Jean and Jon, Redux


Chapter One

A glint of sunlight reflected off the executive jet as the sleek plane arced low over the sparkling waters of the Atlantic making the landing approach. The pilot pointed the nose of the aircraft as if carefully inserting his rod into a welcoming cunt, coming in low over the opulent mansions on Palm Beach. He identified the runway at PBIA, faultlessly inserting the plane onto the center of the runway. The pilot then swung the turbo-jet toward the private passenger terminal.

Jean relished the perks of her position as the head of a multi-national corporation. She had worked her way up through the C-suite men’s club with her business acumen, beauty and sexual cunning. The aircraft was exclusively for her use, and Jean had been enjoying the uninterrupted quiet of the plane ride to decompress, anticipating the weekend ahead.

Jean glanced out the window seeing her driver neatly dressed in a white shirt and black pants staring intently toward the plane with an inscrutable expression on his face. She fleetingly remembered his beautifully sculpted, muscled body as she had used him for her own sexual pleasure and then presented him as a special gift to Jon. Jean always liked to sample the treats before she offered them to Jon. The plane parked; the flight attendant released the airlock handle and opened the door allowing warm humid air to rush into the pressurized cabin.

During the flight, Jean’s mid-thigh length skirt had traveled further up her thigh as she moved her ass against the comfortable leather seat. She was wearing a simple tan colored, linen suit with a low cut cross-over white silk blouse which revealed the soft rounds of her ample breasts, barely contained by her brasserie. She stood, stretching after the confinement of the flight and as she did so her clothes fell back into position along her shoulders and hip line. She adjusted the material, carefully tucking the blouse under her breasts, using her fingers to adjust so that just the right amount of cleavage hinted at what was underneath. She slipped on the suit jacket and then reached under the jacket and, with one hand under each breast, cupped and lifted them up-and-into position, settling her ample tits into the support of her bra while accentuating more décolletage.

The pilot met his passenger at the cockpit door to bid her farewell. His green eyes sparkled as they momentarily drifted down from her face, visually caressing her breasts as they gently swayed pulling the front of the woman’s blouse open to reveal just a hint of what was underneath. It took willpower to stop him from reaching for her nipple just barely outlined under the silk of the blouse. He had intimately enjoyed those gorgeous tits previously.

In a business-like manner, the uniformed captain smiled and nodded his farewell and reached to assist his passenger as she stepped through the aircraft doorway. His hand slid ever so lightly from her elbow down further almost accidently brushing his fingertips across her backside. As she moved away from him down the stairs, her hips sashayed suggestively. She tossed an inscrutable smile over her shoulder as she departed, ‘See you on Sunday evening. Enjoy your weekend.’

The chauffer had already collected her weekender and stowed it in the trunk. He smiled, tipped his head in greeting and opened the rear passenger door for her. There is simply no graceful way for a woman in a tight, short skirt to step into the backseat of a limousine. No matter how long her legs or how gracefully she moves, at some point she will need to bend over to climb into the compartment revealing significant inner thigh (and in some cases even considerably more). This was an even-more moment. Jean bent over and stepped deep into the car allowing her skirt to ride up her thigh in order to extend her leg inside. As she turned to settle into the back seat bench her legs remained apart for just a moment, revealing her crotch for those who might have been indiscreetly leering. Her bare bottom was smoothly waxed and the seductive hue of pink cunt flashed for an observant eye.

Traffic, headed south on I-95, was a steady flow for Friday evening rush hour. Jean stared out the car window, lost in thought. The driver drove at a brisk pace just slightly above the legal limit; his gaze patrolled the traffic, simultaneously glancing into the rear view mirror to observe his passenger. He had made this trip with her several times in the past few years and still he wasn’t sure why she aroused his prurient interest. She was after all, just another client. He had bedded her once, but had much preferred her mate for satisfying sexual adventures.

