Jessica , I


We met first on the ‘net and became good friends. Since we lived so far apart, it seemed unlikely we would ever meet. But when my boss walking into my office one afternoon with a flyer in his hand advertising a conference in your town, my heart leapt. He wanted me to attend and asked me to make the arrangements. I was on the phone before he left my desk.

I quickly sent you an e-mail giving you dates and times and smiled to myself thinking about actually seeing you and your friend, Jessica, after all these months of correspondence.

You wrote right back and told me where you live. I was pleased to learn it was not far away from the hotel I was staying at and where the conference was being held. I asked if you and Jessica would be willing to keep the Friday night I arrived open so I could take you both to dinner. You agreed.

We had a date!

Everything set, the day arrived for me to go and I flew without any troubles. I took a cab to the hotel and before I unpacked I called you to announce my arrival. Jessica and you had picked out a lovely restaurant near your apartment for dinner and we all decided to meet there at 7.

I dressed with my heart beating. I had been saving my black velvet gown (with spaghetti straps and a delicious slit up the right thigh) for a “special” occasion and I knew this was it. We had flirted over the ‘net for many months but I never allowed myself to dream I would actually meet you. While I felt sad over the recent dissolution of my marriage, I felt I was on the threshold of a new life and I was excited to begin.

As I arrived in the cab, I immediately saw you and Jessica. While I did not know what you looked like, I knew in my heart that it was you standing there discreetly holding the other woman’s hand. I waved and ran up to the two of you. We exchanged whoops of excited introductions, hugging, kisses on cheeks and well wishes. Both you and Jessica were dressed so lovely. You had on a rose colored strapless evening gown and Jessica wore a black pant suit outfit with the most exquisite silk blouse I had ever seen. Your hair was down, over your shoulders and Jessica’s was piled high up on her casino şirketleri head, exposing her slender neck.

We entered the restaurant and the rest of our time there was a blur. Stories told, comparisons made, side long glances exchanged as we checked one another out. I remember that at one point, your hand came to rest on mine and I felt a glow grow inside me as your warm fingers lightly touched me. I paid (my company’s treat!!) and we stood outside in the warm air deciding what to do next.

Both of you said at the same time that we could go back to your place. I thought I saw a secret smile pass between your eyes but I could not tell for sure. I agreed and the three of us piled into a cab and sped off.

When we arrived, you unlocked the door and we tumbled in, laughing at something Jessica had said. I kicked off my heels (an Alaskan habit whenever you go inside someone’s home) and looked around your apartment. It reflected the person I had met – bright, colorful and comfy. You led me to a long couch and handed me a glass of wine. We toasted our meeting then began to chat again about all manner of things.

I was not keeping track of the wine, but began to notice I was feeling a little flushed and warm. I also noticed that you and Jessica were sitting on either side of me, your arm slung around my neck and Jessica holding my hand. I took a couple of deep breaths and cleared my head. I realized that what I was really feeling was sexual arousal. I looked at you. Your eyes were deep pools of brown. Your fingers moved to my face and touched my cheek. As I felt Jessica’s hand touch my leg, your mouth moved towards mine. I hesitated then relaxed, thinking that this is what I had been hoping would happen all along. I let your lips find mine and felt your tongue slide between my lips.

Your breath was sweet and your tongue as hot as an iron. I awoke. My tongue slid over yours, the tips touching one another. I sucked your tongue in deeper, biting it softly then licking it. It was now my turn in your mouth as I slid it in and felt your teeth and tongue. You sucked me in deeper and swirled your tongue around mine. I began to casino firmaları notice that the incredible tingling sensation I was feeling in my leg was not just due to your kiss. Jessica had pulled back the fabric of my dress and was gently stroking my thigh through my nylons. Her fingers were moving up and down my leg, but each stroke brought her closer and closer to my upper thigh.

Your hand moved to the back of my dress at the same time mine reached yours. Tandem “zip” sounds were heard as we pulled them down. My straps help up the bodice of my dress, but yours went limp and your bra-less top sagged forward, slowly exposing the soft light brown flesh of your breasts. I stared. You smiled and I felt a arm reach behind me and watched as Jessica’s hand cupped your breast, offering it to me.

I understood this move more thoroughly as I moved to kiss it because Jessica took that moment to rake her fingernail over the wet cotton patch in the crotch of my hose. As I placed sweet butterfly kisses on your swelling breast, Jessica stroked my patch, each time pressing a little harder.

My breath was ragged as I kissed closer and closer to the hard brown nipple filling my eyesight. Jessica squeezed you breast, forcing your nipple out and my lips grazed the hard fleshy top. I felt Jessica’s hand move up to the tight nylon strap around my waist, then felt her fingers slide under it, then move down… down… down my abdomen until the tips were grazing the thick patch of fur perched atop my mound.

Your fingers were tracing a soft line down my neck as I took your cherry nipple into my mouth and swirled its stiff body around with my warm tongue. I felt your palm flatten out as you reached my breast and pushed it against my nipples, deeply massaging them. I sucked your nipple deeper into my mouth as I felt Jessica plunge further down my mound, her wrist pushed hard against me by the restrictive nylons. She extended a finger, placed it on my exposed (and wet!) slit and let the hose push it into my soft recess.

She just let it lie there – not moving it at all. My pussy flooded with juices, anticipating her movement, but none came. As güvenilir casino your palms continued to massage me, I released my mouth from one nipple and focused on the other as Jessica took your breast and gently tugged it in my direction. Your hands now moved to the straps on my dress and slowly peeled then down. Their demise exposed the black bra I was wearing. You moved your mouth to my left breast and placed it where my nipple was hidden then blew hot moist air through the fabric. A deep shiver rippled through my body and Jessica took that moment to wiggle her finger.

In the time since she had placed it there I had forgotten it and the combination of the warm air on my nipple and sudden movement on my pussy lips caused me to release your nipple, throw my head back and let go a long deep guttural moan that I swore could be heard back in Alaska. You reached between my breasts, unfastened the bra hook and both my breasts swung free. Then Jessica’s finger plunged between my wet lips and sunk into my sopping pussy. I bucked a little but her hand was held fast against me by the strong pantyhose.

My bucking resulted in Jessica’s finger sliding in and out of me – a sensation that was sooooo exciting that I began to rock my hips, her finger stationary but fucking me as I controlled the motion. You placed your hands on either side of my breasts and pushed them together, forcing the nipples to touch one another. Then you moved your head towards them, tongue extended and using your hands to direct my nipples, brushed them back and forth over your warm tongue, biting them a little, tugging them a little, sucking them a little as I fucked Jessica’s finger.

You let go of my breasts and stood up. You let your dress fall to the floor and I gasped as I realized you had not been wearing hose or panties all night. I looked at you mesmerized and stopped rocking on Jessica’s finger. But as soon as I stopped, she wiggled her finger and again my pussy flooded with more thick juice. Jessica let her finger absorb the wetness then slowly drew her finger from my pussy and out of my nylons. It shone brightly in the light and she winked at you as both your heads moved towards her finger. You placed your hand at the base of my neck and gently pulled my head towards Jessica’s outstretched finger. All three of our tongues reached the wet digit at the same time and we licked it together in sweet joy.

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