Jeremy’s Journal – The Weekend Pt. 01


I had worked late on Friday night and by the time I had driven to Candy’s house, I was so tired I just took a shower and headed to bed. I really don’t remember doing anything else. I was still asleep on Saturday morning and just enjoying my one day of sleeping in when a familiar feeling caused me to open my eyes. I looked to my left and Candy was still asleep but I could swear she was sucking my cock. I looked down and saw Kristy bobbing her head up and down the length of my dick with her tongue partially sticking out. She opened her mouth, pulled my cock out and slapped it against her face and said good morning and went back to going balls deep on me. I closed my eyes again and just ran my fingers through her hair and enjoyed the warm feeling of her mouth over my manhood and she used her tongue, her teeth and lips to her advantage.

Candy had apparently woken a little and she turned over and with her eyes half opened she looked at me and smiled. She mumbled good morning and curled up next to me and went back to sleep. Kristy was now fondling my balls with one hand and stroking my cock in the other with a quick pace while sucking on the tip of my penis. When I was about to cum, she stopped stroking my cock but squeezed as hard as she could and swallowed my cum as it shot out. When she was done cleaning up my cock with her mouth she curled up on the other side of me.

“I’ve never liked a guy so much to give him a morning blowjob and swallow latin sex tapes porno but I made the exception for you.” She told me as I closed my eyes again and dozed off. I have to admit it was a great way to start a weekend.

When I awoke, I was alone on the bed. I got up and after brushing my teeth, went to see what my girls were up to. If I thought my wake up call was good, the sight awaiting me in the kitchen was even better. Both Candy and Kristy were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. What’s so great about that? Well they were both naked and just carrying on their own conversation. They both smiled when they saw me and I walked over to Candy and kissed her. Kristy reached out and patted my crotch saying,

“someone is going to be very busy today.” She looked at me and smiled and started pulling down my boxers.

“Today, this house is declared a clothes free zone. Candy and I have already decided that today we want you to fuck us as often as you possibly can, no ands ifs and of course my butt is available to you. Have a seat, eat your breakfast because today you are going to need all the energy you can muster.”

I looked over at Candy a little shocked because I had always joked around with her that we needed to do a sex day where we could just have sex as often as we could in a single day. Our schedules never allowed that but it was odd to me that Kristy had proposed this. I wondered if lezbiyen porno Candy told her about it. Honestly though, I didn’t think about it too hard because this was something I was definitely interested in doing. We finished our breakfast and coffee and just talked and laughed about all the things that occurred during the week. Kristy had taken all the dishes to the sink and started washing them by hand. I got up from the table and Candy pulled me towards her. Taking my cock she placed it between her breasts and pushed her breasts from the sides and started to rub them up and down. I put my hand at the back of her head and pulled it down a little so she could lick and suck the head of my dick when it was close to her mouth.

“What does a girl have to do to get her ass fucked around here?”

Kristy shouted as she was bent over at the sink now wiggling her butt side to side. Candy and I looked at each other a little shocked but we made our way over to Kristy. I held her by the hips and she reached around and guided my cock into her anus. I was surprised to know how loose it was compared to her vagina (but I would find out why later) as I started thrusting balls deep into her. I looked over at Candy and pulled her close to me and kissed her. I wrapped my arm around her hip and flat palmed her butt cheek. She put hand right hand under my navel (something about about the way she does thst gets to cum faster) and I moved my hand liseli porno from her butt to her pussy and rubbed it. Kristy was slamming her hips into me even though I was already thrusting pretty hard so I stood still so she could go at her own pace. Candy then moved behind me and hugged my chest and lightly pinched and played with my nipples. I could feel myself about to cum. Kristy must have known too because she spun around and pulled Candy to her. She pushed Candy up on the counter and spread her legs and began to suck her wet pussy.

“Cum in my ass.”

Kristy ordered me. I was annoyed at her tone so I grabbed her hips as hard as I could, I violently rammed my cock into her. I guess she liked this because she started shouting for me to go harder and faster which I did. She started to finger Candy almost as ferociously as I was screwing her and I felt sorry for Candy so I grabbed both of Kristy’s hands and crossed them behind her back and held them there with one hand and then I grabbed a handful of her hair with the other and yanked her head back against me. I spun her around and moved over to ehere the fridge was and slammed her hard against it. I guess it was because of how hot and horny she was combined with my lustful assault and the cold stainless steel she screamed out as she orgasmed. I myself had never really been this savage before and the experience was new.

Candy walked up behind me and massaged my balls as I started to cum in Kristy’s ass. We both were panting and gasping. I turned around and hugged Candy as she let me lean on her against the kitchen island. Kristy then slapped my butt really hard and said,”Don’t get tired on me yet…you still have a lot of fucking to get done today.”

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