don’t pull away this time as your hand reaches my boxers. The millions of nerve endings in my swollen cockhead all fire as you slide the silk of my boxers off of it. As I kneel next to you, my stiff prick bouncing near your face, you let out a little “Mmmm” – a combination czech harem porno of “I bet that tastes and feels good,” approval at the size and stiffness, and a purr. The combination of those sentiments causes me to shudder.

I continue to work my two fingers in your soaked pussy and massage your clit with my thumb. I move my hips closer to your head and your right hand cups my balls so gently. Then your lips part and you lean your head forward to take me into your mouth. The warm wetness on my fingers and cock make me moan. The sight of your beautiful face – eyes closed, hair flowing down behind your head – wrapped around my throbbing rod is accented by the flickering yellow light of the candles that dimly light the room. Slow and sensuous is your sucking. You let me slip from your mouth and look up with a smile in your eyes and on your mouth as you lick slowly around the rim of my head. My eyes roll back in my head and I reach for your left hand as I tilt my head back and let out a low moan. The moist tip of your tongue traces the underside of my shaft and you stick your nose into the junction between my cock and my groin, rubbing your face against my copper pubic hair. Your tongue snakes out and licks my balls. You reverse your path. Tracing back up the underside, tracing the rim of my head and then swallow almost my entire length very quickly.

My eyes take in the amazing sights; your head – now rapidly pumping on my cock; your erect nipple standing out from your luscious breast; to where my fingers inside you are almost motionless. I don’t want this feeling to end but about the time my vision gets back to your breast, then the sight of your lips sliding down my cock – I explode into your mouth and you slow your pace and let some of my cum dribble out the side of your mouth as you slow your pace to elongate my ecstasy.

I almost collapse, but instead climb over you and end up laying on my right side facing you. I kiss your lips and get the czech sharking porno hint of the salty taste of my seed. I slip my clean left hand into your hair and pull your face close to mine. I slip my tongue into your mouth and feel plenty of my load still there. We share the fluids and the taste but our tongues are expressing a different hunger.

We slow and eventually I lay on my back and you are on your left side, your ear in that hollow between my deltoids, my collarbone and my chest. Your hot breath blowing across my chest tickles my nipple and we end up laughing. That evolves into more kissing. I nibble on your lower lip and kiss the front of your neck, and work my way back down to your breast. I kiss them all over in circular patterns and stop just before reaching your nipples. I lick around your areola and you can feel my breath on your nipples, but still not my tongue. I lick across your areola again and my tongue lifts off your skin just before reaching your stiff nipple. Your longing noises make it clear that you believe that this is another tease, but you moan as the tip of my tongue finally flicks your sensitive tip. Then I swirl my tongue all around it and lap across the top of it. I suck a comfortable mouthful in and continue to swirl and flick while gently sucking.

I place a pillow behind your hips and roll you all the way onto your back. I sit up near your feet and go around your bent left leg, taking in the sight and smell of your swollen wetness. This time I kiss up the centerline of your stomach, starting at your mound, up to your belly button – a flick of my tongue makes you shudder – and continuing through the valley between your boobs.

My cock is again stiff as it can be and your hips begin to move in anticipation as it draws closer. I slip just the head between your lips. Another soft moan. Your raised hips try to pull me all the way in, but I slip out, and then instantly back in, again only the tip. Your moan of “uhhh!?” has a hint of complaining in it. I slip out once more then slide, slowly and steadily in until my balls are resting on your ass cheeks and we both moan. I pause there for several seconds, our hips moving slightly and the tingle of that slight movement washing over both our bodies.

… To be continued!

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