Janus and his Mother Anna’s Rosebud Part II

Janus and his Mother Anna’s Rosebud Part IINo. no I cried out oh god no I can’t I simply can’t take it I whimpered out in a pleading voice. Prepare to fuck the whore in her treasured rosebud my brother I heard Brutus declare. Oh god no please no my sons I can’t please no I cried.Oh yes our golden haired beauty don’t deny the pleasure our hard throbbing cocks bring to your tight dark forbidden tunnel. Deny not to my brother the tight sweet joy of your pink little rosebud.I whimpered as I heard Brutus shout out , prepare to know the pleasure of this whore’s treasured rosebud. Oh god I gasped out as Janus withdrew his cock from my sopping wet cunt.The transformation of Brutus was complete when he knelt in front of me and asked me if I was prepared to submit , to truly submit my most treasured and desired rosebud to Janus.I cast my eyes down and whispered yes my son, I submit to you both. Brutus surprised me by gently lifting my face by my chin and softly kissing me. I saw his eyes meet Janus’s as Brutus nodded his head. I gasped in as I felt Janus’s tongue softly probing my shit hole. His tongue slowly swirled and teased my puckered anus. He gently pushed his tongue past my tight anal ring, my hips began to undulate and rise up as quiet long sighs poured over my lips yes Janus uh huh that’s it my son, just like that, slow and gentle open me up my love.I trembled and felt a long slow shiver run up my spine when I pictured the size of his cock in my mind. I felt my anus involuntarily close tight. I sighed knowing I had to relax to take my son’s thick massive cock in me. Mmm, yes I began to moan, soft whispers of encouragement as much for myself as my son Janus. Yes Janus , yes, uh huh your tongues so warm and wet on me. Use your fingers in my pussy my darling. Finger fuck me, get me soaking wet and smear my hot juices with your saliva on my butt hole.I heard a low rumbling and felt Janus above me. I closed my eye and my heart seemed to stop beating as I felt his hard thick cock entering my pussy once again. Oh god I quietly moaned uh huh that’s it baby uh huh fuck your mother’s hot wet cunt with your big thick cock.Yes, yes, oh god yes Janus it feels so good in mommies little cunt. Fuck me Janus fuck me , fuck me with your thick hard cock. I screamed out as Janus drove his long thick cock hard and deep into my sopping wet cunt hole.I began to moan and sigh as his cock filled my cunt like no other, stretching my hot wet cunt hole until my pussy lips were wrapped tautly around his thick veined hard cock. I buried my face into the bed and clawed at the sheets as he pummeled my sopping wet pussy.Janus paused and held me open, then I felt his wet finger teasing my pink little rosebud, I shuddered and whimpered giresun escort at the thought of his huge thick cock plunging into the depths of my hot wet bowels.I bit my lip and moaned out a long low whimpering sigh when I felt Brutus’ hands on my soft firm butt cheeks. Here brother I heard him say, let me spread her open for you. Oh god I gulped and cringed as I thought oh my god he’s really going to fuck me in my ass.I felt a dollop of saliva fall on my crinkled poop hole. Then I gasped and pulled away when I felt the massive head of Janus’s cock touch my puckered pink rosebud. Fear not mother I heard Brutus say as he laid his hand on my shoulder, soon my brother will know the soft sweet succulent flesh of your bowels.Oil, oil, get oil I managed to say, Brutus get oil or a****l fat hurry, I’ll tear without it, please Brutus before your brother rips me apart. I would not deny my son the pleasure of my promised special place, he would know the hot warm depth of my bowels , but I would not act in haste or lust.Brutus returned and sat a bucket on the floor. Here brother he said smear this on that mighty cock of yours and on her treasured rosebud. I turned my head and lay with my cheek pressing into the bed and said thank you Brutus, thank you so much.Brutus lay close to me and kissed me and nibbled at my ear, fear not mother, tonight you shall feel the mighty cock of Janus deep within your sweet hot bowels. Kiss me for now mother. Close your eyes and dream of Father. Brutus gently caressed my shoulders and ran his fingers through my hair while slowly and lovingly kissing me. Our tongues gently explored the soft textures of our wet tongues and lips. I briefly tensed when I felt Janus shift his weight and rub his thick hard cock around my puckered anus. I took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. Please Janus I said in a small whimpering voice, please be gentle with your mother.Yes mother he replied as he began to press the hot bulbous head of his hard cock into the puckered pink tight anal ring of my butt hole. Oh god I gasped as I held Brutus’s hands. My mouth formed and O but no words came out as I squeezed my eyes shut as tiny sparks of pain shot up my spine.Yes mother Brutus said. Squeeze my hands as tightly as you wish your rosebud looks so small compared to the great size of my brother’s thick cock. Oh god I thought surely I’ll dieIn attempting to please my son.Oh god I screamed as it felt like all of my breath was expelled from body. I quickly gasped for air as tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the enormous head of my son’s hard thick cock slip past my terrified sphincter.Stop, stop Janus, oh god please stop. Janus no, no please no, but it was to late he had already withdrawn from my escort giresun terrified asshole. I’m sorry mother Janus cried I’m just too