The woman was stylishly dressed in very expensive, impeccably tailored clothes which reinforced the impression of the successful business executive she was, yet she exuded a provocative sexuality. The driver knew from past experience, that under the all-business façade, she travelled czech streets porno sans underwear and had a tendency to place the tips of her fingers on her own nipples absently pinching and rubbing them as she was doing now. It took all his concentration not to lose control of the wheel as his eyes travelled into the back seat. His cock was getting hard as he thought about his own fingers on that lovely breast; he turned the air conditioning up a notch making it chillier in the backseat, causing her nipples to pucker and resulted in her massaging them harder.

The driver took the exit headed east toward the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Entering the traffic circle at the entrance to the hotel his eye flickered off the driveway momentarily noticing the woman’s body lean slightly against the pull of the car’s motion in the roundabout. The swell of her breast slipped and her nipple was revealed to him momentarily before he pulled his eyes back to the entrance. The car rolled to a stop and the doorman opened the limo door. Again, Jean rearranged her blouse and smoothed her skirt, but still displayed a lot of leg and thigh as she climbed out of the backseat, standing momentarily on the curb as if to get her bearings.

‘Good afternoon, Ms. Clarke, welcome back!’ The doorman recognized the beautiful guest and was solicitous without condescension. The bellman efficiently removed the luggage from the car trunk to a wheeled trolley pushing it toward the lobby entrance. Before following the bellman, Ms. Clarke hesitated; turning toward the driver she perfunctorily instructed him to retrieve her on Sunday afternoon for the return trip. He nodded and pulled the car away.

Jean quickly checked into her usual suite in The Tower and handed the bellman a generous tip instructing him to take the luggage to her suite as she was going to Bar Luna for a drink. As she walked the Spanish-tiled hallway her stiletto heels clicked on the glazed surface in a syncopated beat as her hips swayed seductively under her pencil tight skirt.

The bartender looked up and smiled at the guest’s familiar face. She knew her well, in fact intimately, but her professional demeanor behind the bar belied anything out of the ordinary. ‘Ma’am, welcome back! What may I serve you?’

Jean looked around the bar and was momentarily disappointed. ‘I’ll have a very dry martini, straight up with a twist.’ She heard his voice then, even if she couldn’t see him.

‘Would you be shocked if I changed into something more comfortable?’ There was that deep timbered male voice she knew so well. However, there was no reply… for a moment.

‘Isn’t that something Jean Harlow said a long time ago?’ The man seemed confused, or maybe unsure of himself; his tone was hesitant.

Then laughter immediately took the edge away from the remark. Both men laughed heartily. Perhaps it was the punch line to a joke.

Jean signaled to the bartender to have her drink delivered as she moved toward the sound of the laughter. She approached the two men out of their line of sight, and as she did so she came into Jon’s focus sliding both her hands lightly along the shoulders of the stranger. Jon didn’t move, but the stranger jumped at her unexpected sensual stroke as her hands came to rest on his biceps. Her body leaned forward, tits wrapping the back of the man’s neck as she whispered near his ear: ‘Don’t get up! I’ve only just arrived and am in need of a libation after the flight.’ She winked at Jon and gave a slight tilt to her chin toward the man she was caressing who still could not see her without rudely pulling out of her encircling embrace.

In reply to her silent query, Jon gave a slight acknowledgement with his head and stood up to greet his mate. Jean gave Jon the warmth of respect and physical contact appropriate upon greeting a lover in public and was then introduced to Sandy. He was released from the woman’s embrace and was finally able to stand in order to be properly introduced to the captivating beauty. Her scent wafted to him and he was very suddenly aroused. It wasn’t her perfume but rather the animal musk of sexuality she conveyed.

Introductory pleasantries were exchanged and Jean learned that this was Sandy’s first time staying at the Resort. He had expected his wife to join him for the weekend, as a mini vacation for the couple, before he attended a business conference starting on Monday. Unfortunately, she had cancelled when one of their children became ill. The man was clearly floundering now that his expectations for a weekend rendezvous with his wife had been torn asunder.

‘I understand you are a member of this Club,’ He wasn’t sure which one to direct the question. ‘Maybe you could give me some suggestions for things to do this weekend, since I’m now going to be an unexpected bachelor.’

Jon smiled at Jean and let her take the lead in this conversation. Jean had accepted her chilled martini czech taxi porno from the waitress and pulled a chair around from another table so she could sit down and cross her long beautiful legs in the direction of Jon’s guest. The movement caused the man’s eyes to pop as he got a brief look up Jean’s skirt as she flashed him. His face flushed at the thought of what he had just seen.

