Jill , Mr. Johnson


As Jill got ready for work the next morning she thought about all that had happened yesterday. She sure had gotten a lot of hot sex when she had least expected it. But it was making her horny thinking about it. So Jill dressed extra sexy today for work. She always dressed sexy but today she went a little farther than she usually did, a little more daring. Her little red dress that molded to her body like a second skin was just the thing. It molded to her so that she couldn’t ware anything under neat the dress, which was fine by her. It barely covered her ass and had a low scooped neck line. Her perky breast nearly spilled over the top it was cut so low, barely covering the whole nipple. She put on the matching red high heels which made her long legs look even longer. She sprayed perfume in all the appropriate places and was out the door.

God it felt good to walk into work feeling everyone’s eyes on her. Her pussy started throbbing and she knew she would have to fuck someone before the day was out. She slid into her desk chair and started sorting through her work pretending not to notice as her male colleges walked by with tongues wagging and hands just itching to caress her tits that nearly popped out of her dress. Nor did she pretend to notice the females for that matter. Some had look of discuss while others had looks of envy. There were even one or two that had looks of desire in their eyes.

It wasn’t long till the senior Mr. Johnson called and asked her for the Newton file. Jill glided into his office and closed the door behind her. This was not a normal practice but she had in mind to see just how big his “Johnson” was. Mr. Johnson who was in his mid fifties and in great physical shape, raised his eyebrows when Jill walked in.

Jill walked over to his desk and bending more than she had to laid the file on his desk. His naughty america porno eyes were glued on her tits, thinking for sure they would tumble out of the top of her dress any minute. He could feel his cock starting to get hard. He asked her in a bit of a strained voice to sit down. He never took his eyes off her as she lowered her body into the chair. As she sat her dress rose higher and as she crossed her legs she took her time being sure that he got a good look at her naked pussy. She was smiling as he reached up to loosen his tie and unbutton the top button of his shirt that seemed to have gotten to tight. Not to mention how tight his pants were getting. He picked up the file and started to look through it.

“If there’s something you don’t understand I’ll be glad to show you,” she purred at him after he had stared at the same page for 5 minutes. She uncrossed and crossed her legs again letting him get another good look at her pussy, which by now was wet and she knew he could see that. He could also see her nipples were hard and puckered just begging to be freed and sucked. He said “why don’t you come around there and explain it to me.” As she got up he noticed she didn’t bother to pull her dress down. He could see pussy hair sticking out as she walked around his desk to stand next to him. As she started to explain from the beginning, of course, she noticed his eyes glued to her tits and could feel a hand starting to run its fingers up her leg.

Jill was standing with her legs spread apart in hopes that he would do just what he was doing. She continued as if nothing was going on. His fingers had found the top of her ass and were making their way down to her wet pussy. By now he had moved his chair out from the desk and Jill had given up any explaining she was doing. He took her by the hips and turned her nubiles porno around in front of him and had her perch herself on the edge of his desk. There before his eyes was her wet hungry pussy. He buried his face in her pussy licking her clit. He could feel it throbbing against his tongue. Jill let out a moan as he ate her pussy. His tongue darted in and out of her hot cunt and he sucked her slit till she thought she would go insane. It all felt so good but what she really wanted and needed at the moment was a raging hard cock. His hands found her tits and he pulled them out of her dress squeezing them, pinching the hard nipples until she came all over his face. He then stood and with her help he unzipped his pants and set his “big Johnson” free.

Jill was not disappointed. She knew the size of Brads cock and she was hoping he had got it from his dad and now she knew. She slid down till her mouth was on all 12 inches of his throbbing cock. She took her time licking it like a lollipop up one side then down the other. Then letting her tongue swirl across the top licking the pre cum off. She continued to drive him crazy with her mouth taking him into her mouth then licking him again. Finally she took all of him down her throat.

This nearly took him over the edge but he still wanted to slide his cock deep into her hot little cunt that he had seen and tasted. So with extreme control he enjoyed her hot mouth sliding his cock in and out. When he could stand it no longer he raised her back up. Kissing that hot mouth that had just left his throbbing cock. Jill could taste her pussy juices as he kissed her deep, fucking her mouth with his tongue. His hands were on her tits again squeezing and playing with them. He knew it turned her on as she was trying to grind her pussy into him. He released her tits which drew a groan of olgun porno protest from Jill and turned her around and laid her over his desk. Then grabbing her legs he spread them wide exposing her hot cunt. It was opened wide begging to be fucked. So taking his cock in hand he ran it the length of her pussy. Causing her to rotate and grind her pussy back toward him. Her juices coating the head of his cock as he rubbed it up and down her slit. He then placed it at her opening and slowly entered her making her moan with pleasure.

“Oh, yes Mr. Johnson, feed me your ‘big Johnson.” He brought moan after moan from her as he entered her a little at a time. When he had all 12 inches stuffed inside her incredible hot wet pussy he stilled and just enjoyed the feel of her hot pussy sucking at his cock. He was amazed that she could take all of him. That was the problem with being this big most women couldn’t take all of him inside and it was a rare treat to find one who could and would. This was one hot pussy that was made for fucking.

Reaching around and grabbing her tits in both hands he started fucking her pussy. “Gawd” he groaned “your pussy is so hot and wet.”

“It feels so fucking good.”

“Oh yes, Mr. J fuck me with that big cock of yours make me cum,” she said as she met him thrust for thrust. As she neared her climax she could feel his cock getting ready to shoot his load deep into her pussy. With one last thrust she felt him explode and fill her hot pussy with his cum, causing her to cum at the same time. “C…U…M…M…I…N…G” they said together.

After catching their breath he pulled his cock out of her pussy and started readjusting his clothes. As she pulled the neckline up a little and the hem down she said “If you ever need anything else explained, I’ll be more than happy to explain it to you.”

“I’m sure I’ll be calling on you again REAL soon,” he said as he zipped up his pants and picked up the phone. As Jill was leaving his office she heard him say “you can have Jill as your assistant.”

Jill was smiling for more than one reason as she closed the door behind her.

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