big. I’m so sorry I hurt you he sobbed.I quickly held him to me and soothed him. No Janus you didn’t hurt me, yes you’re bigger than most all men, but I love you and you love me and we just need to take our time is all. I held his face in my hands and smothered him with kisses.I looked him in his eyes and brushed his tears away. Now listen to your mother my son, tonight we will discover together the soft hot treasure of my rosebud. I’m ready for you my son, I promise I’m ready. I want you in me Janus.I want to feel your hard long thick cock tunneling it’s way into my tight dark shit hole. Kiss me Janus then please fuck my rosebud, will you do that for me Janus, please? Yes mother Janus replied, only if you’re sure. Yes I am my loving son. Now come fuck me I said with a wicked grin.I once again lay on my tummy, I closed my eyes and sighed. I was determined to remain relaxed enough so that my son’s huge cock would slip past my tight sphincter with as little resistance as possible.I once again held Brutus’s hands and squeezed them tightly when I felt Janus hold himself over me and begin to rub his massive cock head around my puckered little pink shit hole. I let out a long loud piercing wail as I felt my pink little hole being slowly pushed open by my son’s huge thick cock.No , no Janus I cried out please don’t stop my darling boy. Yes , yes I encouraged him, oh god yes more, more Janus please my son go slow ever so slow but please don’t stop now Janus. I grit my teeth and refused to cry out in fear my son would stop in fear of hurting of me.My face was a mask of pain as I felt his cock slipping deeper into me. Suddenly a wild a****listic urge overpowered me as I moaned out and pushed back on the huge stalk of flesh that was invading my most special place. A quiet sobbing whimper escaped my lips as I felt the huge bulbous head of my son’s cock slip past my tight anal ring.Oh god Janus I cried out! yes, oh god yes my son uh huh oh my god oh god yes fuck me uh huh that’s it oh god yes I moaned as I felt my tiny little hole slowly and painfully opening to the hard thick giant cock slowly burrowing it’s way into my dark wet bowels.I’d never felt such a mixture of sexual pleasure and pain as I was now experiencing. The stinging pain was diminishing into orgasmic pleasure as Janus pushed himself deeper and deeper into me.I tried to look back in a vain attempt to see his cock. I whimpered out oh god it’s so big, so very big, oh god it feels so good. I no longer held back my moans and cries of pleasurable pain. Yes, yes, uh huh oh god Janus you feel so good in me. Yes giresun escort bayan my darling uh huh fuck your mothers tender little rosebud I cried out. Oh god I screamed when suddenly my asshole made loud farting noises as Janus pushed his cock deeper and deeper into me.Sweat poured down my face and a sheen of sweat covered my body as Janus continued to burrow his long thick huge cock into my hot wet shit hole. The room was filled with my moans and loud wailing sighs along with the sounds of air being expelled from my bowels.Janus grabbed my hips and with a mighty lunge he sent his hard thick cock plunging deep down into the very nether regions of my hot wet bowels. My mouth flew open and I flung my head back and gasped for air and screamed out as I felt his heavy cum filled balls slap into my very sopping wet pussy.Fuck me oh god yes fuck me, I moaned out uh huh oh god yes fuck me oh my god yes oh my god I can’t believe I have all of you in me. Oh god yes uh huh oh shit oh god oh fuck yes, oh yes uh huh I screamed out over and over as Janus began to ram his hard throbbing cock deeper and deeper into me.Mother I heard Janus bellow as I felt his hard cock throb and swell in my gaping wide asshole. Oh yes, yes my son, yes my darling boy uh huh hurry my love oh god yes hurry and fill me with your burning hot thick gooey gobs of sperm. He held me by the hips with his strong hands and began to fuck my pink little rosebud with long deep hard plunging strokes. I bit my lower lip until I tasted the bitter salty taste of my own blood as it trickled down onto my chin.The loud slapping sounds of his hips smacking into my ass cheeks along with out heavy labored breathing began to fill the room. I screamed and whimpered and tore at the bed sheets as my son’s massive cock relentlessly ripped into my warm wet bowels.I feverishly rubbed my clit as one orgasm after another ripped through my body. I begged my son to fuck me like his whore to make me his slut. To drive his cock deep into my body to possess me. To own me. To fuck me like a wanton a****l.With a final deep lunge Janus roared out I love you mother as I felt gobs of hot strings of burning sperm gush out of his cock and spray my bowels with his scalding hot manly seed. His cock now slid easily in and out of my cum filled bowels. My anus gaped wide open from the brutal pounding of his thick massive cock.He collapsed on top of me and my heart melted as I felt his cock throb and drops of sperm dripped deep into my bowels that left a burning feeling of love deep within me. Janus kissed the back of my neck and whispered thank you mother in my ear. I smiled and moved my butt and said no thank you Janus for giving me so much pleasure.Janus growled and began to move slowly in and out of me. Oh god Janus I sighed you’re still hard as a rock. I’m sorry mom it’s just that I’m so excited about your special place. I smiled and said well then make love to me very slowly and very gently. Until next time Mrs. X…

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