The three, newly acquainted, chatted companionably as another round of drinks was ordered, and each one of them probed the other politely for background information.

Jean eventually extended Sandy the invitation he had been hoping for – to join the couple for dinner at Cielo the Tower’s premier restaurant on the top floor overlooking the inlet and the ocean beyond. Sandy knew that reservations were at a premium especially in the busy winter season, so he jumped at the invitation. Jean finished her second drink in a swallow and excused herself to freshen up after the grind of the day’s travel. The two men politely stood, each admiringly watching as the woman walked away her hips seductively swaying as she left them behind. Dinner at eight o’clock was agreed. Jean had been a member of the club for several years and knew her way around the Resort’s facilities. Not surprisingly, she was recognized by several of the staff and greeted warmly as she traveled to the suite.

Jon returned to their suite about a half an hour later and undressed to change for dinner. By then Jean had bathed and was wrapped in one of the hotel’s fluffy white bath robes while she considered what to wear that evening. Jon moved up behind her and slipped his hand under the robe’s front fold and fondled her breast and pinched her nipple with his fingers while he nuzzled her neck. She leaned her head against his shoulder and gave a slight moan of pleasure at his touch. His fingers continued to untie the sash on the robe as he ran his other hand over her taut belly to her mound and slipped his fingers to her clit causing more soft groans of pleasure as he aroused her further rubbing it rhythmically. She was primed and ready – Jon’s expert fingers probed and felt the wet of her excitement in the folds of her vulva as she clenched the muscles there working against his rhythmic touch – too quickly Jean exploded into the orgasm and her knees went weak. He held her body against his as he kept his fingers moving in her cunt to prolong her orgasmic pleasure while he continued with his other hand to pinch and pull at her nipple, hard and almost painfully sensitive to the touch. Her breathing was raspy and uneven with the stimulation and the satisfaction.

Jean turned slowly toward Jon and slid her arms free of the robe which pooled at her feet. She ran her hands over his chest and expertly circled the tip of a blood red fingernail around one of his nipples and then trailed the nail down his belly eventually finding her prize – Jon’s very stiff cock. She playfully bit and licked his other nipple, as she began to stroke his cock, repetitively squeezing and releasing with her hand, up and down his shaft until pre-cum glistened at the tip. He frantically moved his hips toward her hand as his need was coming fast. Jean dropped to her knees and slipped her mouth over his throbbing cock taking much of the engorged member deep to the back of her throat and skillfully used her tongue to stimulate Jon just to the brink of explosive release but holding his desire there for as long as conceivable before he finally exploded cum into the back of her throat. Jon knew exactly how skillfully Jean could build that cumulative arousal until the excitement to a breathtaking release became overpowering. He came much more quickly than he wanted – his was torn between his animal need for her and his selfish desire to prolong the tactile feelings of pleasurable arousal on his shaft. He gulped air into his lungs; his mind was reeling from the orgasmic pleasure. ‘God, I’ve missed you!’

‘And I you, my love, I think we’ll have a wonderful weekend together. I’m glad you found a friend to play with too.’ He helped her to her feet and Jean stood in front of him as her hands slowly roamed all over Jon’s body, gently stroking his flaccid member, which was stirring again, as they held each other and spoke affectionately. She leaned her forehead on his collarbone and said, as she looked toward his cock, ‘I want you inside of me before we go to dinner… I want your cum inside of me tonight.’ Jon’s cock saluted her remark in anticipation of the night’s party to come. As he moved his cock between her legs the rapidly responding pole poked and sought her hole, probing as it grew and stiffened, rubbing against her clit and giving tactile pleasure to Jean’s cunt. They came together in a perfect union of passion and timing – pulling each other toward heights of orgasmic explosion. Each half of the partnership knew the other’s sexual trigger and that allowed for prolonged arousal extending want-and-need digitalplayground porno into a final explosive orgasmic release.

After a few moments holding each other in the sweet afterglow of their very pleasurable sexual interlude, Jon gave Jean one final tease with his finger crooked in her vagina, ‘is that what you wanted, my sexy lady?’

‘Mmmm,’ she acknowledged. ‘Let’s get ready for tonight’s fun.’ Jean purred.

Chapter Two

After Jean and Jon dressed, they enjoyed a quiet moment together in their suite while they sipped champagne and strategized their activities for the after dinner entertainment to follow later that evening. When the couple arrived at the reservation podium in the dining room, they were embarrassed to discover that their eager guest was early and already seated. Having ordered a double-bourbon on the rocks, Sandy was enjoying the elegant surroundings and beautiful panoramic water views. It was one of the best tables in the restaurant.

Jon stood aside and deferred to his partner as she followed the Maître D’ to their table. Jon liked to watch Jean walk in front of him. She had a sensual wiggle in her walk and her hips swayed to and fro as she walked taking long strides through the dining room. Heads turned to openly stare at the tall, beautiful woman who wore her ash colored hair swept up to reveal a long graceful neck which was further accentuated by the black silk dress she wore. The plunging back of her dress was very low-cut and came together at the top of her sacral curve annotated by a small velvet bow. The folds of the dress draped around Jean’s curvaceous body and the silky jersey material made a soft sensual whispering sound as she moved through the dining room toward the table.

Their guest was bug-eyed at his luck, this gorgeous woman was coming toward him and everyone in the dining room was watching her arrival. Sandy pushed back the chair and rather awkwardly grabbed his napkin as he stood while the woman floated toward him giving him a demur kiss on the cheek. Her hand stroked his face and lightly trailed down the arm of his jacket squeezing his bicep suggestively in greeting. He blushed.

Jon followed Jean to the table and greeted their guest with an enthusiastic hand shake, as Jean moved to settle into her chair assisted by the Maître D’ who had an opportunity to admire the swell of her breasts from above and behind her shoulder as he pushed her chair closer to the table. Drinks were ordered and menus accepted; innocuous social chit-chat propelled the conversation while each person at the table surreptitiously evaluated the other two and calculated how the rest of the evening might play out.

Sandy had immediately liked Jon when they met earlier at the bar downstairs. He had seemed genuinely friendly and interested in getting to know him. Sandy had been feeling lonely and disappointed that his wife wasn’t coming for the weekend – he had wanted some fun without the kids. Now he had been included in this couple’s intimate circle and could look forward to a pleasant weekend with people who clearly had money and would show him how to enjoy all that was to be offered at the elegant resort. It was almost more than he could have imagined.

The waiter came to the table for their order and Jean encouraged their guest to have anything he desired. It was a beguiling invitation.

It had been many years since Jean and Jon had first enjoyed a sexual interlude with one of her young, newbie employees. At that time, Jean had been a young, up-and-coming M&A specialist in an investment bank and as a result she worked long hours on complicated deals all over the world. She worked hard and the couple played even harder. In order to keep her relationship with Jon interesting and exciting Jean was constantly on the prowl looking for fresh, young and tasty meat to bring home for her partner to enjoy. She liked to sample the goods to be sure of prime quality and cut but her enjoyment was seeing Jon being pleasurably satisfied. She liked to think of it as presenting her lover with a tribute for his patience with her many long absences over the years due to work. Their mutual sacrifices, as Jean climbed to the pinnacle of corporate success, had also been mutually rewarded many times during those years.

Sandy couldn’t avert his eyes – Jean’s décolletage was so inviting; he wanted to reach out with his fingers and caress the soft, full mound of her tit which gently rose and fell as she breathed, or spoke. His new friends were welcoming and engaging – he was caught up in the delicious food, good company and intoxicating beverages. Sandy couldn’t remember ever having a better time and felt he was the center of their attention – they really seemed to enjoy his company!

The threesome lingered over coffee and after-dinner drinks, long after the dining room was empty and the remaining staff were discreetly looking at their watches and stifling yawns. Sandy didn’t want the magical evening to end.

‘Shall we let these nice folks close-up for the evening?’ Jean announced as she pushed back her chair and stood abruptly. ‘Would you like to join us for a nightcap in our suite? It has a lovely view…’

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